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Officials: Arms shipments rise to Syrian rebels
Associated Press
Published: 28.03.13, 08:37
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1. We may miss Assad
Keren IL-BR   (03.28.13)
For 45 years Hamat Golan has seen quiet. Assad has been a bloody dictator for the Syrians but this dinasty has not created problems with Israel. I wonder what will happen if all these weapons fall in the hands of fanatical islamists. Will Golan become a new Sinai? Will we have to engage in combat again with the Syrians? Who are we going to talk to if we have no peace agreement with them? Maybe we will miss Assad one day..
2. obama tries to disarm law abiding citizens while arming
al qaeda terrorists ,   typical!   (03.28.13)
3. Who will ultimately pay?!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (03.28.13)
Israel!!! The ignorant West supplies the Syrian rebels who are, in fact, aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and other known terrorist groups. These weapons WILL be used against Israel--guaranteed! Obama, the clueless one (or is he?), is knowingly backing his friends of the MB; and, Israel turns a blind-eye to this fact. The Muslims' want their Caliphate at the expense of Israel. In their Muslim eyes' there will be no peace unti Israel's eradicated. Israeli leadership needs to wise-up and quickly, because once a few more pieces fall into place, these godless savages WILL be attacking Israel; and, all the liberal peaceniks' (the ones who believe in the peace-process) will just have to live with that eventuality. All-out war IS coming to a theater near you!!!
4. Syria will be null for years, #1
Cameron ,   USA   (03.28.13)
Messing with the Israelis will be an afterthought that none of the combatants will have time for. When the regime finally topples over, it will be complete anarchy as the Sunnis go after the Shiites & Christians, then death struggle amongst themselves to take power. Potential WMD usage (?) aside, the only real assured Syrian threat will come when the refugees finally swamp the border in absolute desperation.
5. this should have been done a long time ago
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.28.13)
the jordan route should have been used a long time ago. obviously, there is a risk that weapons will fall into the hands of jihadists, but that risk must be taken. assad cannot be allowed to stay in power. he and his brother have shown themselves to be unstable and horrifically ruthless. furthermore, iran's overt meddling in syria is at this point a greater threat than some jihadists armed with grenade and rocket launchers. all must be done to ensure that the weapons do go to seculars and moderates. turkey must be told in no uncertain terms that it cannot arm the jihadists.
6. the shia crescent vs. the sunni crescent
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.28.13)
the civil war in syria poses a real dilemma to the west in general and to israel in particular: should there be a shia crescent or a sunni crescent? if assad wins, then the shia crescent will spread from iran through iraq, syria, lebanon, and the gaza territory. if assad loses, a larger sunni crescent will spread from the gulf states to syria, lebanon, jordan, gaza and egypt. turkey would most probably become part of this crescent. obviously, the sunni crescent is much larger than the shia crescent and potentially much more dangerous. unfortunately, there are no good solutions in this instance. given that syria's patron is an irrational terror state which is building nuclear weapons, one must reluctantly come to the conclusion, that the fall of the assad regime is necessary. such a fall might lead to another war, but so might a victorious assad regime with its partners iran and hezbollah, armed by russia with sophisticated weapons systems.
7. Farce and Tragedy
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.28.13)
Israel's Leftist enemies use "International Law" as a weapon to delegitimize any Israeli defensive action, as if "International Law" was based on some sort of objective universal justice. Thanks to the Syrian civil war, we see that "International Law" is a farce and a tragedy. The Farce: As long as the butcher Assad confronted Israel, his brutality in Syria and Lebanon was ignored. Now that he stands in the way of Sunni hegemony, the Leftists cheer as the Sunni Arabs and their Western lackeys violate International Law with impunity, illegally supplying Jihad with weapons to overthrow Assad's government. The Tragedy: The Leftists are citing Assad's murder of innocents as justification to supply Jihad with weapons. Indeed Assad's forces caused about 40000 deaths. Yet they ignore that 40000 deaths were caused by the weapons they gave the JIhadis.
8. Assad falls on sunday what happens on monday?
zionist forever   (03.28.13)
The M60 recoilless gun, the Osa and RBG 60. All of them can breach the hull of a tank and probably including the Merkava & Abrams, they are also easy to carry discreetly in the back to a truck. You can't give these weapons to secular rebels and know they will never fall into the hands of jihadis because we are not talking about a national army, people from all over Syria and from outside Syria have joined forces to topple Assad so there are probably jihada and secular elements inside all cells. Only this week have we been seeing break downs in relations between the FSA and the puppet government in exile which in itself is starting to splinter. Millions of Syrians are now homeless, many have lost everything so when the fighting ends the only things they will have left in this world are their weapons. Now if Al Quaida, Hamas or Hezbollah offer them some money in exchange for those weapons are they going to say sorry they got to go back to Jordan or show me the money and its yours? There will be a weapons black market as soon as the fighting ends and Syria will become the terrorists supermarket. Once Assad does fall the west are want to going to send people into Syria to deal with the WMDS, make sure they are all found and destroyed. Just because Assad is gone doesn't mean his loyalists who have a grudge won't intervene and use some of these weapons to kill weapons inspectors. This is a mistake that will come back to haunt the countries that decided to donate these weapons and Israel especially will pay a heavy price once they find their way into the hands of Hamas & Hezbollah which eventually they are almost certain to do.
9. 4
zionist forever   (03.28.13)
You are assumption is based on the rebels all being one unified group who intend to lay down their arms and start rebuilding as soon as Assad is gone but they are infact a collection of groups who have allied together for a common cause ( get rid of Assad ) once he is gone that unity will end. Some of the rebels have already been condemning Assad for not attacking Israel to retake the Golan. What happens to the well armed idealists who decide we managed to liberated Syria from Assad now its time for us to work toward liberating the Syrian Golan from the zionist entity. These weapons being smuggled into Syria now are portable and pack a heavy punch now do you think that if groups like Hamas or Hezbollah offer money to these Syrians who have nothing left in the world except these weapons they are going to be unwilling to say no? All these weapons mentioned can breach the hull of a Merkava, imagine Hamas with some of these things, they could be destroying our tanks. Hezbollah could use them in any war against Israel. Some may be sent via the black market to Iraq where they can destabilise things even further there or even into Afghanistan to be used against NATO troops. Giving these people powerful portable weapons is a big mistake an Israel WILL pay the price for it eventually.
10. Yay the US throws us under a bus again
David ,   Israel   (03.28.13)
And once Assad is gone which direction will they point guns that the US has aided in indirectly supplying? towards us of course !
11. #11. Islam vs Islam - way to go! Keep the war going forever!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.28.13)
If it stops, it will be Islam vs Israel.
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