Billboards in Ankara: 'Israel apologized, thank you Erdogan'
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Published: 25.03.13, 23:13
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1. ,... killing nine Turkish nationals ,...
split ,   US   (03.25.13)
Including one Turkish-American ,...
2. LOL!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.25.13)
Let's put up billboards throughout Israel saying "Erdogan got suckered. Thank you, Netanyahu (and Mr. Palmer, of course)!
3. Israel had nothing to apologize for
Scott ,   Chicago   (03.26.13)
What a joke. Politicians have no place in this world speaking, apologizing, for soldiers. This will come back to haunt you!
4. #1 slit If These Nine Dead Troublemakers
Would have stayed home, not disassemble the boat and make crude weapons, Not Challenged The Brave IDF Commandoes, maybe just maybe they would be home with their families?
5. # 1
Jules   (03.26.13)
If you attack a marine with a knife, be ready to wake up with a bullet in your skull.
6. #2
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa,Fl   (03.26.13)
Sarah, did you really write the lol statement suggesting thank you billboards?
7. Wretched farce it all is
Cameron ,   USA   (03.26.13)
Hopefully the final episode in this particularly hokey ME soap opera.
8. i feel sick !!!
Fad Egypt   (03.26.13)
Bibi please do Israel a favor and resign !!!!! you have no shame, you insulted the state of Israel, sold out the IDF and backstabbed the those who wounded in the raid, Israel dignity is damaged badly, its deterrence is damaged too, why on earth a strong country like Israel who was just defending itself according to the international law bows down and apologize to islamic dictator like Erdogan ?!!!! it is Turkey who needs Israel not the opposite, it is Turkey whose military depends on the cooperation with Israel, Israel should leave it fights Iran in Syria and dont take sides, and now even after this humiliation, Erdogan is still refusing to end the crisis, he still wants to end the legal seige on Gaza, and he is refusing to prevent the legal suit against the IDF !!!! what Israel has gained from that ??!!! it did that last year with Egypt and now with Turkey, i was proud of Israel as the only state fighting terror but now i am not !!! what Bibi did is strengthing the MB, and the islamists !!!! shame on him, even Moshe Yaalon appeared to be weak !!!! what happened ??!!! isnt there any true proud nationalist who can lead Israel in these terrible times ??!!! Shalom
9. #2
Rau   (03.26.13)
If you did wrong then apologize. there's nothing to be ashamed of. I m sure that's part of jewish values and you teach the same thing to your kids.
10. Thank you, Smartutiyahu
Tahl   (03.26.13)
Selling our national honor, and our right of self-defense, in exchange for a smile from Obama. I feel like puking.
11. Next time
Edu ,   BUE   (03.26.13)
Erdogan NO PROBLEM!!! you can send two hundred Bibi can apologises again.
12. Turkey :I hope the gutless inexcusable
DT ,   Tuy Hoa Vietnam   (03.26.13)
capitulation by Netanyahu will forever put him into political oblivion. The man is a total inexcusable disgrace
13. only in dictatorial systems
mofta   (03.26.13)
whehter its bring 200000 people inthe streets with pictures or signs, this happens repeatedly in the dictatorial systems.. The governements keep the people in a m ob like do as your told state and they respond in kind unlike other areas. On top of this, you have erdogan with a management degree, dovotogolu with a ph.d. who act like primitive dumbbells quite contrary to their academic accomplishments because of their dicatatorial education recevied in religious schools. In this respect, if you understand this, it means no solutions are posssible.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (03.26.13)
The blockade is still there, and now Turks will re-start buying Israeli goods. You don't see anymore flotillas, do you? And Turks will work harder in Syria. Compensation could not be avoided. But a lesson was thought. Do not sail to Gaza.
15. This article is flat inaccurate.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (03.26.13)
Bibi did NOT apologize for the RAID, he apologized for the loss of lives. This article is inflammatory, and aims to demoralize Israel. We were defending our legal right to inspect all ships going into Gaza because of a proven history of arms smuggling into Gaza and used against Israeli citizens.
16. Opologies to Turkey
Charles Kamerman ,   Sydney Australia   (03.26.13)
Fantastic Idea ,now Erdogan has no excuses what soever not to apologise to the descendants of the Armenians genocide and when they will be adequately compensated ,Israel will consider sending some token funds to the families of the Turkish terrorists .
17. #14, SPOT ON!!!!!
Israeli ,   Haifa   (03.26.13)
18. This is purely Obama's call, period.
J ,   isr   (03.26.13)
and when Mr. Presidente say jump, you jump...whether you're Bibi or Titi.
