Gantz: Nazis' successors plot modern Auschwitz
Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.04.13, 17:52
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1. yawn. fear mongering to coverup your crimes
son of yaffa ,   Palestine   (04.03.13)
2. To #1: You are engaging in "projection"
EST ,   Miami USA   (04.03.13)
You either sow fear and terror, or support those who do, in order to cover your/their crimes against humanity!
3. Israel lives by the sword and will die by the sword of greed
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.03.13)
4. Preserve the memory but
Get Real ,   UK   (04.03.13)
maintain the weaponary to stand firm and resist the current enemies who seek the destruction of Israel.
5. To nr 3.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (04.03.13)
Your new theory about "swords of greed" opens a new chapter in the field of psychiatrics.
6. May May S.Benassi die by the sword of hatefullnes and stupid
Keith ,   WV   (04.03.13)
7. #1 and 2
Joe Malanti Seymor ,   Proud Israeli   (04.03.13)
#1 The only thing you will ever remember and remembered by is being a terrorist, and being proud thereof. #2 You'll be remembered for cheering the likes of #1 on in his actions.
8. #2
Joe Malanti Seymor ,   Proud Israeli   (04.03.13)
My sincere apologies. Misread your post.
9. To #3 and 6
yosef, phd ,   usa-israel   (04.03.13)
Istvan, Keith, Amen. It is my educated guess, that the likes of benassi and other Judophobic morons are just paid agents to do a job - promote bigotry, destruction and blind hate. They care nothing for criticisms on this or other forums and their support comes from unlimited petro$$$s of Israel's sworn enemies.
10. #1
Daniel J. ,   NY, US   (04.03.13)
Aren't you happy that your mis- directed venom, bigotry and complete backward thinking are allowed to be published in Ynetnews? One can surmise that the ability to do this should give you a measureor of catharsis behind a computer screen.
11. 1 and 3
you know why the jews won't ever perish???? because they have much more brain cells than you two idiots. it is jewish brilliance that persevere while arab and muslim depravity and illiteracy and stupidity also perseveres. thank god jews' enemies are so stupid.
12. "Gantz: Nazis' successors"
A ,   Belgium   (04.03.13)
Unfortunatley, there are also plenty of Chamberlains' successors, who believe that by having a "palestinian" terrorist such as Arafat or Abbas sign a useless piece of paper, they have brought "peace in our time", and even get a Nobel Prize as a reward for their foolishness.
13. Dear Yosef, #9
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.03.13)
benassi is not a "paid" anything; je is just a lonely, passing tourist to this JEWISH website, on his way to the Aryan brotherhood blog. Notice how he always posts his email address, just hoping for direct responses? Please satisfy this lonely boy's hunger with a copy of Chicken Soup for the Blighted Soul. Am Yisrael Chai!
14. #3 And what does America live by, Benazzi?
A ,   Belgium   (04.03.13)
I've seen America get involved in 3 long, draining wars in my lifetime (and several smaller ones). Was Vietnam threatening to nuke California? Were Iraqi troops marching down Pennylvania Blvd. to capture the White House? (America would have stayed out of that one, until Iraq got too close to Kuwait and...OIL), and Afghanistan...hundreds of thousands of islamic kamikazes waiting to crash their jets into American cities. So what does America live by, Benazzi, where any psycho can buy a Bushmaster automatic weapon and kill hostile, dangerous schoolchildren? Once again, you express your bitterness for not having an IQ high enough to get accepted to "Blood and Honor". Now don't you have some bedpans to empty?
15. # 4 Istvan
Ginette ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.04.13)
In full agreement with you. GOOD ONE!!
16. #11
k   (04.04.13)
absolutely, yet they're not that stupid as not to gather millions from the EU and USA to fund their efforts to destroy Israel
17. 16
yes, they are the world's classic beggars. however, even with so much money, they still miss opportunities because they do not have the brains to use it well.
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