Kerry heads back to Mideast for fresh peace push
AP and Ynet
Published: 06.04.13, 20:31
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1. Mr Kohn is in a difficult situation.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (04.06.13)
I think it would be better to resign, than to betray his jewish grandparents. Antisemites expect to expell hundreds of thousands of jews from their homes. It was complicated even for Eichmann, how can mr Kohn do this ?
2. Shouldn't NKorea be taking his attention?
Rachel ,   US   (04.06.13)
3. Mideast peace
Grant ,   Brookfield   (04.06.13)
One after another of these clowns parades through the Middle East pretending they have the solution to the tension. The West just refuses to accept the Islamic position that Israel will never be allowed to exist on land that was once part of the Ottoman Empire. Once Islamic always Islamic. We should instead be telling the Muslims that we stand with the only free nation in the region and will defend them with EVERYTHING we have!
4. Obama
Dr.Ludwig ,   Belgium   (04.06.13)
Obama or his representatives speak about compromise .In this time the expectations of Palestiniens are allways higher.Till now whether for Gaza, South Lebanon or Oslo gets Israel some recognition.Israel is always more and more in the defensive. Meanwhile the most important of all the recognition of Israel as State from the Palestinians or Arabs is not hapend.Hier Obama should show what he can.
5. My suggestion to mr. Kohn.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (04.06.13)
Middle East peace negotiations are a very complicated matter. It would be better to do it steps by steps. First some goodwill actions are needed from Israel. All jewish dog's houses must be destroyed in the WB, the inhabitants must be evacuated to Israel. They can bark freely there. As for the cats is a matter of further negotiations.
6. Israel should not talk to terrorist P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.06.13)
America would never even think of talking to Al Quaeda. Even under Obama. So why on earth should Israel even think about talking to the terrorist P.A.? Abbas should have been executed decades ago for planning the Munich Massacre.
7. Too bad there is no history knowledge
Student   (04.06.13)
The war between Arabs, not palastinians, cause palestina is the name of the area and not of the people! Is going on for 100 years... Jews were butchered here in 1921 1929 1938 and so on. I bet that if you ask a person in the states or Europe to point out israel he wouldn't know where it is and how small it is. And yet they seek to make it smaller. It's smaller than new jersey for good sake!!!! Israel should not give anything.... The Arabs should go to the arabic palestina which is Jordan. Open a freaking history book. 22 Arab countries... All are bigger than israel... But yet they want israel... It was never about territory! And john kerry should know that!
8. Obama loves to waste huge sums of money
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.06.13)
obama is a spendthrift and he loves to give the illusion that by spending money he accomplishes great things. so, kerry the envoy, will fly around the world, dining and wining on the moneys of the taxpayer's of the united states. in the meantime, it is reported that key positions at the state department remain unfilled. the white house, led by a control freak, wants to fill the positions themselves, in obama's usual attempt to control anything and everything.
9. explain it to me....please
les ,   canada   (04.06.13)
why do the american people put up with this total, and complete wasting of hundreds of millions of dollars for those freeloader "diplomats"? can't they learn from the useful and fruitful "negotiations" with iran?
10. #9. Simple explanation
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (04.06.13)
Obama hands out $500 million to Abu Mazen, pushed Bibi to release more millions from tax monies, so PA is flush with cash, and can afford to play around. As to their intent, they do not want peace, but are going for all or nothing knowing they have time on their side. They miscalculate the effect on disastrous economies in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc, added to which Oil is no longer a sound tool of blackmail..
11. Of course
Paul ,   Jersalem, Israel   (04.06.13)
who won't think of this? Turkey being the most anti-Semitic leadership in the short list of approved moderates, would make an excellent partner to bash Israel, humble it, and destroy it. The US has adopted a new strategy, if you can't beat the cruel, hateful Islamic world, join it. Israel doesn't have enough people for America any longer to stay the straight and narrow moral high road. The Leftist are destroying it, like the Leftist in Israel want to destroy Israel.
