Settlers demand change in rules of engagement: 'Stones also kill'
Akiva Novick
Published: 27.03.13, 12:56
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1. Me too was a victim of stones
Keren, IL-BR   (03.27.13)
I together with my children have been attacked many times from Palestinians in the villages around. Karnei Shomron is no longer safe. That's why I decided, for the security of my family, to move to Israel, to areas where there is no concern about my life and my family's.
2. Execute terrorists & expel their families & demolish homes
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.27.13)
TONY ,   EAST JERUSALEM   (03.27.13)
4. # 1 you have moved to real israel, thats why you are safe
To number 1 ,   east jerusalem   (03.27.13)
now, god bless you
5. Lethal Weapons
Don ,   Nitro, USA   (03.27.13)
Ancient armies used slings as a military weapon because they can be lethal. David killed Goliath with a sling. Even simply tossing a rock at a car that is moving at speed necessarily increases any damage and can be lethal or cause a serious accident. Rock throwing must not be tolerated.
6. "rules of engagement" ?
max ,   washington dc   (03.27.13)
What nonsense to use words such as "rules of engagement" to define allowable responses to terrorists that follow "no rules of war"! They should be hunted down one by one as President Obama has done. Also stone throwers can kill and gravely injure no matter the throwers age. Wasn't it a stone that slew Goliath?
7. Some elementary physics.
Jules   (03.27.13)
A bullet that weighs 9 grams and is flying with a velocity of 200 meters per second has the kinetic energy of approximately the same value as a stone that weighs 1 kilogram when it is thrown against a car moving with the speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Yes, stone-throwing against moving vehicles IS the same as live fire.
8. Why Wait
Get Real ,   UK   (03.27.13)
For more to be killed? Time to get tough with these assailants, Relax gun laws, undercover patrols etc etc etc No Israeli re-action brings more Palestinian terror action.
9. to #1 and #4
Mike ,   Raanana   (03.27.13)
I call #1 a liar who has never lived in the Shtachim and likely isn't even from Israel at all. I doubt there is anyone who lived in KS who would refer to Israel in such a way, or their move in such a way. Number 4 is in fact probably the same leftist provocateur as #1.
10. #3 & #4 (one and the same)
Antonio ,   Israel   (03.27.13)
Yesha, IS and always WILL be a part of Israel. If you don't believe such, you should move to the REAL "Palestine", which was given to the "Palestinians", (ie: Jordan, check your history). However, arabs, apparently yourself included, LOVE to rewrite history at the expense of any and everyone.
11. don't waste your time with the idf and bibi
geroge   (03.27.13)
stop wasting your time. Arm yourselves as the judean defense forces. Martiall arts training and gun courses for all available males and some females. Cut down torah prayer as too much wastes time. If iintruders come in or throw stones,s shoot them in the legs. If they continue, finish them. Nevermind the idf which has other things to do.
12. If convicted stone them to death
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (03.27.13)
that should send a strong and equal message. Isn't stone throwing an arab art specifically for adulterous women? Just sayin'.
13. If you want to solve this problem....
Mike   (03.27.13)
.....move the settlers out of the occupied Palestinian West Bank..
14. Stone throwing
joe ,   israel   (03.27.13)
Stupid idea since many times children are the throwers.
15. #9
Jak ,   Tx   (03.27.13)
Who are you who are so wise in the ways of leftist BS?....I thought the exact same thing it's good to know that there are people who are out there feeling the same frustration as I israel chai
16. change rules
friend ,   dub   (03.27.13)
Wont this mean that the ultra orthdox who throw stones at cars and people on Saturday will also be liable to get shot???
17. So Rioting Haredi are Fair Game too?
jj   (03.27.13)
They have on many occasion resorted to using these dreadful weapons of mass destruction/doomsday devices. Will they be shot dead in Jerusalem's streets?
18. Yes, you should leave palestine lands
Brea ,   Isratine   (03.27.13)
You did the right thing, what do you expect should happen when you live on someone's else land????
19. fight the land thiefs
daveed ,   Noisrael   (03.27.13)
fight land thiefs, expell them and make their life misreable... until they return to their rightful owners.
20. Yes- repond to stone throwing with live fire
Yoel ,   Jerusalem   (03.27.13)
I agree 100%. Not only should the IDF and Border Police respond to stone throwing with live fire, but armed private citizens should also be able to respond to stone throwing with live fire.
21. Haven't we seen settlers + Haredi throw stones too in media?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (03.27.13)
22. What are Israeli civilians doing
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (03.27.13)
driving around the West Bank without a military escort? In fact what are Israeli civilians doing in the west bank? It is afterall enemy occupied territory, and it iss illegal under the rules of war to settle Israeli citizens in it, and if you can't drive your car in a straight line when a stone hits your windscreen, then you shouldn't be driving. I had my windshield hit by a brick in 60mph zone
23. The solution is simple
Adam ,   Cork   (03.27.13)
If these Jews do not want stones thrown at them, then they should drop their arrogance and stop settling in land that is not theirs. The Palestinians already have been relegated to living off a small amount of the land they used to entirely own, attempting to take even more from them now when they have so little is like spitting in their faces. And don't tell me they belong in Jordan, its quite hypocritical to say that when the majority of Israelis are of European or Russian descent.
24. daveed # 19
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.27.13)
Muslim's lives are miserable no matter where they live. The Jews leaving land that is rightfully theirs is not going to make you happy. If Jews leave you will only want more until there is nothing left. That is your goal to displace and kill Jews. Were you to achieve that (which you never will) you pathetic miserable bunch would only turn on each other. You will never be happy under Islam and unless you change your attitude towards Israel you will never amount to anything.
25. IDF alread shots unarmed Palestinians Freedom Fighters
26. end occpation, end stoning. it's resistance to subjugation.
USA   (03.27.13)
27. i have been wondering...
les ,   canada   (03.27.13)
how long the people of israel, whom are mostly trained soldiers, will put up with being terrorized, maimed or murdered in their own country. does the USA or germany or russia would put up with that?
28. I Agree That Stones Are Lethal Weapons
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.27.13)
Stone throwing should not be treated as live fire, but should be treated as peaceful protests either. Furthermore, Jews must also refrain from throwing stones at the IDF and Arabs unless they want the IDF to fire at them. Fair is fair.
29. # 1 Keren, you are so right!
Monique Shimshowitz ,   Ramat hasharon   (03.27.13)
Kol ha kavod!
30. #22 London
The UK has decided to let Terrorist Abu Qatada stay in London and collect a very generous pension. Why should we listen to a British subject's bizarre (and wrong) interpretations of "rules of war"?
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