Syrian rebel leader: US should do more
Roi Kais
Published: 26.03.13, 15:33
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1. We want to see the League take the Lead
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.26.13)
The League can be a useful forum for not only internal Arab Issues..but needs to look outward as well If the League is interested to see a resolution to the Israel Palestine issues then the League must act as a conduit, a bridge, a facilitator BETWEEN the PA and Israel because a one sided approach may be good for Palestinian Morale but is no good when trying to bring BOTH sides together
2. Arab League and Syria
Get Real ,   UK   (03.26.13)
Why should the US role in Syria be larger? Why does the Arab League not express a desire to intervene itself? No strong condemnation of the 70k dead? Seems easier to sit all this out and criticise Israel from the sidelines.
3. Didnt US arm what became AlQueda in Afghan to fight USSR
Alan ,   SA   (03.26.13)
Once bitten twice shy!
4. Arab meeting
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (03.26.13)
“The dogs bark but the caravan moves on” Judea and Samaria are not for sale and will not be given away. Jerusalem is eternally Jewish.
5. Arab League, Israeli, Palestinian Peace.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (03.26.13)
The fact that the Arab league, in particular the fact that the emir of Qatar and the King of Saudi Arabia, is openly talking about peace and normalization with Israel and is openly talking about a two-state solution should be a strong signal to Israeli's that the Arab world has matured since 1948 and is sick of conflict and war, they no longer refer to Israel as a ''Zionist entity'' and no longer talk about chasing Jews into the Mediterranean, they just want an end to occupation and wish for independence and self-determination for the Palestinians, this is a golden opportunity for Israel to end the conflict and normalize relations with the Arab and Muslim world once and for all and it must be grasped whilst the olive branch is offered, the alternative is more pointless war, death and destruction in which more Jewish and Palestinian children will die, Israel must seize the day.
6. Oh Lord! Just look at all the crazies who are causing...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.26.13)
all the instability in their region and in the world with their lunatic ideology religion. They are rolling in dough yet cannot achieve peace and happiness despite all their wealth. And they are sooooooooooo happy to blame Israel for all their failures. A summit is not a summit unless they can sit back, relax and blame Israel. Then and only then, can they return home to their luxurious lifestyle, forget about it until the next summit. They create their own problems then berate others for not solving them. Syria is an ARAB problem which must be solved by Arabs. Leave everybody else out of it. The Arab countries have enough arms, tanks and aircraft to deal with the problem. What is this at all...they are saving up their resources to make interest while they rust??? Buzz off...see ya at the next summit. Bye!!!!
7. How interesting and how revealing...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.26.13)
...that they never mentioned the obstacles to peace caused by Hammas! The Arab league can not be trusted!
8. "Israel must realize only Peace and not
Bigizz ,   USA/Israel   (03.26.13)
Power will bring it security." No.... Power is the only way today to secure the state and people of Israel. The Emir, says Israel is Judazing Jerusalem and continuing to building in the settelments, and prolonged detension of jail Arab terrorists.. Israel must continue to thrive and grow as a Nation that will continue to grow and flourish. Arabs will not be stop Israelis to grow and thrive. The Arabs must realize and accept theat Israel is here to stay. The Arabs must not forget the UN offered Israel and the Arabs a two state solusion. The Arabs REJECTED the idea and attacked the State of Israel and Lost the war and the opportunity of a two State solution. Arabs hate to be reminded or remember they had a State in their hands, and decided to reject the two state solution and attack Israel from three different counties and lost the war. Israel has been in 8 wars! Arabs don't want peace! Additionally, let us not forget that ultimately the Arabs want Israel eliminated and do not want any peace. The Arabs teach thier kids to hate Israel and its people and change the real history of the Land of Israel. Israeli history dates back before the Ottoman period. Arabs Palistinians never had a history in the land. Palistine was never a country or even had a leader. Occupation and selletment building is an invented story by the Arabs, who Are invented peoples themselves. The Palistinainas are Jordainans. Over the years Arabs fabricate stories and twist the the truth the Land of Israel is Palistinian. Look up the documented History. Arabs have tried to conquor and be victorious over Israel through wars. Arabs have failed every time they tried to destroy the State of Israel. Thier only alternative is Propaganda and lies. Over time people begin to believe the lie. The Arab stories are all lies create an image the Arabs are victims. Don't forget our history and most importantly don't forget the details. 1) Arabs want Israel destroyed and no peace. 2) Arabs teach their kids to hate Israel and thier people. 3) Arabs breach agreements made with Israel. (make a deal on a finger, they change and want the arm.) Never satisfied with a deal until State of Israel is destroyed. 4) Don't forget Arab league designed an attack on Israel from Syria, Jordan. And Egypt determined to destroy Israel. 5) What have Arabs done to try and make peace??? Nothing. Only demands and preconditions.. Don't be fooled by Arab speeches, they want to include Hamas and Fata in thier next meetings. "Terrorist organizations" recognized by By the world. Talk is cheap! and Actions speak louder than words. Arabs have no action, just demands. and words that hate and are false. Today Israel must continue to use its "Power" to enforce peace and security. If Arabs want peace it's simple, and Israel has allways been ready and willing to discuss and fulfill peace. Israel has factual history to prove it. Until the Arabs do not except Israels right to exist and stop teaching to hate Israel and avoid preconditions to negotiate peace, POWER will have to continue to secure the State and Israeli people. Arabs wants and demads have allways been not realistic. An Example : Israel apologized to Turkey for the Marinara Flotila to try and satisfy the Turks and restoring relations and peace between to nations. An action and sacrifice taken by Israel. I don't know of one Action done by the Arabs to try and make peace! Not one action. Funny how the World has absorbed so .much propaganda and false history It has created the Arabs as beeing victims. Bigizz USA/ Israel
9. Sigh ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.13)
What's with these Arabs? On the one hand, they scream and rage at the United States for interfering in Arab affairs, and on the other hand, they scream and rage at the United States for NOT interfering in Arab affairs. Perhaps they should sort out their issues amongst themselves before mouthing off.
10. @9 applicate el consejo! (take ur own advice!)
that is: "Perhaps you should sort out your issues amongst yourselves before mouthing off." hehehehe Hag Sameaj!
11. Since Arabs see Israel and the US as one.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (03.27.13)
They must not be happy with Israel as well? They say and think that Israel is our "puppet," they must also be unhappy that Israel hasn't "interfered" more with their campaign? Then they would wail and cry if the US and Israel were involved, they would point the finger at us either way.
12. Forget it, Al-Khatib
Cameron ,   USA   (03.27.13)
Just keep knocking eachother over.
13. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.27.13)
You mean consult with all the trolls out there trying to pass themselves off as me? Oh, I don't think so. And a very Happy Easter to you.
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