Critically wounded Syrians treated in Israel; one dies
Maor Buchnik
Published: 27.03.13, 14:34
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1. Israel is a hopeless case
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (03.27.13)
2. yup, those wascally Iswaelis saving lives again
Carl ,   USA   (03.27.13)
So who is the enemy of the average Syrian, Israel or their own murderous government? Imagine an Israeli soldier being whisked across the border for urgent medical care and then returned a few days later, instead of being kidnapped and held hostage for years! Even UN soldiers have sought refuge in Israel, yet the UN and those foul NGOs focus most of their resources and condemnations on Israel.
3. Send them to Turkey
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.27.13)
Israel does not need the headache. One has died in hospital. How long before someone blames any such deaths on Israel? Erdogan is such a strutting little bantam rooster, I'm sure he'll make political hay out of saving Syrians. Of course, should any happen to die -- well, that would be Turkey's problem, wouldn't it?
4. Watch Israel get blamed for the death.
David Matten ,   Miami, Florida   (03.27.13)
5. Good Humanatarian gestures.
Get Real ,   UK   (03.27.13)
But can you imagine the negative publicity that Israel would have to suffer if they were turned away. But these humantarian actions will probably not receive much world-wide publicity although publicity is not the reason for these gestures.
6. stupidity
arthurdecco ,   london on   (03.28.13)
Lots of stupidity to look at today...Why would the Israelis be blamed for looking after their own soldiers that have been wounded fighting an illegal war against a non-combatant country they want to destroy? Shouldn't their "shitty little country" be prosecuted instead for war crimes and their leaders executed on public television to allay the fears of the world?
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