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Donald Trump tweets anti-Semitic insult?
Ashley Baylen
Published: 28.04.13, 07:41
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1. His daughter converted to Judaism and her child
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (04.28.13)
therefore is, so I find it hard to believe that he is an, it's bad for business....
2. Nu schoyn: Not that Mr.Leibovitz has endeared himself to
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.28.13)
Israelis of patriotic persuasion. Just another left wing, progressive Jew always too happy whenever he can fly his "liberal/progressive/critical of Israel" colors. Trump is well, how can one put it without being cruel to the intellectual thump (as when his thoughts hit the pavement)
3. He didn't say, Joe was from Moscow?
Miron ,   USA   (04.28.13)
In the end most of America Jewish community immigrated from former Soviet Union. I don't think it's Anti - Semitism to talk of it in arrogant manner. It's arrogance, yes. Somewhat shocking arrogance. But it's not that arrogant considering how closeted Jewish community has become about its own roots. It's worse than come out admitting to being gay than to admit you were born on undesired country with well, not - so - desired name. Trump is hard to hate because the questions he poses aren't raised by Trump. He hides his intentions behind questions raised by life. Who is behind that question, a caring man who wants to good or hater who seeks our undoing.... I am taught to see best in people. May sound naive but that's it. It's our choices that makes us for who we are. Not questions of strangers. Looking past that, hit - a - Jew programme in US schools back in 2008 was Anti - Semitism. It wasn't instituted by Mr. Trump. Although I missed his arrogant "bigger than life" macho outing it out... just like any other voice, be that Jewish or goim of a notable person. That was a lot more shoking to me, personally.
4. Anti -semitism is the name of the game !
miri ,   israel   (04.28.13)
There may be a reason for it, but I don't know what it is. There are the "good" and the "bad" as is the case in any society. Nevertheless, we in Israel are here to lead a proper Jewish life, be it secular or orthodox, and to protect our Jewish brethren worldwide. Long live Israel !
5. i think its much more anti-semitic...
ariel ,   usa   (04.28.13)
to hide a jewish name to advance one's career
6. What is anti-semitic about a Jewish name?
Rivkah   (04.28.13)
Isn't that something to be proud of? Is Jon Stewart ashamed of his Jewish name? Apparently so, since he does not use it publicly and is offended when someone else says his Jewish name. Which one is anti-semitic? Sounds to me like Jon Stewart is the anti-semitic one. He despises his birthright so much he changed his public name. Wolf Blitzer does not despise his Jewish name or heritage, but then he is Man.
7. Don't Like Trump But He's No Anti-Semite
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (04.28.13)
He's making a valid point which is why is Jon "Stewart" hiding his Jewishness behind a gentile name? Jon did what Jews supposedly stopped doing many decades ago. I don't like Trump, at all, but I know for a fact that he's always been a friend of the Jews on a personal and political level.
8. Trump loves Netanyahu
Jew ,   USA   (04.28.13)
If I recall, he once said he wishes USA had as good a leader. I doubt he's antisemitic. Just stirring up the pot for fun.
9. #5
mark ,   ca   (04.28.13)
10. Liebowitz
avi ,   nyc   (04.28.13)
is an assimilated intermarried name changer who ran from his background, the hell with him
ODED   (04.28.13)
he is much much smarter then the overrated, idiotic john stewarty. the lib media will try and make a mountain out every mohole. trum is not antisemtic, he is just anti john stewart. so am i.
12. You ignorant jerks
Miriam ,   USA   (04.28.13)
Jon Stewart changed his name because his father abandoned him and his mother and they had no contact -- THAT's why he changed his name, to avoid carrying the name of a rat. But hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good prejudice.
13. #12 so why
avi ,   nyc   (04.28.13)
did he use a gentile (Scottish surname) and marry out?
14. #12
According to Wikipedia they divorced. If you have another source please cite it. Divorces are not quite abandonment in the way that some famous we're truly Abandoned by their fathers never to know of them again. Still, I don't know the details of the divorce or the reasons, so if you have a more detailed source please cite it. Further more, his mother is Jewish. So he couldn't take her name. I did not realize he was born of British white Protestant royalty (Stewart). I don't have anything against Stewart like these more virulent tbers seem to have, but I find it annoying that so many Jews in show biz need to Americanize themselves even more. You made your success because of your unique Jewish background. Don't be Jewish for these tbers, be Jewish for yourself, for it made you great.
