Kerry visit: Israel does not foresee breakthrough
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 07.04.13, 00:21
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1. John Kerry to meet 'U.S. President Binyamin Netanyahu!?
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (04.07.13)
Wishful thinking by YNET reporter Attilla Somfalvi.? Yes, Netanyahu was re-elected but remains so far, except in some people's fantasies, PM of Israel, only. Dayenu.
2. The Demilitirized Autonomy/State
Zechariah   (04.07.13)
Deutschland is not allowed nuclear weapons but has a army quite well equipped conventially and has 60 million plus people.But will the embittered Palestinians officially accept it and the Post Holocaust enraged Jews accept such an arrangement.Only the common enemy the Psycho End of the World Sects with WMD capacity can unite the sons of Abraham .
3. "will then meet US President Benjamin Netanyahu", how true!!
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (04.07.13)
4. "Breakthrough" code for lunatic Israeli concessions..
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.07.13)
Every time there were reports of a "breakthrough" during the Oslo Disaster, it always meant one thing. Yet another lunatic Israeli concession. Oslo alone cost Israel thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. .Moreover the talks are aimed at turning Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. The Israeli government has no right to endanger Israelis by talking to, and making concessions to, genocidal P.A. terrorists. These talks are nothing short of criminal negligence on the part of Israel's government.
5. Useless
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (04.07.13)
Why do politicians continue to delude themselves thinking that the so-called Palestinians want peace. Their sole goal is to destroy Israel. Therefore peace is not achievable. Jordan has much excess land on the EAST side of the Jordan River for the so-called Palestinians to build a state but they do not want to. Let the so-called Palestinians go to the hell they created for themselves and Israel should incorporate Judea and Samaria and move the Arabs to Gaza.
6. Are u sure about that?
Doru ,   Australia   (04.07.13)
"Kerry will then meet US President Benjamin Netanyahu."
7. Wrong Headline
LJ ,   Canada   (04.07.13)
What the headline should read is that there is no breakthrough in the ridiculous demands from the pals.
8. President Bibi
Astute Observer ,   London, UK   (04.07.13)
This s a remarkable article. It reveals for the first time that Benamin Netanyahu is in fact the US President.
nimrod soll ,   new york   (04.07.13)
10. US President BIBI
The Prophet ,   NYC   (04.07.13)
I wish this was true....who knows what will happen when machiach comes??
11. I hope they gave Kerry a nice room& nice view, that's ALL..!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.07.13)
12. 1&8.Neither is Obama the President of Israel.
Alan ,   SA   (04.07.13)
13. The "Obama Show" is a totally flop!
David ,   Israel   (04.07.13)
How can the President of the United States even consider asking Israel to apologize to Turkey whose Prime Minister, whom the Turkish people seem to agree with, is a rabid Antisemite and Islamic Fundamentalist allied with Hamas and sent Terrorist to attack and kill our soldiers? Maybe President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry should invite Kim Jon Un to visit the White House after the first attack on Guam! When are the Yanks going to realize that every world said at NATO goes straight to Tehran and the to Pyongyang via Erdogan and Turkey? Of course, we should also ask how the Prime Minister of Israel could stoop so low as to humiliate Israel and spit in the faces of our soldiers?
14. The Dynamic Duo
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (04.07.13)
A president who is a Muslim, a secretary of state who as a senator said missile defense is a "Dream based on an illusion...a cancer on our nation's defense," are now negotiating with Israel on its destiny? How foolish you even let these atavistic individuals into your country! They want nothing less than Israel's total elimination. Wolves in sheep's clothing.
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