Israel reopens Gaza border crossings
Associated Press
Published: 28.03.13, 12:03
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1. Gazans are sick to their back teeth
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.28.13)
With this self imposed Hamas blockade Based on Mashaals dream of a Palestine thats born out of the ashes of Israel? So they make sure the state of war continues, the tunnels working overtime to make money for the Gaza Elite and the rest of Gaza rots
2. This is just the begninning
Keren IL-BR   (03.28.13)
We are following the Turkish checklist: 1. Apologize 2. Pay USD 10 million to the families 3. Open borders 4. Lift Blockade 5. End occupation 6. Recognize Palestine. And.. you know what? We'll check them all.
3. #2. Where do you get your facts from...
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.28.13)
Or do you just make them up as you go along? So lets examine your letter 1. Apologize Israel was perfectly within her rights to maintain the blockade to prevent missiles being smuggled into Gaza. Nothing whatsoever to apologise for 2. Pay USD 10 million to the families As tragic as any death is Israel cannot be held responsible for their actions. They chose to attempt to break the blockade, they chose to try to assualt and threaten the troops..Not Israel 3. Open borders What..with the Hamas Declaration of War against Israel STILL in their Charter and the risk of them stockpiling even greater numbers of misiles to fire into Israel? 4. Lift Blockade On what basis? What are the cast iron guarantees that Israel will not be attacked with missiles? 5. End occupation What occupation? Israel vacated Gaza ages ago but they choose to perpetuare conflict 6. Recognize Palestine What - without them recognising Israel?
4. crossings will remain open as long as Hamas keeps the truce
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.28.13)
as soon as they start firing missiles, the crossings will be closed once again.
5. 2 worry not your little head
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.28.13)
as even obama finally recognized, Israel is a sovereign and will do what is in her best interest. erdogan better keep his ducks in a row.
6. #2 Karen This How b.H.o. Shows Israel
He has their back!
7. To nr 2.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.28.13)
Why don't you finish your list ? 7. All jews to be transferred to the Antarctica.
8. # 3, Ok Tim.. my turn now
Keren, IL-BR   (03.28.13)
Ok, Tim, let me check your arguments now: 1 - Tell this to Bibi who just conceded to the Turks. No matter the reason, Israel apologized. Just check the official communique of last Sunday. 2 - No matter your arguments, Israel will pay whatever the Turks demand. Turkey is in NATO, Turkey is a regional power. Syria is burning. What are USD when the security of Israel is being discussed? israel needs Turkey.. not the other way around. 3 - Hamas and the Government of Gaza should be granted sovereignty. Look at North and South Korea. If Gaza provokes us, Israel is backed by the International community to act. Not against occupied people, but against enemy as such. 4 - There is no garantee. There is no garantee Mexico will not reclaim Texas There is no garantee Argentine will not attack Falklands again. You have always to have a powerful army to deal with lousy neighbours. The blockage is illegal. Just leave Gaza and let them act with responsibility or they will be crushed. 5 - While iSRAEL keeps the control of borders it is considered occupation. International law applies to this. Palmer report who is rather flexible goes in this line. 6 - They already did. In 1988, in 1994 and now. They accepted 1967 borders now, after 45 years. Israel does not have to have relations with them. Just let them have their lives in liberty, free of occupation. Again: if they risk to attack us, crush them fiercely. Are you convinced now?
9. yaalon yes, bennett ok, lapid steady so far
marcel   (03.28.13)
bibi has to go. For years now he has surrounded himself with generals and compromised his goals by bringing barak, conceding on hebron, now bringing in livni and the latest-apology to turkey. I don't care the rationalizations or that obama pushed for it. So what if obama pushed for it. We all know erdogan, nothing more need be said- he is a born liar who got shown up as a chicken by assad. However bibi is now shown up as a nervous coward. Was he better than peres, barak and olmert, yes,but that is what is troulbling. Israel has been led by political cowards even barak, who cannot stand up to israel's adversaries. And bibi is no different, he is yellow to the bone. And most of the mks are yellow to the bone-the dzimmi gene has still not been expunged. bennett, lapid, lieberman, feiglin should run to replace bibi in the next 6 months. He should go as he is a coward and cannot lead israel going forward.
10. regarding #2 Keren
alsky ,   Toronto   (03.28.13)
I dont look at this post as anti-Israel. She is simply stating what the Turks have demanded and what Israel seems to be doing. Nothing anti-Israel here !
11. to # 7 To Istvan
Keren, IL-BR   (03.28.13)
Because Jews belong to iSRAEL. THis is our homeland, this is our safe harbour. This has to be the best and most security place in Planet Earth for the Jews. That's why i made alliah from Brazil. Today, while we occupy and oppress other people, it is not.
12. Keren 11...i have a secret for you.
alsky ,   Toronto   (03.28.13)
all of Israel is occupied according to them and their useful idiots
13. Remind Me Why We Sustain Terrorist?
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.28.13)
I always forget that part.
14. # 12 Alsky
Keren, IL-BR   (03.28.13)
No.. you are wrong, Alsky.. the percentual of freaks there and here are same... Ask any settler what they consider Israel and they will say the Arabs occupied all the Land of Israel. Both believe the land is sacred, given by G-D. Both believe there is a crusade against both religions. Both believe they have to settle the whole land. Average Palestinians and Israelis are mentally sound people. They know the only solution is to share the land. The problem are the freaks. And the Jews of the diaspora who don't have a clue about what is going on here.
15. Israel and Gaza-strip.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   HOORN -IN HOLLANDs   (03.28.13)
The population of the Gaza-strip may be very glad of that gesture of/by Israel. At this moment Israel is really a true good example in/to the Mid East.
16. Keren 14
alsky ,   toronto   (03.28.13)
sorry, I dont agree. there is no moral equivalence. Have you read Hams' charter recently.? I can assure you (and you know it too) if 'settlers' wanted to kill "Palestinians', then there would not be any left. Defending your home from intruders that wish to kill you is called common sense.
17. # 4
Get Real ,   UK   (03.28.13)
Many in the south would expect a stronger response than that !
18. 8
the palmer commission, a united nation body to investigate the gaza blockade in 2012, DECLARED UNEQUIVOCALLY THAT THE GAZA BLOCKADE IS LEGAL!!! the palmer commission declared the blockade LEGAL. should i repeat this again because you wrote that the blockade is ILLEGAL. no, it is not according to the un palmer commission in 2012. the un! declared the blockade LEGAL. who are you to tell everyone here that the blockade is illegal? making up your own facts again. you are entitled to your OPINIONS, but not to your FACTS. your points' arguments are not only unconvincing, but lack any logic, any depth and any root in reality. basically, you are a clueless moron. hameed aboughaze, iranian
19. Israel opens border and Egypt closes it for IHH activists
Oh the IRONY   (03.29.13)
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