Report lists IPS failures in Zygier's death
Published: 25.04.13, 18:47
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1. Typical Israel
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.13)
No accountability, no punishement, that is unless you are poor Zygier or Prisoner X as Israel would rather refer to him. Why have people not been fired? It only cost a human being's life, a person who did not deserve death. Because Israel doesn't care it will surely happen again.
2. failures
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (04.26.13)
it is imperative that people, individuals, assume responsibility for their own acts. zygier gave information to enemies of the state he was sworn to protect. he decided that he would rather die than spend ten years in prison. he thereby betrayed his children, his wife, his parents and his entire family.
3.  to failures
Eli ,   Ramat Aviv   (04.26.13)
You are a cretin as an individual. The same should happen to your kids.We live in a third world country where NO ONE takes responsibility and there is no acountability. This is shameful.
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