Salafi group claims responsibility for rocket fire
Roi Kais
Published: 17.04.13, 14:58
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1. Hamas breaching the ceasefire agreement?
Are you kidding me? Israel has breached the ceasefire a while ago already !!!
2. Sinai Tourism
Get Real ,   UK   (04.17.13)
should be a very good reason for the Egyptians to crack down on the infiltration of the terrorists in the region. They should start with tighter monitoring of their border with Gaza as the Palestinian groups seek further locations to launch their terror against Israel.
3. Israel can destroy all her enemies!
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.17.13)
Naftali Bennett and his party are the only ones in Israel capable of taking the correct paths to definitely put Israel in her rightful destiny.
4. Will Israel ever have peace with it's neighbors?
emunadate   (04.17.13)
5. 2-4 Israeli arrogance has to addressed
observer ,   Egypt   (04.17.13)
Egypt had denounced it and is already investigating the incident. But, it appears that Egypt need something more that investigating; a 1973 type resolution of the Israeli arrogance.
6. Missiles against civilians. The ultimate in cowardice.
Jake ,   UK   (04.17.13)
These were the more powerful Grad rockets used in Libya to such devastating effect upon civilians there. Many of the weapons in the hands of Islamist groups in Libya have now found their way into the hands of Islamist groups in the Sinai and Gaza Strip. The practice of firing these missiles into the middle of heavily populated civilian areas is not restricted to the Islamists operating in one specific area. And to expect apologists for such actions here to condemn the atrocities is a non-starter. We've all seen the devastation that two small devices could cause in Boston. These missiles were far, far more powerful, and also loaded with shrapnel. Eilat is a holiday resort on the Red Sea used by Western and Israeli tourists. Not that such bothers those who approve of such attacks.
7. Hamas fires nearly 5,000 rockets into Israel.Israel should
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.17.13)
return fire and with better aim.
8. to #6, shouldn't have been crude, like Israeli ones over Gaz
observer ,   Egypt   (04.17.13)
9. to #7 Israel doesn't wait for excuses, but create them
observer ,   Egypt   (04.17.13)
it is not unprecedented, Resistance factions have claimed responsibility for such incidents and turned out to be false flag israeli op.
10. Arrogrance?
bunga ,   USA   (04.17.13)
Obviously, this idiot # 5 from Egypt cannot see 12 inches in front of him. It's amazing how blind these fools are to expect Israel to do nothing as these terrorist animals throw rockets into Israel. Their hatred of Israel is heightened when each time they pick a fight Israel, they lose bad. Egypt is a base nation that shall not achieve a higher status because of their hatred of the nation of Israel!
11. each rocket answered with ten times
Barney ,   USA   (04.17.13)
the force will get the message across. although hamas doesn't care down to their last civilian.
12. #5 - 1973.. what???
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (04.17.13)
Dear Observer from Egypt, What are you advocating? That Egypt humble Israeli arrogance by a cowardly and dishonorable surprise attack on one of our holy days only to lose the entire Sinai Peninsula again, and have Israeli tanks and Troops 20 KM from Cairo? Just curious where you were going with that? It wasn't exactly Egypt's finest hour. I really thought we have progressed a bit from those days.
13. #5, #9
Have you nothing better to do? Everyone knows Egypt has lost control of Sinai, everyone knows that Jihad took the rockets from Libya or Iran, and everyone knows they attacked Israel. Why the conspiracy theory? Remember that thanks to Mubarak's obsession with conflict with Israel, Egypt is collapsing. While the average Arab under Israeli rule is struggling with obesity and which wine to drink with their meal, most Egyptians can't afford beans, much less meat. You guys need to focus on what's important.
14. Salafist
Irving ,   NY   (04.17.13)
Salafist are the same group who Israel just helped with arms and entry against Asad in Syria
15. "..trying to hurt Sinai tourism and destabilize the region."
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.17.13)
This is hilarious! Terrorists are roaming the Sinai as if it is their personal playground. Foreigners are kidnapped every so often. The whole flipping country is a total mess, including massacres of Christians. And this Fuda idiot is talking about Israelis "hurting Sinai tourism"and "destabilizing the region"? Always looking for somebody to blame. The Egyptians created their on mess. I bet if Israelis were in charge, the Sinai would be a paradise and would attract tourists by the hundreds of thousands.
