Hackers target Israeli websites
Associated Press
Published: 07.04.13, 08:56
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1. But Israeli hackers penetrated the "Anonymous" website ;-)
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (04.07.13)
2. Free advertisement to be on the list!
R ,   Israel   (04.07.13)
It has actually become a source of pride for many of the smaller Israeli sites to be included in the "hit list". And it is free advertisement.
3. God bless...
"God bless the minds and the efforts of the ISRAELI soldiers of the electronic battle"
4. How do we add sites to their attack list?
yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (04.07.13)
Machsom watch, peace now, dor shalom, adallah, etc? Divide et impera.
5. Not so "Anonymous", given the fact...
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (04.07.13)
...they're called Mouloud, Jamil, Ahmed, Mustafa... and other charming "English", "Belgian", "French", and other Eurabic names which appear predominantly on social benefit, criminal and convict lists...
6. Using Israeli-designed technology to hack against Israel
Dan ,   USA   (04.07.13)
Without Israeli innovation and know-how, these hackers would not have half of the computer and networking tools that they now use to attack Israel. Next they will attack the supermarkets that provide them with their staple diet of candy and chips.
7. A bunch of spoiled, arrogant script kiddies finally . . .
Stewart Miller ,   USA   (04.08.13)
met their match. These immature, cowardly kids who were never elected by anyone think they can get their way by throwing a digital temper tantrum. Have they ever done anything productive for any of their causes? Since when do they define morality. I seriously doubt any of these nerds ever got out from behind their computers and ever read a real word of history. Too bad their parents don't know enough to take away their little "squirt gun" computers. Ever see their site. Whoooo, real scary. I guess when you can't do anything constructive, resorting to being a scary bully is about all you have left. Oh, and that silly Guy Fawkes mask you love to hide behind so much. Any idea who guy Fawkes really was and what he didn't accomplish? Wow, you're hero is a dead anarchist.
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