Egyptian Copts head to Jerusalem
Roi Kais
Published: 29.03.13, 16:08
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1. all egyptians are welcome into israel
all christian copts are more than welcome into israel. after all, they have their religious freedom in israel and also their christian community is the only one not threatened and actually increasing in ISRAEL than in any other muslim country. the christian community is increasing in israel while decreasing rapidly in all muslim arab lands. welcome brothers. enjoy your stay and visit your heritage too. do not listen to the nay sayers. they are idiots. "you will punish them if they go"? you're an idiot!
2. Welcome and Happy Holidays.
3. Under Occupation
Can   (03.29.13)
Stupid words some leaders used without considering its implications. What are they waiting for because their leader Satan got the key to the bottomless pit - waiting to get permission from God? Of course yes because the power in heaven, earth and beneath belongs to God and He will grant them the permission to go and live in hell.
4. Pope Shenouda III
andyprigge ,   ORANGEVILLE   (03.29.13)
I hope Pope Shenouda III is in heaven, but I am glad he is no longer around to influence the Copts. It is a good thing that the Copts are coming to Israel. All those who bless Israel, G-d will bless. And those who curse Israel will be cursed. Interesting times indeed.
5. Could Someone Please Tell The coptic
Pope That Never Has Been Occupation in Israel or the Eternal Capital Jerusalem! Why would Christians Need Leaison To Ha Shem? These popes Don't Walk On Water Do they? Can they Raise The Dead? Can they turn water into wine? Israel has Enough Troublemaker! Stay Home And Get Abused Or Worse by your muzzie masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. Copts visiting Jerusalem
Al ,   US   (03.29.13)
Do not get carried away they are not coming to bliss Israel, they are coming to visit the Christian holy sites inspite of the occupation.
7. Israeli "occupation" of Jerusalem? HAHAHA!!!
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.29.13)
Where do you people think Christianity comes from? Who do you think are the People of the Book and the people/nation mentioned hundeds of times in the Hebrew Bible? Who do you think is the central people of the Hebrew Bible? It is a matter of fact that the Hebrew Bible centers around a particular nation - and I can promise you it ain't the "Palestinians". Where do you people think the name Jerusalem comes from? It's a Hebrew name. Ir = city, Shalom = peace. Jerusalem = Ir Shalom = City of Peace. Who do you think the ancient and historical dwellers of Jerusalem were? If split is reading this, King Herod was Idumean and a convert to the Jewish faith. Even if we suppose that he was partially "Arab", the majority population of Israel and Jerusalem were Jews and Israel/Judah was a JEWISH state and a JEWISH country. And Arabs didn't conquer Israel and Jerusalem until 636 CE under Sharif Omar - centuries after Herod. And the Second temple wasn't built by Herod - merely rebuilt, reinforced and embellished. The Second temple was rebuilt after the Babylonian exile centuries before Herod and the First and Second temples have left behind several proofs of their existence as archaeology reveals. I suggest these "Christians" do their homework and learn how to read their Bible - unless of course they are Muslims posing as Chistians.
8. Alexander #7, I agree with all you said
Jake   (03.29.13)
except for the etymology of Jerusalem. It is indeed Hebraic, but if I understand correctly, it is not from "Ir Shalom", but from "Yeru-Shalem", "Foundation of Shalem". "Yeru", from a root meaning to teach, throw, cast, shoot, but in this case to found (as in Job 38:6). Hence, "Foundation of..." "Shalem", meaning complete, whole, perfect, at peace. The word is Hebrew, but in this context may be the name of a person or deity.
9. Copts, welcome to Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.29.13)
...people, and welcome to Jerusalem, Israel's capital city and the capital city of the Jewish people as a people for the past more than 3,000 years, since the Jewish king, King David set it up as such.
