Israel's Jewish population passes 6 million mark
Gad Lior
Published: 28.03.13, 10:01
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1. Just Imagine
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (03.28.13)
Six Million Jews perished in the hand of the Nazi within few years - Is Iran want to repeat the same in few hours?
2. B"H
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.28.13)
today, israel is the center of judaism. jews residing in europe need to come home. they would be safer, and freer in the jewish state than anywhere in europe. they might be poorer, but they would be free. it is better to die fighting in a war protecting the jewish state and her people than to be stabbed in the back anywhere in europe.
3. Beware statistics
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.28.13)
Some 500,000 Russian olim are not Jewish but many are listed as Jewish. Same for tens of thousands of Ethiopian olim. Also, Israel is perhaps the only country that FORCES citizenship onto people who are born elsewhere and even those who have never been in the country, so as to inflate the population figures. Hence the hundreds of thousands of "Israeli Jews" who are living outside Israel, many of whom will never live in Israel. Beware statistics.
4. Estimate of 13.8 million is low
Eric R. ,   USA   (03.28.13)
Just the five countries above are 12.67 million. But they omit the former USSR (400,000 - 500,000 at least between Russia and Ukraine), 175,000-200,000 in Argentina, and100,000 + in Germany, Australia and Brazil. Add in those, and you are at 13.6 million. There are more than 200,000 additional Jews when you add up all other countries.
5. Wrong statistics
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.28.13)
First of all must be cleared, who is a jew. A jew is I think so who feels to belong to the jewish nation, and also- if partially - the anchestors were also jews. With this system at least 20 million jews live an the earth.
6. @5
Shamir   (03.28.13)
Isti,I am a Hungarian Jew too but only for Hungarians and prople like you,since my father was a Hungarian Jew but my mother is not Jewish.Unfortunately it's not like we wish:Jews do not consider people like me Jewish unless I convert.They might only consider me ''part of our own'',but not as a real 100% Jew.
7. Old news
Vlad   (03.28.13)
Israel has had 6 million Jews since November. And what do they mean when they say "for the first time, Israel is the world's largest Jewish center"? It's been known for years that Israel now has the world's largest Jewish population. Della Pergola said Israel surpassed the US in late 2005 or early 2006, a major demographic study said Israel overtook US Jewry in 2008. Also, there are not 5.5 million Jews in the United States, the figure is more like 5.2 million. The figures for Canada and Britain are also overestimates.
8. #2 Just a thought
Get Real ,   UK   (03.28.13)
Could Israel accommodate millions of Jews from around the world?
9. #1
penina ,   tel aviv   (03.28.13)
Please don't tempt fate
10. 2
anton ,   istanbul   (03.28.13)
that wouldnt be good idea if you bring all jews together they will face extinction for it will be easy to target jews in one place and another issue is israel is not big enough to hold another 6 mıllıon unless you are thinking stealing gaza as well :)
11. B-H.
Keren IL-BR   (03.28.13)
Thanks G-D. We are growing and reproducing again to fill in the lands of the creator. B-H. Let's live and procreate in peace and harmony.
12. anton 10
alsky ,   toronto   (03.28.13)
how do you know Israel cannot accomodate another 6 million ? Of course they can. Stealing Gaza ? Hey, if the rockets contine, then I imagine Israel will 'steal Gaza
13. Thank God for the Haredi
David ,   USA   (03.28.13)
14. 10 anton, instanbul, you should not worry so much
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.28.13)
we shall solve our problems without your input. your wish to annihilate us will not come true. we would take the entire middle east with us.
15. If that is true then 3rd Temple Ought be rebuild now.
Yosef ,   Boca Raton   (03.28.13)
Once there is majority of Jew ins Israel then there is an obligation to build 3rd Beit HaMikldash.
16. Please Jewish Mothers make as many children as you can &
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.28.13)
G-d Bless You & our Jewish people.
17. #10 Anton
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.28.13)
"if you bring all jews together they will face extinction for it will be easy to target jews in one place." Is that wishful thinking Anton? I am sorry to disappoint you, but no one will dare causing the extinction of Jews in Israel, as they know very well they would be pulverized as well. You have no idea just how strong Israel is. Remember, Turkey is not too far from Israel...
