Arab leaders set up $1 billion fund for Jerusalem
Published: 26.03.13, 22:37
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1. Another lost opportunity for the Palestinians
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.26.13)
One billion dollars. What a waste. Why don't they take the money and use it like any intelligent venture capitalist would do and start up businesses for these Palestinians and fund the education for them that would enable their individual and national successes in commerce and education. They aren't going to get Eastern Jerusalem back like it was when the Jordanians had it prior to 1967. A billion dollars. Unbelievable.
2. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (03.26.13)
How long it's going to take for Israel to buldoze or confiscate and steal anything they build for that money ?,...
3. Stingy Arabs.Last year Gutter promised $400 million to Gaza.
Edithann ,   USA   (03.26.13)
.............and so far they supplied one convoy of 20 trucks with goods worth less that $100,000 Same thing will happen with this new proposal too. TATA !! TATA !!
4. $ jerusalem
Yossi ,   Canada   (03.26.13)
TALK is cheap....The Pals will never see the $$... Jerusalem was build by the Kings of the Jewish people and will remain jewish.. Pals don't waste time take something now is better than nothing later.
5. A Billion for back rent of Jewish land?
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.26.13)
The Arab world needs to understand Jerusalem is part of Israel and the capital of the Jewish homeland. This is not for negotiation. Any monies paid by Arabs should go to Israel to compensate for the illegal usage of Arabs in Jerusalem over the past 2000 years.
6. Qatari proposal is to send jihadist to Syria.
ROSENVALD ,   BRAZIL   (03.26.13)
7. All transactions must be condacted
leo ,   usa   (03.27.13)
via offical Israeli channels and must be subject to 50% tax. All constraction activities must go through official Israeli channels and must be subject to 100% approval. BTW, $1B is not nearly enough. Try $10B or even more.
8. Qatari's
Graham ,   London, England   (03.26.13)
The Qatari's weald quite a bit of influence here in London. Owners of Harrods, the Shard, investments in One Hyde Park, Heathrow airport, Barclays Bank, the Olympic village and many more companies and real estate. Plus the very good news network Al Jazera (not as good as bbc) with studio's in London Saudi's, Emirati's, Kuwait's and many more rich arab people pretty much own large parts of Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Mayfair, Chelsea and Kennsington. The British Royal family are very good friends with Arab Royalty, as can be seen by Prince Charles's reluctance to vist Israel when invited for their 60th birthday celebrations and his intervention with Qatari Diar with the Chelsea Barracks. Arab investment authorities soverign wealth funds are making many investments in the West at knock down prices ever since the global financial crisis.
9. western aid
reaL vision ,   usa   (03.27.13)
now that the palestinians have suckered the qataris and the rest of the arab league for 1 cool billion then the EU and the USA should stop funding them. Palestinians are the world's longest beggar people
10. The stupidest idea
Zyx ,   US   (03.27.13)
Even if they fulfi the pledge, even if they raise $10B nothing will happen because they have no sovereignty pver Jerusalem. At the end of the day, the Israeli will decide if they can use their money of not.
11. Jerusalem is not to sale ;-)
Yossef   (03.27.13)
12. What about aid for Syria?
Steve ,   UK   (03.27.13)
It never ceases to amaze me how the funds can suddenly be found for an objective of this nature, or funding the Islamists in Syria. Yet where are the funds to provide aid for the innocent victims of the Syria conflict. In the West we see Islamic charities pleading poverty and asking for donations towards the Syrian victims. Meanwhile $1 billion is spoken of by the Arab League to Islamize Jerusalem. How transparent is this!
13. thanks to obama
michael north ,   karmiel israel   (03.27.13)
Mr Abbas is again using provocative useless statements that don't aid his people nor the so called peace plan
14. #2
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (03.27.13)
Before you start your hate mongering and anti Semitic rants I suggest you take a look at what hapened to the literally tens of BILLIONS of dollars and euros that have already been given to the Palestinians.You will find that much of that money disappeared into the bank accounts of PLO,Hamas, and Fatah officials.Yasir Arafat was reportedly on of the worls wealthiest men when he died an dhis wife and child are living quite comfortably in Paris whileHamas officiials have nice sea side villas on the Gaza coast.As for bulldozing the Palestininasd are destroying any Jewish presence they are finding on the Temple Mount and it areas that are under thier control.Do yourself a favor and learn some history.
15. Islamic imperialist colonisers
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.27.13)
the islamic imperialist colonisers want to continue on the path of conquest. jerusalem has been jewish for over three thousand years and will remain jewish for eternity.
16. Arab Muslims waged a thousand year imperial war
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.27.13)
the arab muslims waged a thousand year imperial wars on three continents, followed by the ottoman muslims. they think that they can still continue on the war path with their wealth and their blackmail of the western world. obama has been encouraging them with his speeches. he wants to give these imperial colonisers the holy city of jewish jerusalem. this will never happen.
