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Warsaw Ghetto survivor recalls uprising
Associated Press
Published: 07.04.13, 14:14
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1. Am Yisrael HAI - because
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.07.13)
of people like Aliza Mendel-Vitis-Shomron. Our thanks, our appreciation and our respect to all of you.
2. Ghetto uprising
Steve Gure USA ,   Coconut Creek, Fl US   (04.07.13)
The ghetto uprising consisited of a very small number of very courageous young people. They tried to involve the rest of the population but were rebufed. You desrve a lot of credit for what you did.
3. I would have give my life for you brothers and sisters
Yossef   (04.07.13)
You are still living in our heart.
4. Intifadah means "uprising", like in Warsaw ghetto "uprising"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.07.13)
5. #4 Poor you...
Yossef   (04.07.13)
6. #4 "Uprising" against what?
Ron ,   US   (04.07.13)
The people of Israel who provide food, electricity, water, jobs, medical care? Gazans are free to leave Gaza unless Hamas holds a gun to their heads.
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