18. 16 Moshe.....carefull wht you wish for
alsky ,   Toronto   (03.28.13)
sometimes, Jews are the worst anti semites and certainly many are anti-Israel
19. # 10 Turk
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (03.28.13)
Turkey is welcoming fleeing Syrians, maybe they'll need additional neighboring arab lands as well to fit them all? About facing extinction, seems your Muslim friends didn't get the message, they're too busy slaughtering Muslims only. They are the only ones facing extinction. Notice no Muslim nation is attacking Israel or Jews however, they are still attacking American troops. your Erdogen is an ass.
20. 10
steal gaza??? where have you been for the past 7 years? israel left gaza completely and unilaterally in 2005, idiot! as to your first paragraph, isn;t this what iranian rasfangani said in 2003? another holocaust of all jews in one place. do you agree with this?
21. cipora
anton ,   istanbul   (03.28.13)
do you mean you will nuke innocent irrelevant third party countries? how sarah b of you :) doesnt that show you cant be trusted with nukes like you are claiming for iranians? lastly i dont want jews to disappear how did you inferred it from my comment? i like you people and want you to remain as you are now i merely stated the danger if all jews were to move in one pleace
22. Doesn't make sense
Daniel ,   Miami, USA   (03.28.13)
How does it make any sense that, "For the first time, Israel has become the world's largest center of Jewry, with the United States at second place with 5.5 million Jews." Are you saying that "all of a sudden" Israel surpassed the US Jewish population by half a million? I'm sure that Israel has been ahead of the US for some time now...
23. alsky
anton ,   istanbul   (03.28.13)
let me put it this way alsky i assume you live in your home with your wife and 2 kids easy and comfy life, that house could get 10 more people in it yes thats possible but how r you gonna live thre? :) your rocket argument ıs meaningless if you stopped settelment which is condemned by world they wouldnt fire rockets, if they do, you have every right to steal gaza
24. Non-Jews/Jews Equal Population?
J ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.28.13)
Looks like there's an equal number of Jews and Non-Jews between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. No apartheid, right?
25. anton 21 ....
alsky ,   toronto   (03.28.13)
""doesnt that show you cant be trusted with nukes like you are claiming for iranians? "" last time I checked Israeli nukes have never been used and Im pretty certain they would never be used - except as a last resort !
26. @23 anton
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.28.13)
You Turks know a very efficient way how to deal with people you find superfluous in your living space: sürgün. You ousted the Greeks from Anatolia, and more recently from N. Cyprus, you committed a genocide against Armenians, you are committing ethnocide against the Kurds. And you are still spitting your sanctimonious messages on us, though Arabs are 20% of our citizens and enjoy strictly the same rights (but not duties). With your arrogance, you are heading into the wall: you are no longer the colonial lords in ME.
27. anton 23...
alsky ,   toronto   (03.28.13)
Israel has every right to build as she pleases. Israel won these lands in defensive wars. Furthermore, last time i checked, these lands did not belong to any country. therefore, it can only be considered a LEGAL occupation. If 'occupation' was the cause, why were the Islamists killing Israelis before 1967 ?
28. maurice, build baby build and 20
anton ,   istanbul   (03.28.13)
now you all seems to misunderstood my comment, lets seee if its logical if all jews moved to israel 1 it would endanger jewish race if iranians obtain nukes 2 israel would face grave internal problem from housing prices, unemployment to civil unrest etc 3 israel would loose its lobby power over united states the main supporter of israel maurice you easily forget that srael is surrounde by hostile countries and sooner or later they will unite iam aware israel is strong country and its not that i wish for that just saying build baby, arab peninsula is with this mindset is hopeless so i wont defend them but these nutjobs will turn their attention to israel in future 20 yes left gaza, we are talking about in case of 6 mıl jews moved to israel then that scenario would be more likely i dont know what iranian said but its my opinion that jews in one place is dangerous another and last holocaust would be in making if arabs see the oppurtunity and no i dont agree with that
29. #12 & 23
Get Real ,   UK   (03.28.13)
Thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since Israel left Gaza. So what did the withdrawal achieve? Thousands of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel before Israel built any 'settlements'. Does Hamas need any justification, apart from its aim to destroy Israel, to launch missle and terror attacks? The only reason why there is a lull in the terror is when Israel responds.
30. To: Istvan at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.28.13)
Heaven forfend! So-called "Messianic Jews" are not Jews -- they are Christians. You are Jewish if the woman who gave birth to you is Jewish or if you underwent a Halachic conversion. If your father is Jewish, but not your mother, unless you undergo conversion, I really do not care how "strongly Jewish" you may feel -- you obviously do not feel strongly enough to want to convert -- you are not a Jew. Having Jewish ancestors is not enough to call yourself Jewish, either. We are a very exclusive club.
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