Turks hurt in flotilla raid to go to court despite Israeli apology
Published: 08.04.13, 18:06
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1. Another half baked Obama initiative blows up in his hands
Alan ,   SA   (04.08.13)
2. accept or not accept
paulo ,   brasil   (04.08.13)
"... we won't accept." problem solved.
3. Raid on Turkey ship
Felicia ,   Israel.   (04.08.13)
Israel should not give those terrorist one single shekel ! I can`t understand BiBi !
4. Turkey is pushing too far...
Beary White ,   Norway   (04.08.13)
.. First the little erdogan must apology for more than a million dead armenians, invasion of Cyprus and the killings of kurds. Until he do that, he is just a little monkey or donkey if you like,,,a hypocratic beeing...
5. This is Enough! How much more are they going to try to
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (04.08.13)
humiliate us?
6. Ridiculous games
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.08.13)
The two parties supposedly agree a way though..then suddenly there are more demands which Turkey KNOWS are simply not possible for Israel to meet. Convict Israeli Soldiers for acting on orders to enforce the blockade? Stop the blockade WITHOUT CONDITIONS? So that Hamas can bring in missiles at will to fire on Israel? Has Erdogan read the Hamas Charter? So is this Erdogans way of scuppering this vital conciliation before its even off the ground? Israelis and Turks alike are baffled, see these pathetic, silly 'mind games' continue.. We say and EXPECT from all parties...get down to assuming their responsibilities TO CREATE AN OASIS OF CALM AND RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP vital in these troubled times
7. Screw turkey and obama
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (04.08.13)
nothing but screwballs. Everything obama touches turns to poop.
8. Mr. Tagip stop making teatre you dont deserve to much
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (04.08.13)
9. Withdraw this ill advised apology
Ron ,   LA   (04.08.13)
Erdogan is a trouble maker Arab fundamentalist and little else. He does not want normal relations with Israel and never did. He got political capital from the apology and Israel gets nothing but never ending demands for more money and show trials.
10. Bibi, now you have opened a pandora's box
Chaim ,   Arad   (04.08.13)
11. Terrorists
Dan ,   usa   (04.08.13)
They are terrorists, what do you expect! Heartless bastards that attacked soldiers in a country they were literally invading. Screw them and I hope they get their just karma
12. Turkey reconciliation
Jeffrey Levitt ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.08.13)
It's time to abort this reconciliation with Turkey. The cost is too high and we'll look like weak fools if we don't. Let's focus more diplomatic ties with Azerbaiijan, Greece, Cyprus, and Albania.
13. Won't accept compensation unless...
Colorado ,   USA   (04.08.13)
Gaza blockade is lifted? So they can smuggle weapons in unabated? Won't accept compensation unless soldiers are punished for defending their lives and the lives of their fellows? This kind of EASY OUT doesn't come to the Jewish State often. Bibi should acquiesce to their demand and forego the insane compensation protocol that Obama started.
14. the whole episode was a mess, plenty of errors by both sides
Rafi ,   US   (04.08.13)
Israel should not be the only party apologizing... Dispatch of the flotilla was a deliberate provocation by Turkey (Erdogan govt fully responsible for this idiotic stunt, and continues to play the demagogue card).... Those on the ship also knew of the risks aforehand, and therefore are fully responsible for their fate - nobody else. But situation likewise was poorly handled by Israeli govt... and IDF soldiers were put in the middle of a poor govt decision. Netanyahu govt should resign - for this and rest of its many mismanagements.
15. Raid on Turkish ship
Doron ,   Olney, USA   (04.08.13)
I am disgusted with Bibi. Enough is enough. Erogdan and his country are terrorist-sponsors...Israel should not give one shekel nor do anything to help Turkey. Enough playing the patsy Israel!
16. Gosh!
Mike   (04.08.13)
Who didn't see that one coming? LOL!
17. Apologies endless
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla   (04.08.13)
Apologies endless! The biggest mistake of the political life of Netanyahu was to apologize to Turkey, perhaps your political grave. Knowing Erdogan's attitude before and after the flotilla must not be very smart to figure out that the only intention was, is, and will humiliate Israel. Each day will ask Turkia new condition one after another, for to walk through the Muslim world as the leader who humiliated Israel. Israel's response must be in place to access the endless requests from Turkey, is hardening its position on Gaza, the Palmer report, the reason given to Israel, and told Turkia that the blockade is legal.
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (04.08.13)
19. Another destructive fiasco courtesy of Bibi's cowardice.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.08.13)
It is obvious that Bibi issued his idiotic apology to Turkey due to Obama's pressure. However, a true leader would have stood his ground and refused. This is yet another destructive fiasco courtesy of Bibi's cowardice. Just like the building freeze. Just like his endorsement of the monstrous Two State Final Solution. Likud MUST replace Bibi.
20. This is Enough! How much more are they going to try to
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (04.08.13)
humiliate us?
21. How can Israel lift the blockade?
Andi ,   Israel   (04.08.13)
Its Egypt that is maintaining the blockade, not Israel. Israel is the only port of entry for all humanitarian and commercial merchandise in to Gaza. Nothing enters through the Gaza/Egyptian border, which is why they are still digging tunnels under it. The fact that the Muslim world/EuroLeft ignores Egypt's more hermetic blockade just proves the shallowness of their support for the Palestinians, and their greater interest in gratuitously condemning Israel.
22. "Unless these soldiers are punished ,...
split ,   US   (04.08.13)
Soldiers were following orders, the buck stops at the desk of the one that issued the order - What's scary exposed by this raid is the disdain for other than jewish life ,...
23. too far too late
Zuriel ,   glasgow   (04.08.13)
really, as the story unfolds, israeli soldiers cannot defend it's citizens by checking illegal cargo of weapons into Gaza?? the Turkish goverment knew that it is going to cause friction between israel and the palestinians but still went ahead and let Flotilla go ahead and breach besieged water of Gaza. not to mention that all this could avoided, passanger "greeted Israeli Soldiers with sticks and metals and were the agressive one. before Bibi went ahead with an apology to Turkey, a plan B should have been put in place. also, we cannot help the fact that Turkey becoming more and more radically islamist state, and insist that israel is a nation of a murderers and. it is a tough question, i don't think we owe them anything/
24. This is a MESS!!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (04.08.13)
The "apology" should never have been tendered because there was nothing to apologise for.Expediency might sometimes be necessary in diplomacy but this was one step too far.It was offered by someone who must have been biting his tongue to somebody who was just to get a toe in the door.This has been Mr Netanyahu's worst mistake by a long,long way. Nevertheless,one positive result has been to flush out the present Turkish government as being a double-dealing,power hungry bunch of Islamist imperialists.Not to take note of that and to not act accordingly in the future would be reckless folly. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.08.13)
26. I suggest Turkey
Edu ,   Bue   (04.08.13) with Obama. Thank you.
27. Netanyahu's Behavior
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (04.08.13)
Netanyahu is very skilled at walking a tightrope. He acquiesced to Obama's request about apologizing to turkey because he knows something about Erdogan, as well as Abbas and Arafat before him. If you are surrounded by bloodthirsty enemies... take the high road... your enemies will betray themselves and self destruct any good will they had via the international community. And they do it without Netanyahu lifting a finger. Much like Turkey is now.
28. Islamists doing what they do best
gays4Israel ,   Toronto   (04.08.13)
demand and give nothing
29. Too many Intellectuals,and no Common Sense
Roland Seener ,   London England   (04.08.13)
30. A payout for Armenian massacre victims?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (04.08.13)
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