Expert: Israel not in position to attack Iran
Published: 29.03.13, 13:32
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1. Are you sure.....Should you be worried about such a bold
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.29.13)
statement. A meteor will never hit earth too....I'm absolutely certain of it....just like the dinosaurs. Rome.....burned.....was destroyed. No one would have ever contemplated doing such a thing to so powerful of a group of people???
2. Sadaam Husein also said same thing
alsky ,   Toronto   (03.29.13)
and so did Gadaffi and the rest of the clan. Time will tell !
3. iran is partially correct
mohson   (03.29.13)
obama is not weak like jimmy carter but he has no appetite for any more wars, short of being attacked say by north korea and or iran or russia which is behaving just like the old rotten soviet. Bibi has no ability to launch a strike against iran as he zero confidence in himself. His accomplishments in the security field if one checks are close to zero. He is better than the cowards olmert and deluded livni but has no fiber in him and folds like a cheap suit. So iran has nothing to worry about unless bennett, lieberman and feiglin predominate and together with yaalon they could disintegrate iran's nuclear and power grid.
4. idi amin thought the same way
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.29.13)
and so did the syrians at el-kibar. the iranians also couldn't believe that the americans could take baghdad in two weeks when they had spent ten years, and a million casualties, getting nowhere against iraq. "belief", based on conceit and ignorance, is not a substitute for real intelligence.
5. He truly under-estimates the power of
Get Real ,   UK   (03.29.13)
the US and Israel both individually and combined, let alone that of additionally the EU & NATO. A nuclear armed Iran poses a survival threat to Israel which cannot be ignored. It is to be hoped for the whole ME that Israel is not put in the position of having to use her full power to counter the Iranian threats or attack.
6. Hmm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.13)
I'm not entirely sure how an Iranian is qualified to address the subject of whether or not the United States or Israel is in a position to attack Iran, but I beg to differ. Either the United States or Israel can go it alone and deal Iran a staggering blow. In tandem, the blow would be of such magnitude that Iran would not recover for decades. Oh -- and I'm referring to use of conventional weapons only. Obviously, were there to be a nonconventional strike, Iran will disappear. Forever.
7. Quick where is Sarah B....
Mike   (03.29.13) reassure us that Israel controls all the Iranian computers, and can turn their missile back on them, and can turn the whole country into a parking lot and yada yada yada... I hear a lot of yapping but no action.... yawn.
8. How Does This Old Ot Dated persian
Scientist Know Israel and The U.S.A. Has in their Arsenals? He doesn't ! Stay Tuned!
9. #. 2 Iran?
Bob ,   Montreal quebec   (03.29.13)
Alsky you took the words out of my mouth
10. The USA and Russia
Zechariah   (03.29.13)
The UsA and Russia can Stop the Shia Jihad if Iranian Lleaders create Dangers.Hopefully by Diplomacy
11. #3 i think hes handled situations well
daniel ,   australia   (03.29.13)
His response to the previous gaza conflict ended up restoring total calm, didnt lose face international and didnt end up sending troops in. Short term fix perhaps, but netanyahu would go all out if necessary. I am confident the idf is prepared for iran and has planned it for years.
12. So...
John ,   Herzliya   (03.29.13)
So we heard father. What about mother?
13. only the US can stop Iran now
zionist forever   (03.29.13)
We have been driven round and round in circles playing the phoney diplomacy for so long now Iran's offensive and defensive technology has no reached a point where there is no way Israel can do anything. Four-five years ago maybe but with Israel's current hardware ( F15 & F16 ) no way and unlike in Iraq Iran is expecting and has prepared for the possibility of an attempted attack. Iran not only has very good defenses now but also unlike Saddam Hussain they have spread their nuclear sites around so to have any impact Israel would have to send a fleet of jets 100+ so they could attack different sites and a fleet like that would be spotted long before they got anywhere near the nuclear sites. It would also very likely for many pilots be a one way trip because their racks would all be filled with bombs so that means if the Iranians launch fighters the IAF pilots will be no position to get into a dog fight so the only solution would be light the afterburners and run as fast as they can and using most their fuel so they won't get anywhere near Israel and their only option will be eject either over water or over any arab country willing to rescue and return them to Israel. The US are now the only ones in the world who have the capability to destroy the nuclear program. Those B2 bombers do look nice and would look even nicer if they were holding a live fire exercise over an Iranian nuclear site. Hopefully in exchange for that apology to Turkey Bibi & Obama have agreed on a red line which if crossed the US will attack Iran.
14. Prove the satans wrong. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.29.13)
There is only one sane option open for Israel. Prove the genocidal satans wrong. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
15. To Zionist Forever
Larry ,   Margaliot   (03.29.13)
I think you underestimate the IDF and security services. Certainly cooperation with the US would be preferable, but I believe Israel has the answers to most of what Iran can send against an attack. About the pilots and their fate, I expect that much of the Air Force would be used. I don't see many people being shot down or ejecting over Syria, etc. But some surely will be lost.
