Man spills coffee, sugar on wife, demands she clean it
Raanan Ben Zur
Published: 08.04.13, 20:26
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1. great marriage
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.08.13)
It sounds like two people existing in the same place against each other. Poor woman, her husband doesn't sound like much of a catch.
2. He needs to be made to see a therapist
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.08.13)
He has some serious issues.
3. This punk needs a whippin'!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (04.09.13)
4. Bully
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.09.13)
should pick on someone his own size. Someone needs to teach this dragon how to treat & respect women. I hope his stay in prison will be a time of great learning for him & his ego!
5. he needs some "receive as u have given" therapy
the lady should be granted the right to do to him what he has done to her. It will empower her and give him what he deserves.
6. why would ynet even print such he said-she said allegations
qwerty   (04.09.13)
they lawyers probably inflated the situation
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