12. What a stupid thing
albert snow ,   sweden   (04.06.13)
Erdogan has no power over the PLO. And by the way he´s not trusted. Only the Arab Leage has the ability to broker peace. So if Kerry should talk with anyone to make PLO change it´s mind he´ll first of all has to change the mind of the Arab Leage. If the Arab leage don´t want peace with the jewish state then the PLO don´t want. And the Arab Leage will never accept an jewish state in the ME. Just simple as that. And Kerry or noone else is able to have the AL change their mind. So belive it or not but there is no peace and wont be any for centuries or even longer.
13. anti-Israel Turkey ? Is Kerry nuts?
rays ,   usa   (04.06.13)
what a crazy idea. to invite one of the regions most erdent anti-Israel regimes to be part of a team to discuss Isreal's future.. Only one of Obama's crew wpould think of this.Excuse the spelling -- I meant Ardent.- vision problems.
14. Status Quo
Zechariah   (04.06.13)
The status quo with Ramallah Jenin and Nablus becoming mega cities and the rest of Judae and Samarih becoming a massive Defense and attack infrastructure to block Insane Attacks as the Decades Progress with weapons Proliferation is the answer.But cities could be built as autonomous areas in amongst the Massive shields
15. Horrible!
Reuven   (04.06.13)
16. Yeah ! That's a great idea
David ,   On this planet   (04.06.13)
If the two state idea is dead , now this will kill the peace process completely. Let's concentrate on something more important , build the Jewish state
17. Kerry will offer Turkey a role in peace process
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.06.13)
has kerry asked israel whether israel will accept turkey as another meddler in israel's affairs? has kerry, forgotten already that erdogan declared that zionism is a crime against humanity? erdogan might be obama's best friend, but he is very far from being israel's friend. to the contrary, erdogan has much trouble keeping a civil tongue when talking about israel. of course, one gets the very distinct impression that obama and his various muslim friends are preparing a coup against the jewish state. bibi should be prepared to act. with the new gas fields, israel will be less dependent on the us, which only leaves the us veto. how much is a veto worth? at this point, not so much. the un cannot create states, and it will be difficult to boycott a state that has large gas fields. QED
18. path to destruction
eric apoe ,   SEATTLE WA USA   (04.06.13)
Obama and kerry are holding the hand of BiBi and walking Israel into the flames of destruction like a child and a pervert with a piece of candy......Ottoman Empire two is coming if Bibi doesn't bite their fingers off and return from the spell of delusion....of the 7 state solution and the end of israel.
19. QUICK...HIDE BiBi...
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (04.06.13)
Was he invited??
20. AMEN..
Esther ,   Selkirk Canada   (04.06.13)
21. No better idea but getting Obamas dear friend involved?
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (04.06.13)
In case of "lack of ideas" mescalin shows great effects. But the idea to get Erdogan into the peace process shows that Obama is high on crack. I mean, It's Turkey that, in violation of international law keeps the north of Cyprus occupied and performs a settlement policy that is a true crime!
22. Huh?
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (04.06.13)
Did I read this right? "Turkey"? I mean we are talking about the same country whose leader says Zionism is a crime against humanity. The guy whose vitriolic Anti Semetic remarks are the sorts of things we anticipate from Achmadinajad? Oy.
23. US President US Shimon Peres
Rain ,   Palestine   (04.06.13)
US President Shimon Peres Hahahaha Ynet
24. Kerry's visit
Avramele   (04.06.13)
The more Kerry visits the more Bennett and his crazies need to tone down their obstructionism and rhetoric. Also empowers Livni and keeps Bibi on the reservation. The Americans are alot smarter than the Israeli no nothing right gives them credit.
25. Turkey in peace proces?
Dik ,   Spijkenisse   (04.06.13)
pres. Erdogan being so anti Israel will be delighted. He will see himself as the leader of the Muslims. We know their agenda. Shalom from Holland
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