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Jericho man wins Bethlehem marathon
AFP and Elior Levy
Published: 22.04.13, 07:52
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1. Lets keep the momentum going
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.22.13)
A JOINT Israel-Palestine Marathon for Peace
2. To #1
Andi ,   Israel   (04.22.13)
A great idea but when Israel has offered to take part in joint sporting events such as one planned for this summer - a soccer match beteween Barcelona and a joint Israeli/Palestininan team, the Palestinians refuse to take part. Of course Israel Arabs take a full part in Israeli sport with many having played for the national Israeli side.
3. Not politicized?
by ,   Tveria   (04.22.13)
Even the organizers said this was not to be politicized... so why this paper or AFP chose a gun barrel in a menacing form to show the runners as if they are under a gun??? To be sure this gun is carried by a PA-Palestinian Police, this needs to be cleared up ! NOT by an Israeli. I condemn the use of this photo, and ask for it's immediate REMOVAL from this article. The media has no right to perpetuate the conflict, even when something as positive as a Marathon is taking place, and try to ruin it by injecting a political angle !!!!
4. Not political? The very name is political!
Carl ,   USA   (04.23.13)
"Right to Movement Palestine Marathon" has nothing to do with peace and is simply a feeble condemnation of Israel's efforts to prevent palestinian terror.
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