Israel says drones to eventually replace manned aircraft
Associated Press
Published: 21.04.13, 21:58
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1. 40-50 years,will the terrorists wait that
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (04.21.13)
long ?.
2. drones
max ,   usa   (04.21.13)
Manned aircraft are capable of air to air combat which can achieve air superiority. We will see frogs fly before drones will be able to have equivalent capability!
3. Drone development
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (04.21.13)
Will take 40 to 50 years to completion? Thanks for my belly-laugh of the day! Before 10 years are gone, Zionist Israel shall have been consigned to the trash bin of history and will be just a bad-tasting memory in human history.
4. IAF made up of pilotless aircraft
Gideon Reader   (04.21.13)
Faster. Lighter. Greater range & endurance. More deadly.Heavier armament and greater delivery potential. What's not to like. Sooner rather than later is better. Only thing missing is a coordinated crewless Armored Corp to mesh with the Air Service arm with equal unit survival potential and less danger to human crew safety and better results potential. Israel is changing the face of armed conflict, as practised since 1917. Ah, them JOOOS. What a bunch of smartasses they are.
5. 40-50 years ?
Get Real ,   UK   (04.21.13)
With the current rate of drone development seems like a piece of disinformation to me.
6. Drones to replace El Al
Claude ,   London   (04.21.13)
And maybe we will have pilot free aircraft foe passenger flights too, with self service food and refreshments to replace grumpy stewards who go on strike because they cannot face up to the reality of competition which would have significant benefits for the larger Israeli economy and bring more tourists and improve/enhance Israels image abroad The Luddite Unions are a drain as they drone on about protecting their jobs
7. Why do we have to know?
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (04.21.13)
If things within the Israeli Military Industy are secret - why all of a sudden tell the world? - Personaly I dont doubt the future of the Drones to be used in battle field - so what?
8. To nr 3.
Richard ,   Hague Holland   (04.21.13) wish... Keep on wishing. Israƫl acts. Loser!
9. to No. 3
Samar ,   Zarqa   (04.22.13)
Good words
10. lucky you
Samar ,   Zarqa   (04.22.13)
lucky you! you believe today's Israel (the racist, colonial ) will continue to exist until 2063!!! we respect Jews as Jews but never as zionists ,expansionists
11. Graczec
Herman   (04.21.13)
You and I are in the US I have a proposition x you: let us legalize a contract whereby you and I deposit $ 20.000 in escrow and share the legal expensed of having the trust administered The contract will stipulate that if after 10 years Israel continues to exist as it currently is I keep the monies and interest accrued; if not as per your prediction, you are the winner Let us see if you put your money where your mouth is or forever be tha laughing stock of this forum. I mean this [and you can pick the lawyer] and the other readers are my witnesses whatever their opinion Ready to share contact information when you are so we can implement this Your chance of a lifetime to earn a well deserved return on your knowledge of the region and its politcs/history etc PS If you get others to up the ante I am for it Salam
12. Tactical satellites
Mike ,   Toronto   (04.21.13)
That was the most interesting item in the report. Satellites can sit 150 km above their target and deliver payloads in seconds, not minutes.
13. just dont repeat the mistakes of Lavi
zionist forever   (04.22.13)
Even the most advanced of the current generation of drones in term of capabilities is like the WW1 biplanes equipped with a machine gun. In this era of basic drone technology Israel is a world leader but we must invest in the next generation. The US and some Europan countries are now working on drones with jet engines and designed for combat only compared to current combat drones which are survilence aircraft which are capable of carrying missiles. We must be willing to invest large amounts of money into future drone development and not think we can be a world leader if we stay with the current generation because if we do because we don't want to make the big investments involved we will fall behind and it will kill the industry and we will be buying foreign rather than making our own. We saw with Lavi, we were at the cutting edge of fighter aircraft development, Lavi was in the same class as the brand new American F16 but we didn't want to continue spending money because there was a recession. Short term was saved alot of money but long term we lost out because it killed our manned fighter industry and we will never be able to get back into the market even if there was a will. We went from developing one of the best planes around for its generation to nothing at all, not even reverse engineering foreign aircraft and so we must not make the same mistake with the drone development. Even if every country in the region decided they didn't want to have a military anymore, there was no more terror and we had peace with everybody we must continue making invetment in drone tecnology because its the future and if for no other reason its an industry potentially worth billions if you create the right product so no more Lavi short sightedness.
