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French priest documents Shoah graves
Published: 08.04.13, 08:00
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1. Father Desbois do a wonderful job
Zyx ,   USA   (04.08.13)
He is a righteous man.
2. Comment about SAINT DESBOIS was from me
Alan ,   SA   (04.08.13)
3. He is not Father Desbois for me but SAINT DESBOIS
He believes that MORE than 6 Million perished,according to his brilliant and blessed hard work
4. Father Desbois
Ben Hirsh ,   Melbourne, Australia   (04.09.13)
Two years ago, Fr Desbois spoke at a Jewish Community Council of Victoria meeting in Melbourne about his work in locating areas where atrocities against Jews took place during th Shoah. As a priest, the locals would be willing to talk to him and accompany him to the areas where the worst happened. Fr Desbois is a truly wonderful person.
5. Judging, Matthew Chapter 7.
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