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Israeli doctor treats Boston terrorist, victims; says 'I'm used to it'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.04.13, 10:32
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31. say what!?
hp ,   usa   (04.22.13)
Wait a second. How much violence is there in Israel? I mean violence to israelis because we all know the others take a beating regularly. You expect anyone over the age of six years old to believe there aren't more people shot, maimed, assaulted and run over in Chicago or New York every single day than there are in Israel in a year? More of that very peculiar psychosis on display.
32. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.22.13)
Does your research extend into the field of battlefield triage? Obviously, this is not the case in Boston, where there are sufficient resources to treat both the perpetrator and the victims. But I think you will find, should you study battlefield triage, that when there are limited resources and rapid evacuation is not feasible, the only country that has consistently given preference to those who are most likely to survive is Israel. You may wish to look into the American Civil War, where Union physicians gave preference to Union soldiers, and where Confederate physicians gave preference to Confederate soldiers -- even in cases where there really was no hope. During World War I, World War II and the Korean Conflict, the physicians first treated the wounded on their side of the conflict, ignoring the wounded on the other side who would have had a far better chance to survive had treatment not been delayed, or even entirely withheld. Only Israel practices battlefield triage with no eye to the side in the conflict of the wounded. The world has a great deal to learn from Israeli physicians and medics. By the way -- I would ask that you name one Nazi physician that held true to the oath he or she took. And I am not referring to Josef Mengele (may his name be cursed throughout eternity), with his fascination for identical twins or the family of Romanian-born midgets that he rather famously saved. He didn't do it out of compassion or concern. He did it because he had an abnormal obsession for physical oddities. This is a subject I know a bit about. My husband is a maxillofacial plastic surgeon. He is a Jew -- an Israeli, in fact -- and spends about two months a year volunteering his skills in some anti-Semitic hellholes -- Indonesia, the Philippines, and worse. We do not think that the people (nearly all children) who benefit from his skills have changed their minds about the Jewish people or the State of Israel because his expertise gave them their lives back, but it hasn't stopped him from performing these surgeries, on his own time, and on our own dime.
Jessie Cohen ,   Israel   (04.22.13)
You're losing your best doctors because you're paying them 50 shekels an hour. What a joke! Stop paying like Third World countries, while you PRETEND to be a capitalist Garden of Eden!! Give back to people who give of themselves, or lose them forever!
34. Doctor salaries
Laura   (04.22.13)
I find it hard to believe they earn much in England due to the country's socialized medicine. If money was the issue you would have been better off coming to America. Although with Obamacare on the way, doctors will not be earning what they have been.
35. Response To #1
Laura   (04.22.13)
From what I hear, Israel treats terrorists in their hospitals as well.
36. To Martin
Laura   (04.22.13)
Martin, only military doctors have been treating these types of injuries, not civilian doctors. What is your problem?
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