Man breaks senior citizen’s leg over request to restrain dog
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 31.03.13, 11:31
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1. Such crimes must be taken very seriously.
Ted   (03.31.13)
Something is very wrong with moral values in our society, when younger persons do not respect the elderly and react in violence.
2. "... the police have not yet decided..."
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.31.13)
Not yet decided whether to file an indictment?!? Even if there is a disagreement as to which of them began hitting first, the 40 year old's children were dismantling a public bench in a public park. That in itself is a crime. Old people can become excited and threaten and use canes to hit out with - this may actually have been the case - it is the word of one against the word of the other, but the destruction of public property is still unacceptable.
3. Seniors attacked
Mickael ,   KARMIEL   (03.31.13)
Young Israelis don't love their fellow men anymore, and don't rrespect their elders either. That's the consequence of their holy-like secular education.
4. we MUST take this out of the discretion
frank ,   rehovot   (03.31.13)
of our otherwise corrupt court system and make punishment mandatory. If you attack somone you go to jail. Here is a perfect example. A 79 year old attackes a 27 year old? Really? He could have run away? Hell he could have walk a few steps away. He deserves to go to jail for 10 years. We MUST have a zero tolerance policy for violence against seniors! SEND THIS GARBAGE TO JAIL!!!!
5. Whole Israel has to stand up
Isac   (03.31.13)
against this madness. To those beasts who beat up people for no reason: show some respect to your fellow Jews, be considerate and take responsibility for your actions. Otherwise this will take a very bad end!
6. The judge should be the next victim
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (03.31.13)
7. Israel needs gated communities for seniors with
Rivkah   (03.31.13)
their own parks. Many young people are dangerous and think the elderly at useless eaters. Disrespecting the elderly and abusing or harming them will shorten a person's life, particularly if the elderly person is a parent or near kinsman or kinswoman. The mistreatement of the elderly in the USA is so terrible, I no longer go to parks or take walks in the neigborhood or hikes in the mountains or foothills. It is too dangerous. So I walk back and forth at home or in the yard or use exercise equipment instead of exposing myself to unknown dangers. Attacks on the elderly are so brazen, my mother in her 80's was attacked in her carport, beaten up and her purse stolen. After that, she got a garage door and would not even go out to the postbox outside her home to mail letters or walk to the mailbox in front of her house alone. I moved to her State for five years to guard her since she would not move and it was too dangerous for her to be alone when she went outside her home even in a nice neighborhood. Predators can be anywhere.
8. Zechariah the Prophet said 2/3 of Israel will die before
Rivkah   (03.31.13)
the Messiah comes since HaShem will not protect them. He will only protect a third of the people supernaturally but obviously, the young who attack the elderly like this will be among those who die and go to hell instead of being protected by HaShem. What goes around comes around. Many young do not want to respect or protect or help the elderly, not even their elderly parents or grandparents and attack them instead. Sooo. HaShem will not protect them when enemies attack them since they are obviously not Jews in their hearts. When they call on Yahweh-Yehoshua He will not listen unless they are worthy to be listened to from watching and praying in preparation for the wars to come. Survival is from HaShem and those who hate the elderly had best remember HaShem has many names and one of them is "Ancient of Days." HaShem identifies with the righteous elderly in that regard since He is elderly.
9. #1 it is a specific demographic
Everyone knows the demographic who "defends" their own children when they vandalize property or see nothing wrong with their dog leaving mess in a playground. The problem is that Israel does not treat these people in a way that will change their mentality. Imagine the dog owner getting 1 year of hard labor (16 hours a day making gravel in the Negev) with breaks on Sunday to tour schools in an orange suit and shackles to lecture the kids on "kavod" as he calls it.
10. A No Lie MRI lie detector test with measurements of temperat
Rivkah   (03.31.13)
ure changes around the eyes will show who is lying and who is not. Slander and libel and perjury are not minor offenses if the intention is to knowingly harm another's reputation by deliberate lying. If the person who is slandered, libeled, perjured or phsycially injured belongs to HaShem, the punishment brings HaShem into the situation and even King David could tell you what happens when HaShem is unhappy about something is horrific beyond imagination: plagues, deaths of loved ones, division in the family, etc.
11. The new epidemic among us - violence
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (03.31.13)
Where is our moral upbringing? Our standards of respect for one another (for every human being) - till that respect is abused. Youth attacking youth in schools - youth attacking teachers + school administrators - youth attacking senior citizens. Seems to me that all these violent youths are suffering some psychological stress syndrome that needs to be treated.
12. What can you expect
Sarah ,   Rehovot   (03.31.13)
From most of the people who live here? They are violent in the way they speak, they drive, in their interactions with others, etc. as I've said before, the meaning of respect is completely lost on the vast majority here. It is said that it has come to this, but I can hardly say that I am surprised. You have to have some self respect in order to treat others accordingly. We can see that most people don't by the way they dress, eat, act in public situations, and treat the elderly and disabled and those not like themselves. I have lived many places in this world and this by far is the worst. It is so disheartening as a Jew to see that "our" homeland (though it's certainly not mine) has turned out like this. My husband and I will be leaving next year, g-d willing, and I have little hope for the future of this country. So sad..... Oh and, refuah shelemah to the two men whose integrity and backbone cost them dearly. I wish that there were more people like these two...this country would be much better off.
13. im glad I made my 2 pilot trips to Israel.....
