A flight to nowhere
Hagai Segal
Published: 06.04.13, 10:51
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1. Pessimism
Reuven ,   Netanya   (04.06.13)
If everyone would think like you dear author, we would still be living in caves. Only by determination and believing you can succeed, you will be able to fullfill the impossible. Nothing is impossible, you only need to really want it and it seems you want to live in a country that has a constant threat and where money flows to the military apparatus instead of being used for social means.
2. Some Room Remaining
Zechariah   (04.06.13)
Area C of Judae and Samaria allows room to move .One option are Palestinian and Jewish cities surrounded by huge defensive and attacking military installations run by a Joint Command of Israelis the USA NATO Jordan and the Palestinians chosen and screened for maximal capacity to Repel and CounterAttack Psycho Suicidalist Who Attack the Holy Land.
3. His boss isn't serious, we're not too serious either...
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.06.13)
4. Good relationships!
marta ,   Israel   (04.06.13)
It's all we would like to have! Our country being mentioned in their books & on their maps would be a good start for recognition. Palestinians need more land, so do we! We also need less hatred and fewer enemies but the Palestinians'leaders only encourage their terrorists and praise their murders, therefore the writer of this article is right: " What is Kerry coming for?"
5. Mind your OWN businesss...you MORON !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.06.13)
6. Why?!!!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (04.06.13)
"What causes a serious man such as John Kerry to believe he can succeed where others failed?" This clown has a narcissistic ego as big as Obama's! But like his failed boss, he to will flounder and be crushed by the Rock that is Jerusalem! He's a FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Why would anyone pose John Freakin' Kerry
Gideon Reader   (04.06.13)
...as a serious man. He is the pluperfect picture of an "unserious" man. A taller Joe Biden, with as incisive an intellect; whose character has been questioned by everyone in the areas that matter since the 1960's. Consider Kerry as arrogant ("Dont you know who I am?") and the male version of Jane Fonda. Herry is the seccond less than useless SecState in an administration bent on national rot.
8. Reality
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.06.13)
Tel Avivi is a nice congenial, friendly, place for Kerry to visit. Where else is he going to go Damascus, Cairo, North Korea? U.S. foreign policy is a total failure, at least in Tel Aviv, Kerry may receive a nice meal.
9. His success is in our (Israel's) hands if we want it
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (04.06.13)
The whole problem can be resolved immediately if Israel declares that we will withdraw from occupied Palestine and we declare our support for a democratic Palestinian state based on 1967 lines with agreed-to land swaps. Done. Fini. Peace at last.
10. Simply gaz them all, And Kerry Will have no reason to come.
X   (04.06.13)
11. # 1 Deserved pessimism
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (04.06.13)
There comes a time when even the most skilled negotiator knows there's nothing more to negotiate. Try reasoning with the unreasonable, and both PA and Hamas are entities dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish people from their ancestral land. I have a better word for this, reality. There never was or will be a palestine.
12. # 2 Excuse me but
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (04.06.13)
if I were an Israeli why would I place my trust in any foreign police force? As an American, that would be tantamount to having the combined Mexican, UN and Russian armies 'protecting' American. Not a good idea, jus' sayin.
13. # 1 Reuven you can always move
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (04.06.13)
Social programs in Syria are something to contemplate.
14. Bravo!!
Elizabeth Biggin ,   Rotherham, U.K   (04.06.13)
An excellent article that tells the truth that it seems so many people are unwilling to face. It also echoes Avigdor Lieberman's words, that peace is NOT possible. Chiefly becase Abbas thinks the same as Khaled Mashal and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. He won't be satisfied until Israel is gone. And even then there won't be peace, because the Arabs will be fighting each other for control.
15. Why would he now?
tiki ,   belgium   (04.06.13)
Because he knows America can't (won't) do anything more than blowing hot air in the other regions, but still believes it can force it's 'friend & ally into it's own death trap. Just tell Jews you like them and............!!!
16. Mind your OWN businesss...you MORON !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.06.13)
17. # 1 Response
Sagi   (04.06.13)
The pen is mightier than the sword. This is not empty rhetoric, like it or not, this is fact. In the case of our conflict with the Arabs both sides have inherited penned volumes which have stood the test of time. Wielded swords are not capable of evoking one hundredth of the inspiration, motivation and determination that the scriptures of both sides are capable of. Equally so when it comes to verbal confrontation, negotiations, the same will apply. As long as minds, on both sides, are controlled by leaders of the flock who use the Koran and Torah as political manifestos there will be no peace and no solution. Only if one side decides to "forget" its "Heaven ordained destiny", will there be a chance, but this will not happen. Even if there is a decisive outcome on the battlefield each side will just pick itself up and start all over again because the sword is only a means, whereas the Books are the end. It is a sad reflection on the human mind that things must be this way. That destruction overcomes construction, that death takes precedence over life, that bereavement is considered as martyrdom and the pursuit of happiness is not even in the equation.