19. If those turkeys send another ship over...
Conroy ,   Toronto   (03.26.13)
blow it up!!!! Did you tell ErDOGan that Bibi?If not, why didn't you? Anyway, we all know this act of treason by the Israeli prime minister has Obama written all over it. But....there's always a silver lining: ahmedinejerk and the Iranian mullas must be HATING this rapprochement. That in itself makes all this almost worth it. But note I said "almost". As for me, I will never step foot in Turkey... I'll spend my vacation money in Greece or Cyprus. I hope other lovers of Israel do the same.
20.  compen$ation IDF soldiers 10x more the turkish terrorist.
ROSENVALD ,   BRAZIL   (03.26.13)
21. Does Israel really need a new Turkish ambassador?
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.26.13)
Israel, do take your time, all the time in the world, before you proceed any further. Should Erdogan win the next elections, let it be on his own steam. Oh! I forgot. Bibi has already given him a tremendous boost. He can thank Bibi for this windfall and now, Israel is stuck with this uncouth, low class piece of s**t.
22. forget Goldstone, all hail Obama, sniffer IDF'S pride...
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (03.26.13)
what a not-surprising Surprise Gift for turks just before Pesach. what the use of denouncing the first report of Goldstone, and rejoicing when the 2nd Goldstone surfaced? what the use of swearing to stand behind IDF no matter what? where's the pride of IDF? what the use of catching more terrorists to put them in jail, when you are going to release terrorists and fund the terrorists' families ( as promised to Erodgan to fund the mamara terrorist families).... compensate my FOOT ! as for obama, DON'T EVER COME TO ISRAEL ANYMORE..... the biggest winner of the day is OBAMA, he left ISRAEL not just with some photos standing behind Bibi to pacify his rich Jews donors, he took back to America the PRIDE OF IDF !
23. snuffing the light near Pesach
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (03.26.13)
snuffing the candle light of truth just before Pesach, snuffing the pride of IDF's solders , snuffing off the 3 long years of perseverance, a Jewish characteristic in standing against intolerance.... all that snuffing, just for the insignificant approval from Obama, that insignificant trade between Turks and Israel.... and BiBi snuff out the PRIDE of the Jewish people, that SHALL NOT BOW TO INJUSTICE AND INTOLERANCE. already 3 years had gone by while you stand against Erogdan, has stand-still status make Israel any poorer or more dangerous? will this apology made the Critics and Liberal press from now on sing praises to Israel,... give you another 3 years, you will see you have open the Pandora Box of endless apologies to come, endless team will start arriving to investigate IDF bombing Gaza dating from 10 years past to eternal future.... just let the snow ball start rolling down..... it a sad day snuffing the light off Pesach...............
24. Thank you IDF.
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.26.13)
..for removing erdogans IHH-terrorists from the surface of the earth. The best thing Bibi can do after little erdogan has got his chokolade, is to give the soldiers some medals, honouring, for great efficiency and courage.
25. Sarah B @ 2.. Where ignorance is bliss _ _ _
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.26.13)
Amazing how important 'pride' is to some. Hag Pesach Sameach to you and yours Kind regards, Mark
26. If only all antisemites were that stupid
izzy ,   haifa   (03.26.13)
And vielen danken auch zu sein Herr Erdogan!
27. Erdogan Needs to Grow Up
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.26.13)
The Turkish leader needs to act like an adult. We all know the terrorist deserved to die, the IDF should be thanked by Turkey for not killing all the terrorist. What restraint, what mercy! The most moral army in the world.
28. 1 split
do you know that israel did not apologize to our prime minister. israel only apologized as it did before for killing turks nationals. before, erdogan didn't accept but now he did. israel did not change language of apology at all from beginning. it is erdogan that changed what he thought is acceptable. israel also did not lift blockade blockade on gaza as erdogan insisted to solve relationship with israel. israel did not change gaza situation because the palmer report of un found israel blockade is legal. also, erdogan insisted that israel lift blockade but it didn't and erdogan gave up this request. so, erdogan only got what israel wanted to do and say from the beginning. read the script and words of apology. it is the same as israel offered in beginning. the compensation also israel offered from beginning. so this is not new. do you know why erdogan agreed to this nothing apology. because he need israel because of the situation and danger from syria and from iran which erdogan is scared of both. israel is the super power and military strong in the middle east and always help turkey. erdogan need israel to help[ him with the syria situation and with the iran danger on the border. he also need israeli military drones and military intelligence to fight kurds and the situation on turkey border. this is why erdogan finally agreed, not to his demands, but to israel's half apology, not what erdogan really wanted. we also need israel tourists because since relations become bad, no israeli come here at all. so, it will be good for turkey economy also and also help erdogan with border difficult situation. izmir turkiye
29. It is all internal politics
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.26.13)
He is using the opportunity to hold his voter base at the time when he is negotiating with PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan which is very unpopular among most Turks. He is using the 9 dead Turk's legacy for his personal gain. How pathetic and shameful.
30. Real victories don't need loud billboard declarations
Amused   (03.26.13)
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