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Rabbi: Women won't be arrested for saying Kaddish
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 07.04.13, 07:27
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1. Wait....aren't they also the TA-march "sluts"??!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.07.13)
2. The Jerusalem Police are above the law
Vlad   (04.07.13)
First they impose a unilateral ban on Jews praying without permission because they're too lazy to deal with possible Arab violence, now this!
3. the Kotel
albertpty ,   panama   (04.07.13)
The Kotel belongs to the Jewish people, it doesn't exclusively belong to the orthodox Jewish people ...
4. They should have been in the Slut Walk
Devorah   (04.07.13)
Spiritual sluts, every one of them. Never a mention of HaShem. Disrespecting Torah. Making public asses of themselves because it's all about them. How must they treat the men in their lives, or did they emasculate them.
5. Jerusalem police don't exist in a vacuum!
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (04.07.13)
The Jerusalem police do not act in a vacuum. There are Supreme Court rulings, there are Halachic rulings and there is common sense regarding the Temple Mount. All major Poskim, including Rav Elyashiv ruled that Jews should not ascend the Temple Mount at present. The Court has rightly ruled that Jews have the right to ascend from the civil law point of view, but this must be balanced by the need to maintain the peace between Muslims and Jews. As there is no Temple at present, nor is there any means of purifying ourselves from tumas mais [corpse defilement], it's important to limit where we go to certain specified areas, but once tourists get access they may unwittingly become chayev kares by overstepping the boundaries.
6. Utter amazement !!!!!
Sagi   (04.07.13)
" holy site's rabbi promises Jewish Agency chairman that no woman will be detained over such act" This is a direct and exact quote from the text. It can only be assumed from this that a rabbi in Israel has the means and power to intervene and control the actions of the police. There is a basic principal at stake here, not the question of the "Women of the Wall", but the question of one of the cornerstones of democracy. The rabbis should not be telling the police what to do, rather the police should be telling the rabbis how to conduct themselves, and if necessary arrest them and file a complaint.
7. Wow, we're so lost...
Vered, Israel   (04.07.13)
What will it take for the Jewish authorities to understand that we don't need an approved framework of "acceptable prayers" to reach God? The way some choose to pray does not need a "solution". If I "approve" (oy vey) or "disapprove" (oy vey) of whether a woman says Kaddish -- her choice is between herself and God. What does it have to do with me? If a woman wants to read from the Torah, what concern is that of mine? No matter what the next lady does next to me at the Kotel doesn't affect me at all. To those who believe communication with God is possible - start communicating, and stop looking over your shoulder and judging the next gal.
8. #4 Are you sure your name is Devorah?
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (04.07.13)
What would the real Devorah thought of your letter. Was she a "a spiritual slut"when she led her people into battle. Does a woman become a slut just because she takes a stand for equality if that is so, I would be proud to march on the Slut Walk. FYI real men are not emasculated by strong women.
9. funny
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.07.13)
if a Jew is see muttering something on the Temple Mount, the police throw him to the ground, handcuff him, and keep him in detention for at least a day, all while the High Court has ruled that it is legal for Jews to pray.
10. Freedom is ex[ressed by what one believe
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (04.07.13)
God Gave us this earth to share - He did not created us equal - God Never tell us to follow each other - Saying Kadish is not a Crime again humanity - it is a Mitzva - Putting a Talit or a Kippa on the head is only symbolic and nothing else - Lets treat our human beeing with dignity
11. How they treat men
David ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.13)
@Devorah -- my guess is that they treat the men in their lives with respect, which they expect to be mutual. Rather than mere submission. There's a difference, in case you hadn't considered it. No one is asking you to participate, by the way. It's okay if you don't. But it's okay for them to do it the way they think is right -- i.e., in line with their understanding of halacha.
12. The Supreme Court
Joseph ,   London England   (04.07.13)
The Western Wall Rabbi did not make the Court ruling which the police were enforcing when the WoW behaved in contempt of Court. The underlying principle of the Supreme Court was that behaviour at the Western Wall Plaza should follow Minhag Jerusalem, while the Western Wall section known as Robinson's Arch would be designated as the correct place for non-Orthodox services. Throughout the Jewish world there are separate sites for Traditional and Reform Jewish worship. The Western Wall rabbi did not enforce the Court ruling regarding women saying Kaddish presumably because he felt it would not offend Minhag Jerusalem. The Supreme Court is a civil court that provided guidelines. I wish the WoW should not need to say Kaddish, that G-d should take away death forever, and wipe away tears from all faces.
13. @4 wow that's a gr8 deal of hatred & unctuous judgment!
Jewess ,   Israel   (04.07.13)
and how do you know that they are spiritual sluts? Did HaShem tell you that? or was it Rivkah who told you?
