Knesset discusses Armenian Genocide
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.04.13, 01:31
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1. Armenian genocide
David Shichor ,   Fullerton, CA. USA   (04.24.13)
Israel doesn't have to give in Erdogan's bullying and should do the right thing by joining those who recognize the "Armenian massacre."
2. It is a moral duty and obligation
Jorge   (04.24.13)
As the nation of the Jewish people, Israel should be at the forefront of remembering the heinous crime against the Armenian People.
3. Palestinians misfortunes too!!! Do not ignore....
Yoav ,   Tel Aviv   (04.24.13)
4. The time has come...
R ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.24.13)
The time has come for Israel to recognize the ruthless aggressive genocide that was committed against the Armenian people by the Ottoman Turks. If Erdogan doesn't like it, he can go kiss the ass of antisemitic Islamic Terrorists...Oh wait, he already has...
5. You don't need turnkey's love & forgiveness!
Moshe ,   Usa   (04.24.13)
Why is Israel's government so stupid?
6. Remember Rafael Lemkin
American ,   Los Angeles   (04.24.13)
The very word "genocide" was coined by him with regards of the armenian massacres.
7. A day of solidarity with the Armenian and their Brethren
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (04.24.13)
Why I totally in agreement that the memory of the Armenian Massacre is important to preserve and educate on; however, it is equally important to recognize that the beliefs, actions and processes that lay at the hart of the Armenian Massacre has been afflicting their brethren Christians communities in Islamic countries all around Israel on an ongoing basis. If you look at the persecution of Christians all around and the resulting dramatic reduction in Christians in the middle east and beyond - the mistreatment of Copes in Egypt, the persecutions in the areas controlled by HAMAS and the Palestinian Authorities, their lack rights in Saudi Arabia, etc,. Mertez would have some credibility if it did not fixate on the past but also highlighting the ongoing persecution of Christians all around - Lebanon, PA, GAZA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran , Iraq, etc ,etc - but I guess that they have double standard when it comes to ongoing persecution by their friends.
8. Turkish Hypocrites
Mike   (04.24.13)
No doubt the Turks would like to forget that they murdered over a million Armenians and concentrate on Israel whose soldiers (enforcing a legal blockade) came under attack by thugs armed with chains and iron bars. Oh yes, the Turks (like the Palis) are very clever at manipulating world media . . but we havent forgotten the Armenians or the Kurds for that matter.
9. Israelis need to be saved from themselves.
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (04.24.13)
What stupidity! A month or two prior to a possible attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, which will undoubtedly provoke the world's anger and who knows what kind of reaction from the Arab world, some dimwits in the Israeli Knesset wants to "recognize" the Armenian Genocide (98 years late). How useful! Perhaps the great Republic of Armenia will come to our aid when the united Arab front goes berserk and straight to the UN for sanctions or worse, attacks Israel. We need allies. Not empty words which will benefit no one!
10. Right action, suspicious motion
norbus ,   Jerusalem   (04.24.13)
The world should move away from the politicised double standards of human rights as currently applied and condemn all atrocities; Israel is morally bound to call on highlighting ALL genocides, irrespective of where, when and by whom
11. Who is talking !!!!!!
Jimi ,   Palestine   (04.24.13)
hahahahahahaaaa Israeli discussing genocide...and what is israel all about. Wiping off a whole nation and chaning the face of land and destrying all signs of culture and history, capturing the land of other nation, discrimination and prisionering a whole nation is what IS ISRAEL... targetting civilians with air forces joke joke joke
12. long overdue recognition
telling the truth is the best policy, even if it upsets the USA and the genocide-deniers.
13. THE PROBLEM is...
American ,   Los Angeles   (04.24.13)
the turks now wants to do the same with Israel what they did to the Armenians. For them there is no difference they're all infidels.
14. The Good You want others to do to You -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.24.13)
- You should also do to Them !. You should Love Your Neighbour as Yourself !. Truth will set You free !. Arn.Sweden.
15. friends like Turkey or friends like Germany?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (04.24.13)
Both Turkey and Germany involved themselves in genocide. Germany has admitted its wrong doings and has progressed from it and is today a staunch friend of Israel. Turkey is living in denial and refused to admit that it committed a grave sin of genocide. It is a questionable friend (?) of Israel and a questionably non progressive, more like regressive, country. With out recognizing our errors there is little chance to progress. For us, the problems with Turkey continue since she is not a dependable ally. Yes, Turkey should own up to its massacre of the Armenians not just for the sake of the Armenians, but for its own sake if it wants to continue to grow and develop politically and economically - but do not expect this to happen, not from a Islamic state since they, like Pharoah, live in denial.
