Report: $1,000 per photo for 'Israeli spy in Sinai'
Roi Kais
Published: 24.04.13, 14:32
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1. Balooooooney!
Egypt tries to hide a major operational failure which exposed a secret Egyptian(extremist Islam) cooperation with Gaza terror "activists". The Egyptian attempt to sabotage Israeli assets was an embarrassing failure and now they are inventing a story. That's why Muslims always fail - because they never acknowledge failure :)
2. "Liberation of Sinai"
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (04.24.13)
Not only do the Arabs use double-talk to fool others,they even use it to kid themselves. Israel voluntarily withdrew from Sinai after signing a Peace Treaty with Egypt.One of the provisions of that Peace Treaty is that Egypt should prevent terrorism directed at Israel from Egyptian territory. Seeing that the present Egyptian government,despite claiming to be upholding the Treaty,either has forgotten that provision or chooses to ignore it,it's hardly surprising that Israel might have to deal with the aggression itself...if these accusations are actually true,of course. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
3. Yes, of course
i ,   j   (04.24.13)
we need those pictures because our drones are having a bad day.
4. part of that deal was also
aiman   (04.25.13)
That israel would make peace with the palastinians and no more settelements.
5. Never can trust a treaty with Arabs.
Jozef ,   Wroclaw, Poland   (04.25.13)
Instead of fighting terror coming from Sinai firing rockets on Eilat the Egyptian security is playing and brain washing their people with a Israeli spy story. What a shame, we in Poland will never go to visit Egypt again!!!
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