17. The palestinians will see none of it
Richie ,   Dublin, Ireland   (03.27.13)
How many times have we heard vast sums being promised, by other Arab states, to the palestinian cause over the years and yet the funds never seem to arrive. Maybe there's so many conditions attached to the money that the funds just never get handed over. All the arab states promise hundreds of millions and it's just ego trips. They never pay. I remember after the war with hezbollah in 2006 Saudi promised $250 million to build Southern lebanon. It's still sitting in Saudi banks. And the same will happen with this billion for the Palestinians. It'll never be handed over. The EU and the US will still have to bail the PA out
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (03.27.13)
TO KEEP THIS MONEY AT? I'm sure he does not want to be Arafat's neighbor.
19. The whole world is throwing money at the Palestinians
James McNamara ,   Back of Beyond   (03.27.13)
There are genuine refugees all around the globe that are starving yet these corrupt palestinians are being given billions of dollars, it's time that these parsites got off their fat asses put away the backgammon sets and the nargillars and started to fend for themselves.They have sucked on the this refugee tit for too long.
20. Israel should take their money and spend it on jews
bernard ross   (03.27.13)
How will they get money to Jerusalem arabs, they have no relations with Israel LOL
21. how will this money be used
zionist forver   (03.27.13)
Israel has full control over Jerusalem, its Israeli authorities who says who can build what where. They might be able to buy some properties but if they start trying to spend big money the government can and will intervene. Jerusalem is not Mecca The PA is coming with begging bowls because they have such big debts and can't pay all their people but the Quataris are not saying lets give $1 billion to the palestinians who are suffering economically they are saying lets give $1 billion to preserve the arab Islamic character. Obama should tell Quatar give that $1 billion to the PA or Syrian refugees so we don't have to give money we can't spare to Abbas rather than to try stir up trouble in Jerusalem. Reminds me of the crusaders who spent fortunes going to the holy land to fight wars and take Jerusalem for the Christians or Muslims.
22. Lost Opportunity
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (03.27.13)
The so called "Palestinians" have got to be the greatest number of people on earth with the least gray matter. One BILLION Dollars is serious money enough to build an economy upon, to improve people's lives and to give a future to their children. Instead they want to make East Jerusalem, sovereign Israeli land, further filled with donkey carts, filth, stones, unemployed youths and more rioters after Friday prayers where they tell God how good they are. Maybe they could just use the $ Billion to teach Arabs to stop throwing their garbage out the window.
23. # 5 A Palestinian-Arab Land fund?
On the Balcony ,   Akko   (03.27.13)
# 5 A Palestinian-Arab Land fund? Creating the Palestinian equivalent of the Israel Land Fund ? Looks like they are taking lessons from us! Of course, we actually keep our pledges… but its an interesting tactical move. Oh, Chaim and cohort , “2000 years of back rent?? Puleeze! [sic] Put down your radical right racist comic books and see if you can find something, insightful, interesting or intelligent to contribute, your posts are getting really silly. Instead of telling the Arab world what they have to understand, maybe you have to understand that you don’t speak for Israel. Almost everything will soon be “on the table” – it remains to be seen what we will manage to walk away with....
24. what about the arab and islamic character of Spain ????
daniela   (03.27.13)
you may establish an arab state there! why not?
25. So what...
Mike ,   UK   (03.27.13)
Israel receives more than USD 3 billion from the United States in direct foreign assistance every year. It also gets USD 70 million more in military aid for its missile systems
26. Imperialists always fail in the end, while the Jew remains!
Yaniv ,   Israel   (03.27.13)
27. Only one billion??
Dr, Jack   (03.27.13)
Why ONLY one billion?? They should pledge 10 billions or 100 billions!! They will never pay it anyway!! It is called the Arab Mirage or Fata Morgana. It disappears when you want to approach it!!
28. "Judaising Jerusalem". When has it been other than the...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.27.13) city of ANY other people but that of the Jewish people, since the Jewish king, King David, set it up as such more than 3,000 years ago...??!!
29. and a couple billion $ for poor fellow Jews
observer ,   Egypt   (03.27.13)
During WW1, there was such a shortage of gunpowder that the allies were in danger of losing the war. Dr. Wiseman, a Jew, invented TNT which brought about the armistice on November 11, 1918. The price paid was bringing about a joke decree into a reality land. That was a great Jewish contribution to the Nobel Prize.
30. reply to #1
J.Gad ,   Israel   (03.27.13)
In fact, theres no need to fund education because many young palestinians are educated in Jordan. They are very good students, you can ask also in the hebrew university of Jerusalem, they sometimes they get the highers scores in the university,
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