16. 3
zionist forever   (03.29.13)
The problem is not Bibi its Obama and Israeli technology. Its the fact that Israel must get American support for any military operation, this is the sacrifice you make in exchange for American weapons and political support in the UN. The other problem is because Obama is a Carter clone when it comes to war he has been holding Israel back for years and all that time Iran has been developing modern defensive weapons which can beat anything Israel can send. The F15 & F16 were designed 30 years ago and Iran now has cutting edge 21st century air defenses. As combat aircraft they are fine but they have no stealth capabilities so they can dodge modern Iranian radars and they were never designed to be heavy bombers which is the role Israel wants to use them for. Fact is no matter tactics which worked in 1981 don't necessarily work in 2013 and the Iranian situation is nothing like it was with Iraq where Saddam had 1 nuclear site and was taken by surprise. Iran has many sites some are buried underground and there is no element of surprise like there was in Iraq. We need to forget about previous victories act constantly like this is our first taste of combat because when we get to caught up in other peoples glory we don't think about using different tactics for future conflicts because the attitude is it worked once so it will work again.
17. Time?
Al-Quds   (03.29.13)
Time? we have been waiting years already for Israel to attack; isn't it just a barking dog? When Israel attacked Sadam's nuclear they did not say a word before the attack!
18. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.13)
Are you serious? Israel tried to put an end to Saddam Hussein's nuclear dream for eight years using diplomatic pressure. When that failed, only then did Israel strike. Of course, the operation was planned years in advance, and the strike group's jets were modified -- in order to carry the payload -- well in advance. We always knew it would come to that with Iraq, we always knew it would come to that when we took out the Syrian reactor, and we have known for a very long time that Iran will suffer a similar fate. Well -- no one can accuse us of not trying the most civilized ways first. But, one or another way, Iran will not go nuclear. We just don't think we have to publish the date in advance.
19. To: Zionist Forever at No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.13)
I think you grossly overestimate Iran's capabilities, and seriously underestimate Israel's.
20. #13,#16 - And Missles
Get Real ,   UK   (03.29.13)
Aircraft can be re-fueled in flight but air attack is not the only option open to Israel. Israel's ICBMs can reach anywhere in Iran.
21. Totally Believable Article
Brett ,   Florida   (03.30.13)
Everyone also believes that islam is a religion of peace too.
22. Iran
william king ,   Canada   (03.30.13)
What the Scientist failed to mention,is that Iran is not going to survive as is either,not by a long shot...shalom/
23. #17 iran will have the bomb, and israel can't nothing
inconito   (03.30.13)
the mythe of israel attack on Osirak, actually and concretely accelerated the Iraqi program, a program in its infancy in 82 .... without the invasion of 1991, the daily bombings, and strict UN sanctions, saddam would have get the bomb. This is the conclusion of all the experts, you need to sleep with dreams ... this old Iranian knows whereof he speaks, no one can invade and occupy Iran, and without occupation ... iran will get the bomb, even after American aerial campaign! the "know-how" does not destroy from the air! they will simply kick IAEA 's ass, and reconstruct secret! and more deeply Robert Gates in october 2012 : “such an attack would make a nuclear-armed Iran inevitable. They would just bury the program deeper and make it more covert.” it 's useless to make meaningless promises! inflate the chest and play to little warrior.... iran is not Libya or Gaza, nor even iraq! if a comparison is possible, it can be compared to pakistan ... that despite the threats got the bomb, even if the pakistant was bombed in 85, today it would be a nuclear power anyway, and the same is true for iran so.... sweet dreams !
24. Nonsense
Andrew P ,   Alexandria VA   (03.31.13)
Israel has enough deliverable nuclear weapons to take out Iran and make a fine example for the future. Maybe Israel can't take Iran out with conventional weapons, but they don't have to..
25. Risk of War
Ishra ,   Lincon USA   (04.03.13)
Saudi Arabia has over 400 F16 fighters, plus advanced Typhoons, 3rd largest F16 fleet in the the world, after the US and Japan. While the IDF is off bombing Iran, with every aircraft they have, suppose Saudi Arabia and Egypt take the chance of a lifetime to attack defenceless Israel? Egypt would regain it's lost territory (the port of Elat) and Saudi Arabia would become 'Guardian of the Three most holy places in Islam' - Mecca, Media & Jerusalem. And, as an added bonus for the House of Saud, it's major rival Iran would have been eliminated, and with the loss of Iran, Saudi Oil would be worth even more. Should the US object, they would have a only Saudi as a source of oil (and Saudi can block the gulf to oil tankers just as well as Iran could). Perhaps Israel should consider all this before committing it's entire air force...
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