Iraqi goods travel to Turkey via Israel
Gad Lior
Published: 05.04.13, 13:34
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1. Railroad
Israel has a huge opportunity into the futre to be a main port between Europe and Asia if they can build railroads linking the port of Eilat to Ashdod and from Beit Shean to Haifa Port.
2. And if that cargo rail link is built from Eilat to Ashdod...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.05.13)
... It'll provide an alternative to the Suez Canal for trade between Europe and Asia. Given ongoing instability in Egypt and ithe country's desperate need for foreign currency, shippers will want an alternative route just in case. Here's another future possibility. Years ago an oil pipipeline ran from Iraq to Haifa. Revived and expanded, it could allow a lot of oil bypass the vulnerable Persian Gulf straits.
3. Just like in the Ottoman days ... (eom)
giorgio ,   SF USA   (04.05.13)
4. Stupid
Sean ,   USA   (04.06.13)
One country that doesn't recognize your existence (Iraq) and one country that has actively conspired against you (Turkey). How about seizing those goods and distributing them to the victims of Arab terrorism?
5. Must build Oilpipelines and Railways.Eilat to Ashdod/Damascu
Alan ,   SA   (04.07.13)
to Haifa All must realise that this is the number 1 reliable route for ALL goods
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