Report: Israel Embassy detains 'suspicious' Iranian in Kathmandu
Published: 22.04.13, 21:46
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1. Accident
USA   (04.23.13)
Anyone holding a fake Israeli passport should be arranged to have an "accident' so that they never wake up.
2. How did this Iranian get a fake Israeli passport?
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.23.13)
this is the most troubling and intriguing part of this story. did israel issue him a passport on purpose or was there a slip up?
3. arrest
hans ,   tel aviv, israel   (04.23.13)
I don't think that embassy security personnel can make arrest...
4. 3 on the grounds of the embassy they can detain him
C   (04.23.13)
any part of the grounds of the embassy is Israeli sovereign soil.
5. #2 Cipora
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (04.23.13)
The same way the Mossad obtain fake European and Australian passports...
6. Passeport
Edouard ,   Canada Montreal   (04.24.13)
Not a real passport !!!! So let pretending s a real one and send him to israel to be trial
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