Global study: Tel Aviv food not so pricey
Danny Sadeh
Published: 09.04.13, 14:07
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1. Nonsense!! its expensive and the service is crap.
Sarah Biser   (04.10.13)
Tel Aviv hardly belongs in a world city list along the likes of New York, Rome, Paris, Tokyo or Sydney. These cities have suburbs that are bigger than Tel Aviv.
2. Great Business Oppotunity
Zechariah   (04.10.13)
It's a great opportunity to build serviced apartments with cheap and safe travel to tel aviv no one wants to pay a weeks food for a family for one night in a moguls hotel chain.forthat money I could not only help my fellow Jews Holocaust survivors and elderly and disabled I could help Some in really poor countries starving.
3. Here we go again
Jerome ,   AKL NZ   (04.11.13)
I just stayed at the Ritz of London for less than $250 a night. ( book online and look for specials) With a taxi to a Kosher restaurant It didn't cost $300 all up. Don't get carried away with tipping...... 1 Pound not 5
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