Henry ,   toronto   (03.31.13)
I realized quickly I am far too respectful to live in Israel In the west, you can expect good customer sevice and respect. Occassionaly, you get an exception to that. In Israel, you can expect to be treated like garbage with the occassional nice person. To the bitch in T/A that told me 'if you dont like it here...go back to Canada" Thanks ! Im back in Canada......and this is where I will stay. I will also be cutting my financial ties to Israel (still supporting her as I do all Democracies)
14. Elderly people should not be beaten!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.31.13)
Those that do should lose custody of their children and/or pets in the second case. I have an elderly woman that lives upstairs from me and she has been throwing garbage in both my gardens. I would never think of hitting her. She is elderly and off her rocker. These two elderly men probably meant no harm and should see their attackers go to prison for a few years along with a fine of enough money to break them. And the two men were right about the bench and the walking the dog.
15. #11
g ,   tel aviv   (03.31.13)
What moral upbringing are you referring to? there is no psychological stress syndrome, only generations of parents who themselves were never given boundaries. Anything goes here and there's practically no law enforcement. If you don't teach respect, you shouldn't expect it, even when you're 80.
16. KAPOS on the rise in Israel
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (03.31.13)
Post WWII generations of Israeli KAPOS have no kesher, no identity with The Holocaust and its few remaining Survivors; hence, they are animals with no compassion. When the next Fire arises against the Jews, and believe me, it is fomenting from America to China, they, too, will plead for mercy.
17. nice to see people speaking the truth
Ari ,   Toronto   (03.31.13)
I made Aliyah 15 years ago. After 6 months of torment from my employer and the disgust I saw on a deaily basis, I returned to Canada. Long overdue that people spoke the truth about the obnoxious rude and arrogant Israeli ! Hey, got to admit.....the websites do a great job at lying to the potential olim !
18. # 1 - excellent post
Mark   (03.31.13)
And it says a lot more by the fact that his or her words are coded. We are forced to censor ourselves.
19. What the f**k is going on HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
Gracey ,   Israel   (03.31.13)
These lowlife scumbags need to be strung up and thrown in prison - they are disgusting vile animals who shouldn't be let out with decent folk. Time to get tough with these filthly animals.
20. People with dogs, sorry, they should take on
Lou ,   Bucharest   (03.31.13)
goats and real agriculture if they want to "walk" something. In Bucharest too there are a lot of problems caused by dogs and violent owners. However, in Prague, I saw a lot of respect for the elderly.
21. State should uphold the security of all...
Yoel ,   France   (03.31.13)
When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, people’s hearts are set on evil (Qohelet 8:11)... The culprit must be punished and restitution must be made, swiftly. Or we will see a load of similar crimes in the near future...
22. Avi
Sarah ,   Rehovot   (03.31.13)
The websites and Jewish agency do a great job of selling israel. You'd think you were moving to paradise... So many people refuse to speak about the problems that are so blatantly on display in this country. I wish I'd have known what israel truly is before i moved here. Although some people don't like me for my outspoken nature, especially when it comes to this sty, I can't let people think that they are moving to a utopian Jewish paradise when it is in fact a third world country in most ways. People are so blinded by what they want to believe and too many people keep silent when in fact they shouldn't. Israelis have made their bed...they need to stop using wars as an excuse for their obnoxious, arrogant behavior. Oh and if you are thinking about Aliyah, think long and hard. Unless you have a lot of money, or someone funding you, or if you are really religious with lots of kids who need Jewish schools, or you are a diehard Zionist, don't even think about moving here.... It's just not worth it....sad, but true
23. the chareidi community
ken ,   monsey, NY, USA   (03.31.13)
Can anyone even imagine the beating of an 80 yr old man happening in a Chareidi community? Laughable! Respect, respect, respect for elders, one's wife, one's community, one's children, one's rabbi. It's all part of the Torah way of life. Violence in the schools, in the streets, in the home are almost non-existent. But, of course, you'll never see that fact written up in the media. Only, hate, hate, hate the Chareidim.
24. I really
Dave ,   Ramat Aviv   (03.31.13)
envy all the people able to leave this disgusting country. Unfortunately (despite holding 2 foreign passports) I am too old to make the move
25. sickening to the core
Ilana   (03.31.13)
These attacks must be treated as harshly as possible. These attackers are disgusting forms of human beings who deserve to live in a jail cell. What on earth is happening here? Where are the morals? Where is respect? Care? I am sick from this.
26. #17
Ilana   (03.31.13)
your post sickens me almost as much as the incident here.
27. Sarah 22
alsky ,   toronto   (03.31.13)
your posts are wonderful. I love to see honesty. Its a real problem for someone like me who grew up being a zionist and then witnessing such disgusting behaviour in Israel. Every time I go to Israel I know chances are I will leave early (5 times in total). I too, refuse to keep my mouth shut on this topic. Honestly, more and more people are talking honestly about the 'ugly Israeli" Many are truly are correct ! People used to tell me, think of Israel as a dysfunctional family. Well, that did work for a while. It doesnt work for me anymore. But the truth is, I will always support and love Israel (the country) and certainly not Israelis !
28. How did this all start?!
Heather Czerniak ,   Haifa   (03.31.13)
How did children and adults under age 30 come to hate seniors so much that they attack them?! My mother and mother-in-law are moving to Israel soon. Thankfully, they'll be staying here in Haifa with my husband and I and I hope the problem doesn't spread up here.
29. #17 Not convincing
Ron ,   US   (03.31.13)
The first six months in a new country are the most difficult. Sounds like you missed the comfort of Toronto before you gave Israel a chance. Now you can deal with criminal assaults in Toronto.
30. 26 Ilana
Ari ,   Toronto   (03.31.13)
as it should. Sometimes the truth is very painful
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