16. Important !
yossi ,   London,UK   (04.24.13)
The facts are simple,the Armenian's genocide happened and it's about time we recognise this openly. With all due respect to the Turkish people,it's government is acting like a bunch of hypocrits -criticising us for abusing the Palestinians but "forgeting" About their "treatment" of the Kurdish people and the Armenian people. Whatever the price we pay,if we acknowledge the Armenian genocide,it's a price worth paying. We need to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and see an honest nation and as for the turkish government...they can speak to the wall
17. Armenian 'GENoCIDE"
Pari Howard ,   San Francisco Ca   (04.24.13)
Turkey offered to give $20 million aid to the classification and opening of the Armenian archives in the U.S. city of Boston, included "very important" documents regarding the incidents of 1915. What do Armenian are hiding? How come Turkey opened their archives to the world historian? Armenians want 1=Money 2=Land. How about more than 600,000 Turks that were killed in that civil war? Ther were not 1,5 million Armenian in Turkey.
18. Turkey has many regional enemies
Conroy ,   Toronto Canada   (04.24.13)
Turkey has many regional enemies and Israel should seek closer ties to them: Armenia, Greece and Cyprus. All three are wonderful and beautiful nations and the Israeli government should encourage Israelis to vacation there instead of Turkey . Israel and Cyprus should develop joint ventures in developing coastal resorts. There's an untapped economic boon right there!
19. For over 65 years
David ,   On this planet   (04.24.13)
no body in Israel gave a damn about it . Now that Israel is trying to mend her relations with Turkey, Meretz is concern with the Armenian genocide.. This is what Meretz does destroys and ruins what some one wants to fix
20. Germany has admitted Guilt
Zechariah   (04.24.13)
Germany has officially admitted its guilt in the holocaust of eleven million six million Jews and five million nonJews as well as millions of civilians in Poland Ukraine and Russia and Starvation of Russian Prisoners of War.Holocaust Denial is a crime in Germany.The British have admitted genocide in the USA and Australia so Turkey has Precedent of others Brutalities.
21. Thumb up, Gal-on!
Mira ,   Vienna   (04.24.13)
It's about time to anger the islamist Turkish government a bit. They do it all the time actually! That might clean the filthy snoot of Erdogan a bit.
22. boosha
arik ,   usa   (04.24.13)
For the entire history of the state of Israel, this was essentially a non-issue since the suffering on non-Jews is irrelevant in Israel. Now, it's important not because of what actually happened to the Armenians, but because it's useful in order to "retaliate" against Turkey. Is there any other reasonable explanation?
23. How come it took so long for Israel to recognize a holocaust
max ,   indianapolis   (04.24.13)
24. Call me when they're going to discuss Holodomor ,...
split ,   US   (04.24.13)
It happen 80 years ago, 8-10million Ukrainians got starved to death by induced famine by two of your own during one winter 32/33 ,...,7340,L-3342999,00.html
25. The time is NOW, Just do it!
26. It is more important to condemn present genocides than past!
Jouko ,   Finland   (04.24.13)
I cannot understand why no state is condemning the Tsetsenia genocide???
27. Meretz
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.24.13)
meretz wants to ruin the chance of reconciliation between turkey and israel.
28. #11Jimi
Mike ,   NZ   (04.24.13)
Trying to rewrite history Jimi ? The Palis only became an entity in 1948 and since then have occupied the west bank and gaza. The jews became an entity 3,500 years ago and have been living in the holy land since then. . . so who is the real occupier? Time to open your history book Jimi . .
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne -UK   (04.24.13)
when the world focus on the Palestinian Tragedy which is a never ending saga - the world also forgot the Armenians Genocide and the displacement of thousand of Arminians around the world - we the Jews suffered enough in our time but lets not forget others like the Armenians - I absolutely agree with the motion
30. #11 you are behaving like a 5 year old
Isac   (04.24.13)
Sorry, actually my 5 year old son has more brain than you moron. You speak about Israelis and mention at the same time the word genocide. Well, let me tell you this: if Israel really wanted to get rid of the Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza they could do so within one month. See, the real masters of genocides where the Nazis and the Muslims. As we can watch now live on CNN with Syria. So, better get a decent job, study some history and shut up!
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