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Hungary bans 'Give Gas' march
Published: 12.04.13, 07:55
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1. Hungary has not changed its fascist ways
C   (04.12.13)
during the 1956 anti-communist revolution, the prisons were emptied of all nazi collaborators. jews were openly threatened with annihilation. hungary has had a fascist antisemitic past for at least a hundred years.
2. Hungary is Dying Out - Who Cares
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (04.12.13)
I would not worry too much about Hungary. The average Hungarian woman has less than one child in her lifetime. Their nation is dying before their eyes. It will be inherited by gypsies. There are less children every year and there is heavy emigration. They can blame the Jews all they like but the truth is that they are committing suicide - they are in a demographic death spiral. The country will be nothing but an old age home in a generation - the economy will have collapsed before then.
3. Getting mighty uppity nowadays
R Narz ,   Toronto   (04.12.13)
Out from under the thumb of Ivan the Bear and showing their true colors; how they have always been and will always be.
4. 2 Steve.Hungary is dying out.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.12.13)
The same fate awaits the rest of Europe and North America,the strongest weapon of the muslims against the west is not jihad,but the muslim woman ,who will outbirth the white woman who is on a birth strike,like in Germany,in the thirties,the muslims will defeat the west in a democratic way,by numbers.
5. Europe North America #4
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (04.13.13)
Europe is generally failing to reproduce but that is not true for the United States. The birth rate rose, along with the economy, from 1987-2007. Only the recession has reduced it and presumably when the economy improves, it too will improve. The US still also attracts high quality immigrants (along with poor Latin American peasants). Most of Europe is finished however unless there is an immediate and drastic improvement in the birth rate. Germany may survive as they are efficient enough to provide for an aging population with a dwindling work force . Hungary however does not have the same level of wealth or the same hope of efficiency gains. They are done.
6. # 5 Steve.I wish you are right ,but current
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.13.13)
statistics show that in the US for the first time,more none white babies than white babies were born,which indicates the direction of this country,the US will become another Mexico,guatemala,bangladesh,an end to free enterprise,where the govenment is the only employer,and everybody eats from the government's palm,all this because of the pill,the pill that killed western civilization.
7. #2: Steve from Dallas! You are racist!
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.14.13)
It's true, that lots of Hungarians are antisemitic and racist, similarly to British or any other European people. It's rooted in Catholic culture and history. The fact, that Hungarian right-wing government banned the neonazi rally and deeply condemned the event, shows that democracy is yet working in this country. Being a Jew, I can assure you Steve from Dallas..., that such stupid American comments like yours, do not help us, but the contrary. Jews are often referred to as arrogant. If you are a Jew, you are a very ARROGANT JEW! I'm sorry for having you in my "tribe". If you are not a Jew, than it's even worst, as it shows the point, why Americans are disliked everywhere!
8. Gabriel, truth hurts, my fellow tribesman
HaifaGuy   (04.14.13)
Your loyalty should lie within your true homeland and not the temporarily dormant death camp where you reside. You can join your living brothers or stay among the dying torturers, the choice is yours. Btw, if its the food, they make a decent kortosh/gulash here, too.
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