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Biggest March of Living held in Budapest
Published: 23.04.13, 07:21
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1. Mankind: Its heads are twisted.
childhood filter   (04.23.13)
Childhood is the time to absorb myths. Hatred, bullying, prejudices, believes. Heal yourself. Renew yourself. Keep an open mind. Believe only in the Enlightenment!
2. I Suggests that all Jews in Hungary Leave for Israel.
Arn.. ,   Sweden.   (04.23.13)
Hungary will be Destroyed in the Great and Terrible Day of HASHEM/Third World War. You have a Maximum time of 5 years i Think. Arn.Sweden.
3. Nothing to brag about ,...
split ,   US   (04.23.13)
Let the numbers talk - Source WJC, Jewish population in today's Hungary 100.000-120.000, Some 80 percent of Hungarian Jews live in Budapest. Assuming that no Hungarian paid 'activists' and their herd participated in this show it looks like only 1 in 10 is willing to demonstrate on the streets of Budapest that he/she is Jewish. Pretty bleak ,...
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