Body of one of missing brothers found on Ashkelon beach
Neri Brenner
Published: 30.03.13, 12:31
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1. Criminal negligence by the government
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.30.13)
Once again during the Passover holiday when the beaches are crowded, there are no lifeguards on duty because "swimming season has not yet begun". This criminal stupidity has claimed 3 more innocent lives because the government is CHEAP and the lifeguards' union is STUPID. The government wants to save money and pretends that Israelis will not go in the water when the weather turns beautiful on chag. This insanity has to stop. The Bedouin community should lead the screaming and demand that lifeguards start work when the people go swimming, not when some arbitrary calendar date rolls around.
2. so sad
alsky ,   Toronto   (03.30.13)
he wasnt the first and wont be the last losing his life in the sea. so sad ! I hope the others will be found soon !
3. Well said, No.1 Agreed. May he rest in peace.
4. Drowned in Ashkelon
Exile 68 ,   East Bay, California   (03.31.13)
May be the government should start paying for life guards to be on the beach when people start going there. That would mean year round, since there are people in Ashkelon who swim year round. My sister-in-law is one of them. But she and others like her exercise judgement and pay attention to posted signs and weather. The government has limited funds and needs to stay within a budget. Nor is the government evryone's hand-holding nanny. If there is a warning sign advising people not to swim, don't ignore it. It's there for good reason. I feel profoundly sad at that family's loss and and thE loss of such young lives. But I don't blame the government.
5. But in this case
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.31.13)
also the animal rights must be considered. Sharks also has the right to eat something if the drowned are arabs.
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