Jordanian parliament demands release of Naharayim shooter
Roi Kais
Published: 12.04.13, 17:52
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1. Well at least our society is better than theirs
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (04.12.13)
2. Bedouin tribe with Parliament....
Beer ,   Germany   (04.12.13)
....Should be send back to the sands of Arabia were they belong. The artificial entity called Jordan created by British Empire is illegal and immoral. They are occuping and polluting ancient Jewish land.
3. hero?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.12.13)
what kind of friendly country is this when a murderer of innocent teens is deemed a hero? What is wrong is that he was not put to death as normal countries would have done long time ago. Bring the death penalty to Israel for terrorists!!!!!!!
4. aren't we the sickos?
ma nishma ,   modiin   (04.12.13)
why do we keep these people alive? why don't we have the death penalty?
5. If this happens
Raphael ,   Netanya   (04.12.13)
Free Teitel
6. Praising, justifying his actions and demand his release?
Avi   (04.12.13)
They're doing nothing but damage their "goal" and the image of their country. And Israelis would give him a monument? Please. Thousands of streets and monuments from Jordan to the sea are named after Islamic terrorists bathed in the blood of children and elderly. Looked upon as heroes for blowing up children. Here the one terrorist we had had his name vomited out of society and a political party he was associated with was completely banned. Their attempts for moral equality are laughable.
7. Arabs and their "heros"
Expat ,   Adelaide   (04.12.13)
Murderers of Jewish athletes (Black September) Murderers of Jewish families (Samir Kuntar, Suliman Khater, Amjad Awad) Murderer of Jewish schoolgirls (Mustafa Daqamseh) Hooray for Arab heros!
8. Pulsa Denura
Brendan ,   Naples Fl, USA   (04.12.13)
"Shimon Peres" is far not a Holocaust Survivor and yet a Cypriot called Horemheb, Who is the richest man in the world He poisoned Ariel Sharon, One of the only real Israelis and a Man of Power Tell Shimon Peres to leave the country and go back to Cyprus, Meanwhile Bobby & I are going to hit him with a Pulsa Denura
9. Arabs and their "heros"
Expat ,   Adelaide   (04.12.13)
Murderers of Jewish athletes (Black September) Murderers of Jewish families (Samir Kuntar, Suliman Khater, Amjad Awad) Murderer of Jewish schoolgirls (Mustafa Daqamseh) Hooray for Arab heros!
H ROSEN ,   PA USA   (04.12.13)
11. Send 1000 prisoners to Europe
steve from raleigh   (04.12.13)
When they do this, gather up 1000 convicted terrorists and put them on planes for Europe. Let our better moral angels there deal with them.
12. Had he pulled that stunt in Jordan ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.12.13)
... he'd have very heroically been hanged. Or is it killing defenseless Jewish girls that makes you a hero to these "people?" What a sick and depraved bunch Arabs are! I don't think that what's wrong with them can be fixed.
13. and this is Israel's best friend in the region?
k ,   US   (04.12.13)
I feel for you
14. Green light for more killers.
Dia ,   Germany   (04.12.13)
What can such a step taken by these representives of the Jordian state tell the world and other potential killers in their country: Go on kill children, woman, civilians. So far as they are Israelien/Jews/Christians we will always find a way to protect you... A "good" education for young people and a promise to the killer/terrorists to feel secure to commit more crimes...
15. And these are people with a "peace treaty?!"
Carl ,   USA   (04.12.13)
What a horribly sick society that turns a mass murderer of children into a hero! And this coming from a Justice Minister is just shocking. What sort of parallel universe do they live in to suggest that a Jewish murderer would be celebrated? Israel practices the rule of law and imprisons them; it is the Arabs who celbrate terrorists.
16. #3 - Larry & #4 ma nishma
Ariel ,   Modi'in, Israel   (04.12.13)
Both of you need to brush up on your general knowledge of the facts.... The murderer was found guilty and imprisoned in Jordan nit Israel!!
17. Anyone remember
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.12.13)
The callous, remorseless, cowardly, barbaric, evil murder of these innocent school children by Ahmad Musa Mustafa Daqamseh Clearly these Jordanian MPs don't I do Their families do Israel does
18. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Beer ,   Germany   (04.12.13)
Few facts from Wikipedia speak a lot on Hash(antise)mite people: "According to a 2010 Pew Global Attitudes survey, 86% of Jordanians polled supported the death penalty for those who leave Islam; 58% supported whippings and cutting off of hands for theft and robbery; and 70% support stoning people who commit adultery."
19. Jordan as a terrorist sponsor state?
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (04.12.13)
I have respect for much of the Jordanian leadership, and speaking as a Jewish settler, I hope that's taken seriously. They have proved many times a commitment towards fighting terrorism, and have earned themselves respect from much of the democratic world in the process. While there's probably a case of their leadership needing to immune itself from potential instigators, it's important to be fully aware of where their commintment lies concerning being part of a sane community. Freeing such a terrorist sends out a single signal, such acts are permissible. That should then rightfully lead to Jordan becoming a terrorist sponsor state. I for one hope that never happens, and that this child murderer stays locked up for life.
20. To # 4
marta ,   Rishon Lezion   (04.12.13)
They're praising a coward! You're quite right!! Tit for tat should be the message!!
21. petition to release Naharayim shooter
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (04.12.13)
I hope they never let him free. He escaped the death penalty. So, he was a lucky man. I said: I hope, but I think they will release him.
22. Child murders = heroes in Arab culture.
SG ,   Teaneck   (04.12.13)
and West allow this uncivilized, brutish lot to immigrate to our country??!! Islamaphobic? No, just stating the truth.
23. If only there was the capital punishment....
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.12.13)
24. peace
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.12.13)
Israel was allied with Iran and Turkey, and then within days events out of Israeli control or influence made these countries hostile. Israel signed a peace treaty with Jordan. 15 years later, they lionize a man who murdered 7 little girls. The extreme Left and Obama try to convince Israel to make concessions to the Fatah terror group to achieve peace. There are many reasons that peace with Fatah is impossible, but these events prove that even if a piece of paper is signed, within less than a generation and without warning, we get war again.
25. And some of ours honor Baruch Goldstein
What s the difference between these guys and the people who honor mass murderer Baruch Goldstein? There are hateful idiots on both sides of the Jordan.
26. Hero? killing unarmed children in cold blood?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (04.12.13)
27. For thoes who propose returning West Bank to Jordon
eli ,   nahariya, israel   (04.12.13)
A solution often offered to the administration of the territories by Israel is to return them to Jordon. This little slice of life should help us resolve that nonsensical idea.
28. #25
it helps to read the article. A few tens of private civilians honor Goldstein. Here 110 of the 120 members of the Jordanian parliament say that he is a hero for murdering little girls.
29. #25 these aren't some random A-holes from the street
these are Parliament members, people who supposed to represent the entire population. That are supposed to be the 'sane ones'.
30. 110 Parliament members have less credibility
than an online petition.
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