Kerry: Netanyahu cannot confirm report of Syrian chemical arms use
Published: 23.04.13, 20:41
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1. Yeah, And Neither Are Your Self Awarded Purple Hearts
David ,   Marietta, USA   (04.23.13)
America basher!
2. Appeasement Is No Solution...
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (04.23.13)
3. What a surprise ,...
split ,   US   (04.23.13)
But keep warmongering and tossing this crap against the wall and hope that at the end of a day something is going to stick to it ;) ,...
4. what is it you want us to do exactly?
Jeff ,   USA   (04.23.13)
Bomb the hell out of Assad/Hezbollah to hand the country to al-Qaeda, or to bomb the hell out of al-Qaeda to hand the country back to Assad/Hezbollah?
5. #3 slit So How Did It Feel When You Hit
The Wall? Being your the crap thrown at the wall?
6. Scientists from ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.24.13)
Russia, the United Kingdom and Israel have each concluded that chemical weapons are indeed being used in Syria. But since such a finding interferes with the private agenda of the Moslem-in-Chief, the United States continues to deny. The United States does not have "boots on the ground" in Syria. Russia, the U.K. and Israel all do. So who is in a better position to judge?
7. There he goes. This evasion was EXPECTED!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.24.13)
Obama's administration will dodge Iran too. The usual - dodge, evade and lead from behind with much bluster and sabre rattling that means NOTHING.
8. You asked the grand question, #4
Cameron ,   USA   (04.24.13)
Yet again, the squall goes out for the Yanks to jump in, and lavish blood & treasure while everyone else sits their ass on the fence. We will keep our distance from that Syrian ant pile. Limited special ops if truly merited, but no further in.
9. US seems to rely on other countries for intelligence
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.24.13)
ever since obama has gutted the intelligence services and put them under huge restrictions, they cannot carry out the simplest intelligence gathering operations.
10. USA should take action against Syria using chemical weapons
Matt   (04.24.13)
As a deterrent to all rogue regimes and governments such as North Korea and Iran the USA should take direct military action against Syria.
11. To 4 and 8.
Chaim ,   Arad   (04.24.13)
I remembering hearing your "president" saying if Syria used chemical weapons the US would take action. We never asked the US to do anything. The problem is, when we take action in Syria or Iran or Gaza, your "president" wants restraint. But then that's in another country not in his back yard.
12. To: Nos. 4 and 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.24.13)
And when some of that sarin, or botulin toxin, or mustard gas or smallpox or anthrax or whatever gets smuggled into the United States and released in a crowded Times Square on a lovely summer day, what will the United States do then? When will the Americans ever learn that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You think that the United States isn't under threat? More so than Israel -- al Qaeda and other terrorist elements KNOW that Israel will respond. They KNOW that the United States will wring its hands and ask for restraint. How many innocent people will die until you learn that these people will not stop on their own? Best solution with respect to Syria? Bomb it into submission and give what's left to Turkey. They've always coveted it, anyway, and some elements in Turkey consider it to be the southernmost province of Turkey. Have you forgotten the Sykes-Picot agreement?
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