10. Jerusalem
Fad Egypt   (03.29.13)
if the copts think that one day they will enter Jerusalem when it is (liberated), so they are decieving themselves, i believe that they themselves want to visit but they are crippled by the corrupt church leadership, i am not orthodox, i am protestant, and no one in my church can tell me what to do !!! Jerusalem is already liberated, it is the united capital of the state of Israel, if Jesus is living today on earth, he will go to Jerusalem !!! and in his second coming he will rule from Jerusalem over the kingdom of Israel !!!! pesaech semeach and happy passover !!! shalom
11. What occupation?
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (03.29.13)
The Jordanians where kicked out in 1967!
12. #6 Your right, but...
T. Shor ,   USA   (03.29.13)
Coptic Orthodox differ from other Orthodox like Eastern, etc.. in the fact that they are not total "replacementists". They believe that the Jewish people and Israel are going to be blessed as per the prophecies of Isaiah and others, and that Egypt will be blessed as well after God scorns her again..per Isaiah. Because of this specific mention of Egyptians, and the specific blessings for the Israel and the Jews in the New Testament, the Copts believe all of these things have yet to be completely fulfilled, so they aren't as bad as you think they are. Know that they are under much persecution in Egypt, and what their leaders have said to the public, and why they say it, is not necessarily the whole picture.
13. To Coptic Church in Egypt: Choose Peace!
Norma   (03.29.13)
I believe that the most valuable role that clerics should and can do is to bring peoples together, by destroying all created gaps and refilling them with human values. Hope the Coptic Church in Egypt would take further steps to foster Peace by inviting their community to live and enjoy the Peace treaty signed between Egypt and Israel since Peace is second to none.
14. 6
i have news for you. the reason they can visit these christian sights is because ISRAEL PROTECTS ALL OF THEM....from muslim vandalism. most christians heritages and sights have been destroyed by islam and its followers. look at how many churches are being burned in all muslim lands, how many christians are murdered and shot in all arab lands, how many christian heritage places are vandalized and bombed in all muslim states. look at this travesty and then say "occupation". hameed aboughaze, iranian and proud muslim.
15. The Egyptian Muslims slaughter Copts...
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.29.13)
and their pope tells them to avoid Israel! Duh! Is this guy brain dead? His 'fellow' countrymen in Egypt would butcher all Copts in a heartbeat just to get Christianity out of the country. But wait! We read about Copt churches being burned every couple months in Egypt, of Coptic priests being murdered, of Egyptian police standing by doing nothing! And this fool 'pope' tries to kiss the asses of the MB by singing their 'hate Israel' tune! The Copts of Egypt should emigrate to Israel and enjoy real freedom! Egypt is a failed state (no matter what the US State Dept says) and Israel will be the ONLY oasis of peace and stability when the 'Arab Spring' completes its transition into an eternal 'Arab Night.' Copts, come to Israel. Ignore your pope- he's an idiot.
16. Welcome, visit Nazareth as well
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (03.30.13)
Out christian brothers from egypt should visit Israel in droves and show support to local christians
17. #15 David, I agree
Harriet   (03.30.13)
I agree with what you said and no one knows this better than the Copts themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if they are seeking a safe haven in Israel while doing this 'visit'. I bet that they do not want to return to Egypt during these times.
18. cant wait to visit Jerusalem
mina ,   Cairo,Egypt   (03.30.13)
As a Copict Orthodox, I cant wait to visit Israel's Holy shrines as my friends already did .I always disagreed with our late pope on his merely political derision.Its always good to visit out great modern free neighbor.
19. To my christian Brothers and sisters in Egypt
Galut ia ,   Selah   (03.30.13)
You are always in my prayers ...
20. Pope Theodoros II Speaks For Himself, Not For Politics
Tim Upham ,   Tum Tum, WA   (03.30.13)
Fortunately, the new Coptic Pope, Theodoros II speaks for himself, and not for politics. Copts have always had a strong presence in Jerusalem. It should continue, and not have it stopped by ridiculous political ideology. The Copts celebrate Easter in April, so to the Copts "Happy Easter."
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