Sa'ar on refugees: We'll send them back where they came from
Boaz Fyler
Published: 09.04.13, 22:21
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1. it might sound heartless but
arne ,   chicago usa   (04.09.13)
it's got to be done. the longer they wait the larger and more problematic the situation becomes. chicago, detroit, new orleans just to name a few in many areas are to dangerous to enter even in daylight. israel is a small country with a multitude of problems, too many to have tothis one too.send them home and close the door.
2. its necessary but heart wrenching !
alsky ,   toronto   (04.09.13)
3. YNET = Leftist politically correct voice
4. Israel should act like any other country
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.09.13)
Other countries kick these kind of people out immediately, on arrival. Australia - which is enormous, empty and very generous - either locks them up in special immigration detention prisons (women and children included) or else tows their boats back out to sea and sends them back where they came from. It's called "Law and Order" and only Lefty Anarchists don't like it. If they really want to apply for refugee status, they are welcome to apply at the nearest UNHCR office. If they only want to work illegally and make money (or steal, rape and murder, as has happened much too often), then they are not welcome. What's the big surprise?
5. Sa ar has better chance of succeeding Pres of Sudan
6. I hope more of these people are sent to israel
drakon   (04.09.13)
that way i can enjoy jews whining and crying. This should bring more press to other media and show the jewbaggery for what it is. poor sudanese people ; )
7. Is it posible to move them to the Neguev?
Zvika   (04.09.13)
I think we can arrange some housing solutions and give them work in the agricultural field. Returning them its not the moral option,these people faced mortal danger trying to reach Israel... We have a responsability.
8. As Jews we should know how it feels to be refused asylum
clara   (04.09.13)
As Jews we should know how it feels to be refused asylum when our lives are threatened. Never should we leave our doors closed on people who are threatened by a genocide. Yes, there is a genocide still occurring TODAY in Darfur. And yes at least once a year every year we promise "never again". Never again should ANY genocide occur. It is time to act according to our values.
9. Guive back to Egipht,,that transfer them to Israel.
Rosenvald ,   Brazil   (04.10.13)
10. Israel's biggest trial,,,,The Darkness
Weknowracism ,   Usplantation   (04.10.13)
Yes this is one of Israel's biggest trials, I believe the plight of these refugees "looking for a better life", as if something is wrong with that but these people should and they will go home, furthermore who wants to be around some racist a-- cr-ckers(no pun) anyway. "Israel's biggest trial the Darkness,,,, Sa'ar's Hare/here you got to be kidding, , from education minister to Ghestapo.
11. Zvika is right
Xxzechch   (04.10.13)
Transfer the African refugees to the Negev for productive work and screen out the criminals .Close the social gap in south telaviv invite Yachamovitch Labor or a faction of labor greater than seven give them finance and transfer Lapid to Foreign minister for one year.The Galud fill the budget whole .
12. 8 clara
alsky ,   toronto   (04.10.13)
you should see how Canada treats illegals.....its not pretty. Nobody ever was fair.
13. The coming end.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.10.13)
Clara, a phony humanitarian who wants to destroy the jewish state of israel. Clara wants a heterogenous state of African refugees. This is a litmus test for the state of israel. Let the refugees stay, more will come and israel will end.
14. "We'll send them back home where they come from"
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (04.10.13)
Like Sa'ar's ancestors are from this land, some Israelis got some some serious issues, like being honest with themselves and where they come from.
15. The major problem... & Zvika #7
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.10.13)
The major problem, it seems to me, to differntiate between true refugees and those that are here to work illegally for no political reason. As noted by others, some of these people are true refugees and we *do* have a responsibility to help when we can. We can and should help those that are political refugees, whose lives are in danger at home. Any illegal resident convicted of a crime should be extradited immediately. Others should be helped. Zvika, #7 made a sound suggestion. Perhaps they can be agricultural workers in the Negev. The other side of the coin is education for our own. People are living in fear that should not occur. Most of these illegal residents are not violent nor criminals. Our own people need to be taught to accept them as simple human beings with needs and troubles, not as strangers to be feared. The word 'zar' in Hebrew has some unpleasant connotations. We need to overcome that for our own peace and security.
16. Enough! Deport this African pest already!!!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (04.10.13)
Israeli way of life it's being destroyed by these savages wave of rapes and crimes. This people are not fit to a moder first wold society. They belong to their third world. Israel don't have to suffer the abuses of these ilegal savages. Send them all out and that way no more will come. Israel is tired of these africans.
17. I trust Sa'ar to do what's best for
Reuven   (04.10.13)
Israel. The illegals should be deported as soon as possible.