16. Observer the nut job from Egypt
Amir Rosen   (04.17.13)
This coming from Egyptians who think Mossad sharks are killing tourists in Egypt. 4 times Hamas has broken the ceasefire since November by firing missiles at Israel for no other reason then Islamic terrorism. Egyptians are killing each other now, like in Syria and Observer needs to get the attention off this by doing his dumb Arab conspiracy theories against Israel.
17. Effective response
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (04.17.13)
There can be no resolution of the problem of Islamic attacks on Israel, until the religious origin of the attacks is recognized and dealt with. The Islamic doctrine of death to infidels is the root cause of the Islamic terrorism that plagues the world. While Western leaders have largely chosen to avoid addressing it, it is a very serious matter to Muslims. Sunnis and Shiites each consider the other to be infidels, and they have been killing each other for centuries, for that reason. Killing in furtherance of the doctrine continues to this day, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Mali, Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Syria, to name just a few of the affected countries. The recent fatwas specifically name Jews and Israel as targets of the doctrine. Since the origin of the doctrine is religious, a response must be impressive to those who practice the religion. Retaliatory strikes mean nothing to people who celebrate suicide bombers as martyrs. Israel should implant explosives around the Al Aksa Mosque, and declare that any further Muslim attacks on Israel will bring the destruction of the Mosque. Then, Muslim clerics can either issue fatwas against any further attacks on Israel, or they can see their Mosque destroyed. Even if the Mosque was destroyed, Israel would face no greater danger than it does now, and Israel could clear the site and begin reconstruction of the Jewish Temple.
18. to Hasbara cowards
observer ,   Egypt   (04.17.13)
In 1973, Israel's troops were BESIEGED. Supplies, were reaching the third army in so many roots outnumbering the official single rout, for strategic reason! Proof? Israelis could never advance the offensive and were QUICK to disengage to the east of Suez Canal after few months deep inside Sinai leaving the Sinai narrow bottle neck of Matla path and others. In 1973, over 2.800 Israeli soldiers had been killed, at least 7,500 had been wounded, and some 500 had become POWs. If the US had experienced equivalent losses in the Vietnam war, it would have suffered 200,000 American dead- a figure four times the actual number. 1-suez-cairo road was under the egyptians' control as there were full two divisions 16th mechanized and 4th armored repulsed any israeli forces tried to get closer to the road as the israeli commander who fought the war say. 2-the israeli forces were the forces entrapped as the rear of israeli wedge was under control of the egyptians as Sharon failed for three times to occupy Missouri, which dominated the heights north of the Great Bitter Lake, was important for keeping the yard and bridge out of Egyptian artillery range. Thus the israeli supply lines was under control of the egyptian armed forces. 3-the egyptian 3rd army didn't ever never got entrapped as there were egyptian forces controlling southern of the bitter lakes and was able to repulse the israeli for many times and thus the 3rd army entrapped the israeli not the israeli entrapped the egyptians . 4-Two egyptian divisions were assigned to repulse the israeli beside the egyptian 1st field army was behind them and didn't joined the battles yet. 5-It was estimated by Israelis that the 3rd army was 30000 man with 300 tanks and 300 artillery pieces. Sharon division lost most of its power and only less than 100 remained for him and Magen division was only 80 tanks. Adan was the one assigned for the main missions and engaged the main battles which is a fact while Sharon and Magen divisions weren't primary forces which means Adan's losses must be greater than Sharon and Magen divisions , and again less then 100 remained for sharon out of his division which is supposed to be 280 tanks , and less than 80 tanks remained for Magen out of his division which is supposed to be 380 tanks. so is it resonable that those israeli tanks less than 200 tanks were not able to surround an army with 300 tanks beside the 1st field army west of these israeli forces beside those two divisions 16th and 4th which was enntrapping the Israelis.
19. Observer #18
Oleg ,   Canada   (04.18.13)
Back in Russia I used to study with a guy, whose father was a top officer of the Soviet Army, posted to Egypt. He was there in 1973 war. He said that that both US and USSR had saved Egypt and Syria from total defeat by the Israelis. He had inside knowledge of the events, neither of us has. Whatever you wrote above is pure propaganda.
20. to #19 this propaganda is the reports of Israeli Generals
observer ,   Egypt   (04.18.13)
who did fought the war. As long as Israelis believe only in others officers, they would never get the lesson of 1973.
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