18. #17 sagi - an excellent paragraph, but...
solomon ,   bklyn   (04.06.13)
it ignores recent history, facts. Israel will not break, but it has bent to a considerable extent. Read the 4th paragraph of the article again. It’s about time the other side showed some “confidence building measures.” Labeling each side as just as extreme as the other does not reflect reality.
19. Kerry and the ME problem
Harold ,   USA   (04.06.13)
Britain's FM, Hague, asked Kerry to solve the two states solution otherwise Europe will. European sanctions against Israel will be applied if nothing takes place.
20. #9 do you really want peace?
Peace Lover ,   Palestine   (04.06.13)
You started out well "withdraw from occupied Palestine" but then you continue with the usual Zionist Imperialist "based on 1967 lines". There can be no peace until ALL of Palestine is liberated. There can be no peace until ALL the refugees get compensation and their homes. There can be no peace until all the colonists go back to Europe. Only when you and your siamese twin Segal reject Zionism and accept truth and justice will there be peace. Article 2 of PLO charter "Palestine...is an indivisible territorial unit" Article 19: "The partition of Palestine in 1947 and the establishment of the state of Israel are entirely illegal, regardless of the passage of time" Article 21: "The Arab Palestinian people...reject all solutions which are substitutes for the total liberation of Palestine..."
21. Only one solution possible
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.06.13)
End the Arab imperial demands. Deport the illegal Jordanian colonists and there will be a chance for peace. There is no chance so long as Arabs occupy our lands
22. Kerry is very serious about marrying rich women.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.06.13)
If you check Kerry's history; the thing he is most serious about is marrying rich women.
23. The Difference between -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.06.13)
an Usefull Idiot and, an Serious Usefull Idiot !. Arn.Sweden.
24. Lover # 20
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (04.06.13)
I'd like to tell you what to do with your PLO charter but it wouldn't get posted. I can say that you neither deserve a state nor will you ever have one. If it wasn't for welfare you couldn't even exist. Unlike the Jews you are not capable of standing on your own two feet and will never amount to anything.
25. Kerry serious?
Ze'ev ,   USA   (04.06.13)
Kerry just said that the US will not stand for a nuclear North Korea! If you have kept up with the news, you will know that NK became nuclear several years ago. That is how serious that joker is.
26. #9 That is what Olmert though, that is what he offered
Ze'ev ,   USA   (04.06.13)
but Abbas once again said, no thank you
27. Ego
Brett ,   Florida   (04.06.13)
The peace lover #9 splains it all Lucy. If Israel were to somehow move to South America, the muslims would attack them there. Claiming the new Israel to be their 4th holiest site. Kerry wants to potus someday soon. If he could rid the world of the Jewish "problem", he would be fit to be king. The plo charter is the first thing that has to go for peace to be possible, yet everybody knows it will never be re-written, so where is the chance for peace? There will never be peace until Israel is victorious. I love it, Iran threatens Israel for years with destruction, the U.S. says "don't worry", now North Korea threatens the U.S. with destruction, and Washington is in a tizzy. Maybe in his sordid mind, Kerry thinks if he could make Israel give away more land, North Korea would stop threatening the U.S.
28. #9, 500K "settlers" have sealed your fate, Palestine Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.06.13)
29. Because he's not a serious man...
Sean ,   USA   (04.06.13)
I'm sure someone will bring up his 9 months in Vietnam to divert from the last 40 years of idiocy.
30. Kerry can bring peace if he looks at the problem rightly
Ramzi Jaber ,   Palestine   (04.06.13)
Given where we have reached at this time in history, Israel leaves no other choice, due to the facts that they are forcibly establishing on the ground, but to have ONE DEMOCRATIC State of the Holy Land for ALL of its citizens... Christian, Moslem, and Jewish. ONE STATE. ONE PERSON. ONE VOTE. That's the American way. That's the democratic way. This is the only FAIR, JUST, and LASTING solution. All of us can have 100% of the land. Palestinians will no longer ask for any land back from israel. Israeli Jews can build anywhere. Every decent human being on this planet should only be asking for ONE STATE. ONE PERSON. ONE VOTE. Onwards towards the DEMOCRATIC State of the Holy Land with lasting peace, justice, and security for all its citizens. 1S1P1V - one state, one person, one vote. March on!
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