14. #3 Keep on laughing chuckles.
Gideon Reader   (04.21.13)
That bad tast you whisper about is a residual aftertaste of the anti semites predeliction for playing kissy games with barnyrd animals. Your confreres will be around to blast to mini particles, but so will a flourishing Zionist entity rampant. (Pssst. Tamar & Leviathan strike a chord?)
Shep Fargotstein ,   United States   (04.22.13)
No use Real in 10 years. Think again. Israel's enemies were saying that 65 years ago and every day since.. Go ahead and delude yourself into thinking that.. Israel has survived, and will continue to survive because her enemies aren't living in the 21st century- much less reality..
16. The Lavi
Neal ,   Minneapolis USA   (04.22.13)
If my memory is correct, the Lavi was killed by pressure from the United States, which refused to sell Israel the engines for it. One reason suspected is that the Lavi would compete with the F-16, which the United States was selling on the Western world market. No Lavi meant Israel would have to buy the F-16 (which is anyway a first-rate fourth-generation airplane). While such dependency on the USA is not maximally desirable for Israel, it is a result of U.S. support for Israel. The United States provides billions on military aid -- which Israel needs -- but much or most of the funds must be spent in the United States. This can be seen as a wry form of the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.
17. #3
JR ,   Australia   (04.22.13)
I know yours was just a flippant comment on a website but think of what your prediction would entail in terms of human suffering. Think of all the lives lost on both sides were your prediction to come true. Given Israel, with its massive conventional and nonconventional arsenal, think of the death and destruction that would have occurred to your Arab/Persian(?) friends if they were to ultimately succeed in wiping Israel off the map. And that speaks nothing of the loss of life, innocent life, on the Israeli side. Surely no fair-minded person would wish for that to happen. Your flippant comment is ugly and I hope you have the decency to realise that.
18. Graczek # 3
kwame oha ,   UK   (04.22.13)
Are you sure you leave in the US? Where did you have your education? I thought America has some of the most enlightened institutions of learning in the world. Gaczek the land and the state of Israel was in existence long before the son of man, Jesus, was born. Envy and jealousy will kill people like you
19. #3 and his delusions
Larry ,   Northridge, usa   (04.22.13)
I notice in your ongoing and repetitive predictions about the demise of Israel, you never say who or how. Please enlighten us as to who will undertake the task of trying to destroy a thermonuclear armed, ballistic missile operating, technologically advanced nation. What country would sacrifice itself for the cause, even assuming they had the weapons, and even assuming they felt confident in overcoming Israel's missile defence. Stop dreaming, and accept reality. Israel will be here long after you're not.
20. Nuclear shelters also needed
Zechariah   (04.22.13)
In Fifty Years the world will be so dangerous that in Truth the Jews Humanity in General needs to move to Ultrasurvivalism and Hypervigilant Security.Horrific Deterrant Capacity is Obviously Essential .
21. No 3 The Drone
Claude ,   London,   (04.22.13)
Sounds like you are just another drone, Let's all catch with you again when Israel celebrates its 75th and then centenary celebrations. Who knows some of us with a more generous nature might even club together to buy you a ticket ( on El Al of course now that they will have cheaper fares !) I predict El Al may even be flying to Tehran again after we say good riddance to Amen de Jihad Problem is would your fellow citizens in the USA want you back, you sound like a pretty unpleasant drone. Does anyone want you?
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