Revealed: Qassam fell in empty Sderot preschool during Obama visit
Neri Brenner
Published: 02.04.13, 15:50
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1. Wall off 1/4 of eastern goozah & demolish each building
Moshe ,   Usa   (04.02.13)
except the stadium where Samson died. Then proceed westward. Wall the next 1/4 & do the same. Level gooozah & reclaim the land. Get rid of arobs.
2. Obama and BS
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.02.13)
Why did the Israeli government cover this up? What did they fear for Obama's reaction? Was this a proper thing to cover up? I think something smells like really bad here. We Israelis are getting shot at and the covernment - oops, government, covers it up for the sake of Obama! Hell, we should have invaded Gaza with Obama here! Lets Kill all of the bastards in the Gaza Strip and send the rest back to Egypt with their tails between their legs.
3. In a democray, you get what you voted for
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.02.13)
Why don't the Israelis vote for those politicians who can make the necessary decisions that will protect the citizens? Because it will make your life harder? It will make the costs of living higher? Isn't it hard enough and isn't it high enough? What do you have to loose?
4. 3 Gabor
alsky ,   toronto   (04.02.13)
becasuse many in Israel like to think they will have peace in their lifetime. they are very naive !
5. Just Yesterday There Was A Secret Vote
And mashaal was voted back in, and he and his minions Were Saying How Israel broke the ceasefire brokered by morsi? Maybe if Israel Fired 100 rockets to every 1 terrorist rocket fired at Israel I bet it won't last?
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