Holocaust survivors: Past still hurts; we need more help
Omri Efraim
Published: 03.04.13, 15:10
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1. Holocaust survivors
Clive ,   London   (04.03.13)
Are you really telling me that all medical treatment in Israel is not free for these ling suffering and saintly people? And if so how, come they have the the money to pay millions to the families of Turkish terrorists out to kill Jews?! Somebody far more clever than me, please explain it to me...
2. article about the financial problems of survivors
Susan Ireland ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.03.13)
Is there a charity which specifically aids survivors to which we could contribute? Also, what about a program of "adopting" a survivor"?
3. Five year plan corresponds to...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.03.13)
... five year life expectancy of the most expensive Holocaust survivor population. It sound cynical, but it's actually sick. This is the definition of "too little too late."
4. Divert the government's Chareidim subsidies to the survivors
Mark Holland ,   New York, USA   (04.03.13)
Even half of it, which still in the billions ballpark. They served Judea, they survived the Holocaust, they helped build Israel. Can't say the same for a portion of a population that's pampered, but refuse to serve in the IDF or work.
5. If the young don't want to pay tofeed the elderly with taxes
Rivkah   (04.03.13)
they should consider what will happen when the elderly are gone, having starved to death or euthanized or whatever. The charities and hospitals will close because without seniors to volunteer to work in them, they cannot afford to stay open. The young see the elderly as useless eaters because the young are not very bright when it comes to all the seniors do besides babysitting for grandchildren and great grandchildren without being paid.
6. Clive # 1. Excellent point
Arnold ,   Canada   (04.03.13)
In each country there are hugely wealthy people who need ways to reduce their personal tax burden through deductions. In this case the Israeli government needs to address the situation of the Holocaust survivors through taxing those that CAN afford it.
7. Our government needs to immedately
israeli ,   israel   (04.03.13)
help those needy aged survivors of the holocaust . The delaying tactics plays havoc with their present lives. How heartless are we ?
8. Holocaust survivors
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.03.13)
.... should all get a free pass, on everything -- food, medical care, rent, utilities -- whatever. If Germany had an ounce of morality, they would pick up the tab -- they did, after all, create the havoc in the lives of Holocaust survivors. But the Germans aren't all that moral.
9. #8 Survivors do get free everything...
(04.03.13) Germany.
10. Some questions
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (04.03.13)
Those survivors , i'm one too , didn't they work during their life ? Didn't they do something for a pension ? How is it possible that during 40-50 years of adult life they didn't care for their future ? I can't understand it . It's of course a sad , a very sad , situation for those affected .
11. 9
no jewish survivor in their right mind will go back to germany. israel is their home and has been he jewish, not the muslim, home for almost 5,000 years. read your history. islam conquered most of asia and the middle east and africa. it doesn;t make it theirs. comprende?
12. #8 babbling
Adam ,   Cork   (04.03.13)
what are you babbling about? Its not holocaust survivors in Germany that are being mistreated, Germany is very compassionate to them and certainly takes care of them. Its the "Jewish" state that neglects to take care of Holocaust survivors. Look onto your own before you begin to blame others. Its a great irony that Germans are more compassionate to those people than your own.
13. Getting paid by Germany...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.03.13)
... Israel received billions from Germany during the 50s and 60s - money that was compensation for the Holocaust. Israel still receves compensation settlements from foreign countries. The compound interest on those payments alone should have every survivor in Israel set for life. They were the intended recepients of these reparation payments. Skipping meals? This reeks of embezzlement. Too little too late. You can't undo those days these survivors went hungry in the Jewish state.
14. To Sarah B. U.S.A./Israel, at No. 8.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   (Planet) Earth   (04.03.13)
Dear Sarah, concerning present German moral, you are well-known and right. Salute, Sjoerd Ruurd.
15. survivors
judas ,   the holy land   (04.04.13)
instead of guilt tripping the germans again, why dont you hit up ol' sheldon adelson for some of his billions? or maybe henry wienstein? im sure they will stay true to the cause, how could they say no?
16. sarah b
judas ,   the holy land   (04.04.13)
by your logic would it not be right that every american soldier who was killed fighting nazis be awarded compensation for their death? you whine about compensation for survivers, but yet they survived. what about the ones who didnt survive? are other countries responsible for anothers hungry and homeless? sarah b, educate yourself before you shoot from the hip.
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