Fayyad resignation bad for us
Dov Weisglass
Published: 17.04.13, 20:01
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1. shimon peres school of the disconnected
milson   (04.17.13)
peres who is disconnected totally from reality and has given us ben ami and beilin, 2 weak kneed failures, now has a new graduate- dov wiesglass. he thiniks he is a big shot yet he is a big sh**t. He was the one who talked sharon into the gaza withdrawal which led to death and death for israel. Weisglass, halevy, lauder, take this trash and get lost. Tjhey can have coffee with kerry who thought that assad can be done business with.
2. We Don't Need To Talk To Them
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (04.17.13)
We have been listening and watching. They demand 2 states; both theirs, and both without Jews. We have nothing to say to them- except LEAVE! Oslo failed. They killed it. Send them back to Tunis and Beirut.
3. Thank you Dov
Dov Weisglas is one of the architects of Israel's decision to surrender Gaza to Hamas, a strategic blunder that has led to thousands of deaths. Why should anyone listen to someone who has been wrong about everything he has said or done? The fact is, the sooner Fatah is ejected (and terrorists like Fayyad and Abbas move to London) and Hamas, takes over, the better. Hamas rule will end the "peace game" where innocent blood is spilled so that corrupt individuals can make a profit.
4. The "nice" Fayyad+Abbas want state for Palestinians not Jews
Sam ,   Canada   (04.17.13)
What Fayyad and Abbas have tried to do is get a state for the Palestinians. There is nothing in there about them agreeing to a Jewish majority Israel. It doesn't matter that they wear suits and ties or that they are soft-spoken. What matters are Palestinian leaders who openly accept a Jewish majority Israel.
5. This is hypocrisy
Salma ,   Palestine   (04.17.13)
I am fed up with hypocrisy.I´ve repented. This is hypocrisy.We need to stop dressing suit in order to deceive people.The best thing we can to do is wear our traditional clothes and stop deceiving. Let's go back to our land on Saudi Arabia to finally live in peace.Our families do not want these dirty political games where whoever wins are only politicians. Our people are still living in poverty throughout the Middle East, except in Israel, of course. We must change that.
6. Israel has nothing to talk to genocidal P.A. about.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.17.13)
Dov Weisglas pushed the lunatic Oslo Disaster, which murdered almost 900 Israelis and maimed more than 14,000. Weisglas should among those named in a criminal negligence class action lawsuit by the victims of Oslo. Israel has nothing to talk to the genocidal terrorist P.A. about. We need it out of our land forever.
7. nobody home?
arne ,   chicago usa   (04.17.13)
If fayyad or abbas goes down then who's on first and what's on second. if that be the case then better wait for summer, fall or winter. no sence in letting kerry put israel at risk. it's called "risk management"
8. DEAD WRONG ! Fayyads resigantion is a
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.17.13)
gift from heavens ! ANNEX JUDEA AND SAMARIA NOW !!!!!
9. Missing the chance to make peace
Joe Asfoor ,   Bethesda, MD   (04.17.13)
Most of the time it is repeated like a mantra that the Palestinians constantly miss a chance to strike peace with the Israelis. I think Israelis start finding now that their various governments have done the same in reverse. They have "burned" one after the other Palestinian leaders willing and able to make peace ... by creating artificial hurdles during their negotiations with the PA. The current situation is untenable and no one can win this "battle of nerves". We might end up all agreeing to the most basic agreement we all have fought against for years, simply because there is no other plausible and possible alternative.
10. Palestine at 65 years
Sad to say but perhaps the one light in the 65 years of predominantly mismanagement of the Palestine and Palestinian people has been the seemingly positive partnership of Abbas and Fayyad in the West Bank. There was a whiff of economic improvement and security on which to build Palestinian institutions. What is the difference between the two peoples over 65 years - mainly one people has devoted itself to peaceful development and one people has devoted itself to military confrontation. It would seem that the Palestinian people are destined to continue the the tragic error of the last 65 years and depend on financial handouts from the Americans and the Europeans to pay their way , whilst resuming using whatever tax and humanitarian revenue they get on Grad , Katyusha , Qassam rockets or paying for more violent conflict. After 65 years a lot of social and scientific development can happen or continued poverty and social oppression. The choice is clear , start to build the state's clean economy and infrastructure under Fayyad and Abbas or pursue economic corruption and inequality.
11. # 8 christian.rettenmoser AMEN!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.17.13)
12. Future Real Danger
Zechariah   (04.18.13)
The Future Real Danger is a anti Jewish anti Islamic anti -humanity Attack .This is over the Decades to come.Prevention by cooperation between the Jews and The Palestinian Branch of the Islamic community in the Holy Land is essential.The Hate is directed one against the other .Thats not the future threat.
13. Just read the comments here
Beauchard   (04.18.13)
and see how right Weisglass is. Me, I am a supporter of a 3 state soluition. Two states for two peoples that will try to be good neighbours. The third state is for the Jewish and the Muslim zealots. There they can fight each other in the name of the one true God.
14. #9 Joe, Only an imposed by force peace will work.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.18.13)
You note correctly that Israelis and Palestinians are equally at fault for keeping the ME in a state of perpetual conflict. Current leaders are unable to make progress after 65 years of insanity. The only solution is for the Great Powers to impose by force peace on the region and for the UN to supervise this kind of an arrangement for at least 30 years. There will be new leaders then who will know what peace is and how beneficial. Israelis and Palestinians will have peace after forced separation only.
15. #13
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (04.18.13)
The "Arab Spring" is all about Islam sweeping away corrupt foreign puppets who have oppressed the Arab people. This includes Mubarak, Assad and soon Hussein of Jordan, and the Fayyad/Abbas duo. Negotiations with these two clowns are doomed to failure because they represent no one but foreign interests and their own bank accounts. If you really want peace, you should welcome authentic Arab representatives. Otherwise you are just mumbling mindless platitudes.
16. Dov will miss his business partner
Daniel ,   TA_IL   (04.18.13)
he is one of the few benefitting from olso through business with arab officals... mainly monkey business mking him very rich
17. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.18.13)
Good luck with that one. Abbas has several homes in Europe, and a VERY large offshore bank account. He has no more interest in the ersatz "Palestinian" people than I have in the gerbil population of Sierra Leone. What do the ersatz "Palestinians" have? Nothing. Which is, I might add, precisely what that terrorist rabble deserves.
18. To comment 10 on Fayyad resignation bad for us
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (04.18.13)
Where did you get that palestine is 65 years old. No one talked about palestine from 1948 (when all the land of Israel and Jorda were known by that name" to 1967. jordan and Egypt had control of what is now called Palestine between 1948 and 1967. In this period one area was called gaza and the other the West bank of Jordan. The entity called Palestine is a fiction invented to get Israel out but without any reciprocity. The author (Weinglas) knows this and also knows that the arabs do not want peace. if this is true, it is better that israel does not talk to anyone about peace because all the talk is just a ruse,
19. Ridiculous
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (04.18.13)
Fayyad had absolutely zero input to any negotiations. This article is delusional to the extreme. Fayyad limited the amount of aid that the PLO members could steal, but other than that had nothing whatsoever to do with negotiations on any sort of peace
20. We flourish in spite of Dova'le Weinglass,thanks O'Universe!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.18.13)
21. Weisglass gave us the expulsion
Zev ,   Israel   (04.19.13)
and we got Hamas and rockets.
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