Israel remembers 6 million Shoah victims
Omri Efraim
Published: 08.04.13, 09:58
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1. The world learned nothing
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (04.08.13)
2. Also remember...
Michael Cecil ,   South Bend USA   (04.08.13)
If you are going to remember those who were slaughtered; please *also* remember Paul's Satanic doctrine of "vicarious atonement" which CAUSED the Holocaust; based upon the denial of the Teaching of Jesus that "the resurrection" included the revelation of the memories of previous lives. Michael
3. Never Forget!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (04.08.13)
Because, once they do, history will repeat itself! May God protect His chosen people--Israel--always!!!!!
4. May we NEVER forget!!!!!!!!!!!
Taz Man ,   USA   (04.08.13)
God bless Israel and His Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
5. We await the BBC
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.08.13)
We await the Headline from the BBC on this day of Holocaust Remembrance '3 more rockets fired into Israel from Gaza while Israel mourns the 6 million perished in the Holocaust' Copy of this E Mail sent to the BBC
6. History for future
Palestinian Salah ,   Jerusalem   (04.08.13)
not important the number of victimes or relegion or the way they were killed - the important is the facsist ideology of killing others which must stop becaause Holocoust can be again and again in other countries and other people
7. To #2
Jake Stone ,   USA   (04.08.13)
Keep your godless, new-age mantra to yourself! God bless Israel; praying for the peace of Jerusalem! Christian Zionist
8. Every Remembrance Day - Salah 6
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.08.13)
Is a mind numbing and wretched and painful reminder to me and millions of fellow Jews of such a human slaughter on an unimaginable scale And on this day we thank the millions upon millions of Non Jews all over the world Christian Muslim Buddhist Hindu for their prayers and solidarity Yet even on this day...the pain does not dull our determination and hope of a peaceful coexistence with all our neighbours and self determination and statehood for Palestinians
9. Obama and Lapid do not forget
zionist forever   (04.08.13)
Lapid is planning to slash the military budget at a time when the region is more unstable than it has been in decades. We have threats from Iran developing nukes and a desperate Assad has chemical weapons which he may well decide to use against Israel go down in his last blaze of glory be remembered as a hero in the Islamic world and many of his own enemies in Syria. Obama please no more visits to Yad Vashem or giving speeches on International Holocaust memorial day and stop any chances of another one happening by stopping Iran getting a nuke. Thanks to your dithering they have improved their offensive and defensive technology so now the US is the only one capable of stopping them so start acting presidential rather than a clown and blow the Iranian nuclear program to the stone age.
10. #4
Ben David Shlomo   (04.08.13)
How do you know it is not a "her"???
11. 6.
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.09.13)
Whoa! It happens to be very,very important for me to mourn & remember all my family members who were killed at the hands of the nazis in the concentrations camps in Germany. Have you any idea what its like to grow up without the love & warmth from your grandparents, uncles & aunts? Nope, you do not.
12. Hungary Torn at Carnegie Hall Remembering the music of the
Dina ,   USA   (05.09.13)
talented composers murdered by Nazis was amazing. Exceptional was Barnebus Kallman who received 3 ovations with his violin...never forget!
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