18. unreal
forehead1 ,   usa   (04.10.13)
immigrants come from other countries and take over you neighborhood, ruining your lives. simple === put beanies on them and call them settlers. israel loves settlers
19. What is the yearly quota for refugees in Israel?
Mark ,   Cleveland   (04.10.13)
Israel prides itself, justifiably, for being a modern democracy. That collection of enlightened countries share the responsibility of caring for the world's refugees. The option of locking out all Arabs, Africans or Asians who are not Jewish is racism. The Torah forbids this. Those who want them out, don't understand Jewish values. Israeli values on the other hand, might mean something different entirely. I hope not.
20. let my people go!
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.10.13)
Send all the african illegals to America or better yet to alsky in toronto!
21. Finally!
Can't understand why it took Israel so long to apply this LEGAL, SECURITY and NATIONAL SURVIVAL policy! Expulsing infiltrators and illegal immigrants has been done in the Western World "forever"!
22. Spare us the smug self righteousness
Sean ,   USA   (04.10.13)
If you don't get rid of them soon then the likelihood of them leaving reduces with each passing month. Israel is a Jewish state for Jews and is under no obligation to absorb an extra 1% of its population. Yes, these migrants are already 1% of the population. This would be the equivalent of an extra 3 million illegal immigrants in the USA. Israel already has demographic problems without absorbing another one. Humanitarianism is not a suicide pact. Want a compromise? Okay. In order to give them citizenship, convert all of these 60,000+ to Judaism and make them learn Hebrew and serve in the military (those who are able). Require them to publicly renounce Christ or Mohammed publicly and on camera and be supervised by the Rabbinate during the conversion process. Once they are converts, give them citizenship and require them to renounce all other citizenship as well as surrendering the hope for ever bringing other family members to Israel. Otherwise, kick them out immediately. The rule should be: if you want to live in the solitary Jewish state on Earth, you must be Jewish- either born or a convert.
23. No4
david ,   sydney australia   (04.10.13)
Jake my friend Australia doesn't tow boats back out to sea to return refugees.They go to detention centres to be lawfully processed according to UN convention. However. They are mostly economic refugees looking to live on our welfare system. Australia is mainly a "Christian" country and 90% desert, populated by over two million camals imported by the original Afgan traders. A multi cultural society like ours does have its problems but mainly works well. The main discomfort is that most illegal arrivals are Muslim, mostly peacefull but with an undercurrant fear of terrorism by what we call "ratbags" or idiots. O all is not well in Zion
24. Israel is struggling to be a Jewish State
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (04.10.13)
Advocates of human rights in Turkey, Europe South Africa and the Arab world should take them.
25. These people will have kids.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (04.10.13)
In the next generation they will forget that the Jews were nice and let their parents stay and work. Their Muslim kids will associate themselves with their Arab co-religionists. We will have a disaffected, non-Jewish, discriminated against black population. There will be riots in the major cities, much like London. These are not educated people with skills. They are poor and uneducated. Their numbers will grow and will bring nothing but problems.
26. They are not refugees
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.10.13)
A refugee is considered that in the FIRST country they come to after leaving their home land. Traveling another 1,500 kilometers through at least one other country to enter Israel means that they are not refugees. There are 56 Muslim countries in the world and the only place they want to come is the only Jewish one.
27. it's not safe
rm ,   Amsterdan, NL   (04.10.13)
even Israel recognises that....but it doesn't's desire to drive the 'infiltrators'( I guess the word refugee is too mild?) have to go because they are somehow unworthy....
28. Jake doesn't even know how it works
David ,   Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (04.10.13)
In other Western countries, Eritreans have a refugee approval rating of about 80% - Darfurians, even more. In Israel, it's 0.4% approved. 200X more fail - like your analysis on the UNHCR. You are aware that the Misrad HaPnim took over all refugee applications from the UNHCR, which is why the approval rating is <1%. Nice job getting nearly every fact wrong.
29. #1 Well spotted make the first move the world will follow..
Stacy ,   Tel Aviv   (04.10.13)
It will be done. History proves the longer native populations wait the larger and more problematic the situation becomes. Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans are just the tip of the iceberg Sonny Jim, when it comes to dangerous areas full of immigrants that creep around making it impossible for the native Americans to think about / and god forbid attempt any form of daily routine..Remember Germany was also a country that not to long ago got sick of its immigrants . Obviously there is no chance of you coming home.??
30. African nations should copy Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (04.10.13)
and build up their people and economy so that staying is preferable. Why do the African's prefer Israel? It's superior to any other ME nation, hands down. That they come to Israel says it all. The other neighboring nations should emulate Israel.
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