14. Kotel
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (04.07.13)
Orthodox Jews DO NOT REPRESENT the Jewish population Women have the RIGHT to pray in any ways they wish at any place they want WHY are we giving them any power???? They are no beter than regular conservators ,reform,or non affiliated Jews ,to the contrary they are for most of them parazits ,let trait them the way they deserve
15. # 13 Response
Sagi   (04.07.13)
Both Dvorah and Rivkah are prime examples of feeble and spineless characters who have permitted their minds to be poisoned by the folly of religion.
16. #5
Vlad   (04.07.13)
Some rabbis have ruled that Jews can ascend, and furthermore, that we should build a Third Temple. It really depends on the rabbi. And why should Jews be banned for their own holiest site to maintain "peace" to appease Muslims? I have a far better way of maintaining peace. Rule any Jerusalem permanent resident who commits a felony loses residency status and is banned from the city. Then, let the Jews ascend to the Temple Mount; if Muslims riot, they get thrown out of the city. They'll learn to keep quiet.
17. Oh darn! I really felt like arresting a woman.
Arrested development   (04.07.13)
18. @15 nope they are Christians fomenting hatred amongst us.
a girl ,   Israel   (04.07.13)
Yes, yes they are...just ask them.
19. Yossi Parienti should get a better lawyer
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (04.08.13)
before he arrests an American citizen for saying a prayer. He could end up being indicted by a US Grand Jury .Does he really want to be in the center of an exciting media sh*tstorm about being extradited to California, or does he want to enjoy a quiet retirement in Thailand with the other Israel cops?
20. #4, and your sins?
Miriam ,   Fairfield, USA   (04.08.13)
Shall we start with lashon hara? Such filth comes out of the mouth of a "good", Torah respecting Jew? No, it doesn't, which says something about your spiritual standing, doesn't it?
21. Women of the Wall
Ben Meltzer ,   SILVER SPRING, MD US   (04.08.13)
I find it very interesting that Rabbi Rabinowitz says that women are forbidden to Wear a Talit and put on Tifillin when the word in the Talmud and Halacha is that women are exempt from these activities. It does not use the words Forbidden at all the word in hebrew is Patur. It is a very sad state when people simply say no rather then to look for ways to say yes as is the goal in Halacha and Judaism.
22. They will be led out by police if they break canon.
Miron ,   USA   (04.09.13)
It's none of our business. It's best to rely on rabeinus to define who and what does in religious cermons. And this sort of incitement against rabeinus is a case of heinouse propaganda by haters and Anti - Semites. The fact that some women undress in public to embarass people, speak profanities to make someone feel bad, and impose themselves as religious figures to smear our religion is a bad thing and they need to be stopped. Carefully, repectfully, without excessive force, but nesesserilly. Obama will be out of office. Funding for these prostitutes will try up. And they will disappear. For now we need to be informed about onslaught and support people who deal with these no good hooligans.
23. Responses
Devorah   (04.09.13)
8. The Devorah of Tanakh was a servant of HaShem, not a headline grabber nor a disrupter of her people in prayer. 11. Duly noted. 13. I do not hate them. I strongly disagree with what they are doing. They are making a mockery of Torah. That is my opinion. 15. Using your line of reasoning, would you say the same thing about these women? What would you say about David Ben Gurion who claimed, "The Bible is our Mandate" even though he was an atheist? 18. You are an idiot. I suspect you are the same crackpot who comes here occasionally and declares all the Jewish posters are really Messianic Jews. 20. I feel these women are making a horrible mistake. But Look at you. You are the thing you hate. My sins are many. What about you?
24. #23 A Clueless Judge
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golanc   (04.09.13)
You don't get it. These women aren't attention grabbers or do they mean to disrupt. They have only become so because of intolerance. If no one objected to them, they would not be news. The Deborah in Judges was respected as a leader. Would she have been given the same respect at the Kotel today?
25. #23, no success
Miriam ,   Fairfield, USA   (04.09.13)
The problem here is that you are the one claiming to know Torah True Judaism, making your own "opinions" the yardstick of what is right and true. Yet your behavior is abhorrent according to your very own laws. You make no attempt to give the benefit of the doubt to fellow Jews who have a different understanding from you. You call women sluts because they wish to pray. Wow. I'm sure HaShem hates that. You justify showing a mean and vindictive, small mind and soul by claiming you "love Torah", when it appears that your greatest love is your own pride and arrogance. Going to be a bad day for you when you die and He asks why you tried to keep your fellow Jews from worshiping him.
26. #25 - Wrong on you
Devorah   (04.11.13)
How dare you suggest that I am trying to keep anyone from praying. What I object to is the circus they have made of the Kotel, and you know it. As I wrote in my first post, there has not been ONE mention of HaShem from them all throughout this charade, and I maintain that this is all about them, not Him. And we are all free to pray whenever we want.
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