15. name change
Esther ,   Amsterdam   (04.29.13)
People seem to forget that many Israelis changed their last name too: Golda Meyerson, David Grun.. It's just something people do to fit into their surroundings- and the language that's spoken there.
16. John Stuart never hid his Jewish background.
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.29.13)
The twit is quiet silly, and probably meant to hit another target but was misunderstood. Isn't it strange to compare himself to a political satirist and stand-up comedian. I didn't find Donald Trump's stand-up show about Obama's birth certificate was neither funny nor clever nor earned any political payoff. Rather he failed the opportunity.
17. #5,6,7, et all...Dead on!
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (04.29.13)
There's nothing anti-Semitic about Trump's statement. I'm not a Trump fan, but Stewart is a pompous ass who is only "Jewish" when it suits his purposes. Let's just call it like it is - like so many other "stars", he swept his lineage under the rug to take a more "palatable" name to advance his career.
18. Donald Trump Anti Semie?give me a break
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (04.29.13)
First of all he was Grand Marshal of at the 40th Salute to Israel Parade.His daughter converted by an Orthodox Rabbi her name is Yael Kushner Trump.His right hand man for decades is Jewish.He endorsed Netayahu who Mr.Stewart [Leibowitz] dislikes and Trump likes.If you pick a fight with Donald Trump he'll attack 10x as hard ask Rosie O'Donnell.Trump is the furthest thing from an anti Semite anti leftist yes.
19. Trump's ego is larger than the national debt.
bUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.29.13)
I'm trying to figure out what Trump offers other than a big mouth and a small brain? Ego, no charm, wit or intellect.
20. FYI I remember many Jewish stars who changed their names
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (04.29.13)
Paulette Levy= Paulette Goddard Noel Grey= Mickey Katz' son. Tony Swartz=Tony Curtis Designer Ralph Lauren= Ralph Leibshitz Many, many, Jews changed their names so they'd read easier ( Billboards, Marquee's, magazines ) or sound more gentile and, therefore more acceptable. The reason has always been acceptability, or assimilation, to counter anti semitism. Not only Jews, many also with difficult gentile names and no anti semitism at all.
21. #15
Israel is not your surroundings, it is your ancestral and modern home. The comparison of a Jew changing their name to be more American while in the states and a Jew to Hebrew while living in Israel is not even close to equivalent.
22. Jwsih hypocracy
Seth ,   USA   (04.29.13)
I have no lost love for Trump, however if this is semitic, then calling Obama by his middle name "Hussin" is even more anti semitic..
23. Is it Islamophobic to say Barack HUSSEIN Obama?
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (04.29.13)
24. Donald Trump
philimax ,   USA   (04.30.13)
The Trump grandfather (and legendary real estate tycoon) changed his religion from Jewish to Unitarian in the early part of the 20th century. Big deal! So Trump and Steward are "Jewish". Now what?
25. He just dropped the last name
@13   (05.03.13)
His Name was Jon Stuart Leibowitz, and he dropped Leibowitz after his father abandoned him. He has mentioned his full name many times.
26. What's so bad about Islamophobia?
BethesdaDog ,   Bethesda USA   (05.04.13)
The only religion in which murder, mayhem, mutilation and honor killings bring you closer to God.
27. Trump....conceited idiot
dale RUFF ,   felton   (05.04.13)
If you have to tell people how smart you are, you probably aren't too smart. Like Ann Coulter or Alex Jones, what Trump says is meant to get attention. The coded (I'm not anti-Semitic but I pander to those who are) use of Stewart's family name was done in order to make an otherwise absurd claim (Hey, I'm smarter than a comic) worth noticing. Trump's only genius is for self-promotion. He is a trainwreck which thinks it is breaking the world's speed record.
28. what dou you mean
hyena   (05.04.13)
jews in poland still conceal their roots in 2013 so don't know what you mean by that they were supposed to stop this activity decades ago
29. Jon Stewart - who are you kidding
Tova ,   Canada   (05.09.13)
Use your reall name - Jonathan Leibowitz. - why be ashamed of that. don't point fingers - such nonsense Donal Trump said nothing wrong
30. trump--let's call it as it is
arne ,   chicago usa   (06.25.13)
and that all non jews are anti-semetic but to various degrees. some hate with a passion and some only just a little, so be it.most jews understand this and adjust and some cannot.let's not be oversensitive and live with what we are and thank god for that!
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