Woman suspected of trying to drown 13-year-old daughter
Yaron Doron
Published: 10.04.13, 12:15
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1. Before it is too late, the social agency should
miri ,   israel   (04.10.13)
step in. I am sure that there is a family here in Israel that would be happy to have a 3-year old girl. The mother appears to be slightly deranged.
2. the truth about this incident
poiuy ,   israel   (04.10.13)
it could be a deranged mother. or it could be an accident and overzealous child support services jumped the gun.
3. Help needed and requested
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.10.13)
The mother is to be commended for turning herself in to the police. She obviously has problems. One hopes that she will be permitted to receive psychiatric help and not imprisoned. The children, of course, must be placed in a different home to protect them.
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