Cars torched in Arab village; 'don't touch our girls'
Maor Buchnik
Published: 23.04.13, 15:16
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1. Wow
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (04.23.13)
Sounds like the Israeli version of the KKK.
2. Arab women may be very beautiful :-)
Yossef   (04.23.13)
3. It's not racist to reject intermarriage.
Jake ,   USA   (04.23.13)
Ironically, this is something that most Jews and Arabs can agree on. The loud obnoxious left-wing minority wants everyone to intermarry, while the overwhelming majority of people reject the idea. The loud obnoxious left-wing minority claims that it wants peace, while it pushes peace farther and farther away with its destructive agenda.
4. #1 - do you have any idea what the KKK is, or what they did?
Jake ,   USA   (04.23.13)
Until these hooligans start crucifying Arabs, I don't think you can make such a ridiculous comparison.
5. Naughty boys.....
Robert ,   Australia   (04.23.13)
......torching cars as a prank. They should have their bottoms spanked.
6. incidents
caleb ,   israel   (04.23.13)
The police did not mention that about 2 weeks ago Akbara boys were involved in Safed with Jewish youth concerning a Jewish girl. Both sides were involved in the fighting however only Jews were arrested and not one Arab! This is not new in Safed and one may wonder,as Dylan said, "you know something is going on but you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?"
7. Arson is not a "prank".
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (04.23.13)
These arsonists belong in prison for causing thousands of dollars in damage. The "excellent" relations are obviously not as excellent as the Mayor thinks. And finally, it is absolutely racism to insist that Arabs stay away from Jewish girls. An individual can chose to live according to Jewish law. No Jew has the right to insist that other Jews or non-Jews live according to Torah law. Israel is not Iran for Jews, I hope.
8. #3 Actually Moshe married a non Jew
Yossef   (04.23.13)
Tzipora was Yitro's daughter, who was the great Priest of Madian...
9. #3
max ,   indianapolis   (04.23.13)
Yes, it is racist to reject intermarriage. People can marry as they please, also I don't know where you live in the United States but I have never heard of any person advocating that people go intermarry just for the sake of it. I'm afraid you're delusional if you think there is a force out there plotting to get people to intermarry. Just for kicks, do you know what race has been most accused of creating the delusional plot of race mixing?
10. I don't mind dating a Jewish girl as long as it is not...
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (04.23.13)
Sarah B...
11. There must be a reason why jewish
Why oh why   (04.23.13)
girls preferred Arabs. Why is there antisemitism?
12. To nr 9 - Jews have overwhelmingly rejected intermarriage..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.23.13)
...for 2000 years. That's why Jews are still around today. If you are Jewish yourself you are simply attacking the very choice your ancestors made that made your personal existence as a Jew possible in the first place. Shallow, empty, bombastic American talk of "freedom" and "liberty" and "personal choice" can't change that. "Yes, it is racist to reject intermarriage. People can marry as they please,..." You make two conflicting and highly axiomatic statements for which no proof or explanations are needed. First you are saying that it is "racist" to reject intermarriage, and in the second sentence you said that "people can marry as they please". But if peolle can marry as they please, doesn't that include having the legal and personal right and making a personal choice of rejecting intermarriage and marrying within one's ethnic group? If people cannot make personal choices of rejecting intermarriage then they can't marry as they please.
13. #12
max ,   indianapolis   (04.23.13)
arguing schematics, I stated rejecting intermarriage as advocating against intermarriage. If someone doesn't want to intermarry, that's their own personal choice and it's fine.
14. Just for the non-Israeli Readers' information:
Robert Haymond ,   Tekoa, Israel   (04.23.13)
If a Muslim- Arab woman is caught dating a Jewish man, she is slain. If a Muslim-Arab, man or woman, converts out of faith, he/she is slain. So you see, no Arab woman dates a Jewish man. On the other hand, there are many instances of niave Jewish women dating Arab men, converting to Islam and residing in Arab villages. Many are not permitted to leave their Arab family compounds. There is a special group of Israeli-Jewish women who work to free these (formerly) Israeli-Jewish females from bondage and abuse. This has been going on practically since the nation itself was born. So you see, Arab men must learn to leave Jewish women alone just as their own women are left alone by Jewish men. What I reported are the facts in this region of the world. You cannot analyze what is going on without an understanding of the cultures and implicit laws of each country.
15. Intermarriage
edouard ,   Montreal canada   (04.24.13)
The law should be as follow No Jews should be allow to Marry a Jew and no Muslims should be a allow to marry Muslim We should force intermarriage in order to have a new race of tolerant ,beautiful,and smart people Peace would be coming just naturally Let do this for 3 generations This is the solution Let open for this people synamosques everywhere Vote for me Lol
16.  Cars torched in Arab village
Such conduct on the part of Jews,if Jews did indeed commit this crimes,is shameful,sad,and ridicolous. But why hasn't this newspaper had even one article on the 2 life sentences that was given to the terrorist who killed Mr.Asher Palmer and his infant son? It was headlines in several other Israeli newspapers today,but it hasn't even been mentioned as a footnote here. That is sad as well.
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