5 indicted for planning Temple Mount shooting attack
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 18.04.13, 11:21
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1. Do an Obama
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.18.13)
and give them a free ride home, just like the "Saudi suspect" of the Boston Marathon bombing.
2. Five Arab terrorists, eh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.18.13)
Why are they still alive?
3. Obamaism: Can't use the word 'MUSLIMS' or 'TERRORISTS'
BUTSeriousy ,   Sydney   (04.18.13)
4. Poor at their respective tasks
Robert Haymond ,   Tekoa, Israel   (04.18.13)
It appears that these five (fortunately) were real dunces. Inept. Lokk at them sneering in the photograph while being held and guarded.
5. Violence is not Noble
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (04.18.13)
Good work by the various security agencies of Israel. All acts of violence, and that includes sexual and physical violence, must not take place on the Temple Mount. If the "Noble Sanctuary" is to live up to its name, all parties connected to the 150,000 sq.m. trapezoid platform in the midst of the Old City must ensure that it is noble. i.e. "of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence: a noble thought. Synonyms: lofty, elevated, high-minded, principled; magnanimous; honorable, estimable, worthy, meritorious." Also, any provocative acts that may lead to violence must be avoided. Great empathy and sensitivity is required in management of the site. If the correct management paradigm is in place there, the site will both attract and reflect divine blessings.
6. 5 terorist
henry perelstein ,   new york   (04.18.13)
not only that they are alive but from the piks looks as they are laughing from the jewes. sorry but thats the fact
7. offer them two choices
i ,   jerusalem   (04.18.13)
deportation, or a hell hole prison where suicide is the easy way out. Unfortunately,,, we don't have that kind of facility, which is common in all the 'enlightened" eurotrash zone.
8. #6
Get Real ,   UK   (04.19.13)
They are smiling because they know they can look forward to getting all the material benefits from the cosy, caring Israeli Prison system that they would not otherwise obtain. Plus of course a salary from the PA with benefits to their families,all funded from UN etc sources. Good work by the security services.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.19.13)
And, remove that barracks ( the Dome of the Rock throwing ) in the middle of Jerusalem. No one else tolerates such continuing terror from a 'supposed religious' compound but the pals. MOVE THE DAMNED DOME FROM ISRAEL. It sits on Solomon's Temples site, and must be removed so we can build our third and last Jewish Temple where it should be.
10. # 8 In another words 'a paid vacation'?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.19.13)
I maintain that the death penalty should be mandatory for all terrorists. Israel PLEASE initiate the death penalty for all terrorists, ASAP.
11. One choice death
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.19.13)
Israel has become too liberal in releasing prisoners early. DEATH PENALTY FOR ALL TERRORISTS.
12. Forgive them, they're only children
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (04.19.13)
Which encompasses any terrorist that is less than eighty years of age
13. Forgive? Maybe when I'm 80 or dead.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.19.13)
Not a moment before.
14. #13 May you live to 120
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRA EL   (04.21.13)
The five shouldn't live beyond tomorrow
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