Gantz: No escalation expected on Syria border
Published: 25.03.13, 17:11
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1. Golan not just for Pesach but
Get Real ,   UK   (03.25.13)
to be enjoyed all year round. Syrian factions should be aware of this and any violence would be to their detriment. As far as Israel is concerned nothing changes on the Golan.
2. A Messianic Jewish teacher namedAriel Arian who was wounded
Rivkah   (03.26.13)
on the Golan Heights when he was in the IDF wants to return to Israel with his Mexican wife and children but his wife is afraid. She has been to Israel once, but is uncertain about aliyah with her American/Israeli husband. It is hard to find work and they struggle with the little IDF pension he has and what a few families give to them at the Messianic home church they rent a building to have services at weekly. I have to wonder why people who study the Holy Scriptures so much don't have an income to reflect the protection that gives to the community. It is a lovely family and even the local elementary school is helping their children to stay kosher with lunches and the teachers are telling all the students about Passover from a Jewish perspective which would not have happened when I was a child in the public schools I went to. The children wear little IDF t-shirts to school and are not hated which is comforting since in a lot of places they would be mistreated. But the Visalia, California, school district has reached out its hand to the Jews in the schools in special ways to protect them and help them to maintain their sacred diet which if the other people ate, they would be healthier. So please pray for Ariel Arian to have a little more income to make it with jobs so scarce. He gets a little from lecturing at churches in the area but is always in debt and wondering how to pay for whatever breaks.
3. Are soon to expect giving up on Golan to Influential Assad?
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.26.13)
One more visit by Obama and I'll have to share my silverware with the Fakestinans... or wha'?
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