Watch: IDF soldier lashes out at activists
Elior Levy
Published: 27.04.13, 21:29
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1. watch Israeli soldier lashes out...
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (04.27.13)
If you are confronted with activists, strikers, protestors… don't use soldiers. They are young and only trained for wars to defend Israel. A special police force is needed. They are trained to handle insults, spitting on them,… without using excessive force, except when they are confronted with very violent, terrorist actions,… Why? Those demonstrators,… only want a reaction of the Israeli (Tsahal) side because they know the press boys are fond of dramatic situations and pictures… to harm Israel!
2. Trialed for saying what we all think?
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (04.27.13)
Tis "activists" as you like to name them are truly working together with the arabs against the IDF and against Israel, they go there just to provoke! What's so terrible if someone tells them the truth?
3. Bravo to the reserve soldier
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (04.27.13)
He is there to protect Israel, not be an idol for the camera; And that's exactly what he's doing.
4. Bravo to this soldier!
zad   (04.27.13)
This soldier should be commended. Those so called activists are soft ennemies of Israel. Why can't they to Iran to protest against Komeni and Mullahs crazy behavior? Forget about the media stunts. Viva IDF!
5. Great soldier
Andrew ,   Montreal Canada   (04.27.13)
This guy should be promoted and others should emulate his behavior . Bravo!!
6. Classic pallywood
Moshe   (04.27.13)
Trying to make Israeli soldiers look bad, try showing the full video like the one of the arabs stoning and jumping in front of an Israeli car. If you watch the video he says "lech mi poh" several which means leave this spot. Anything to make Israel look bad... Kol hakavod le tzahal
7. Leave him alone. He's right!
Reuven   (04.27.13)
These so-called "activist" are terrorist supporters, who encourage the murder of Israelis.
8. Ship all the activists to Iran and Syria. Let them protest
Col Sherman Potter ,   USA   (04.27.13)
some real atrocities and see how far they get. Maybe we can drop them on Hizbolla as stink bombs. Liberalism is a mental disease.
9. Very well said, soldier.
Rotem ,   Israel   (04.27.13)
F#ck all of those radical left-wing "Activists". It's not anyone's fault that they are complete ignorant and stupid and don't know history of their own country and it's surrounding. These people don't even worth they air they are breathing. They don't represent Israel in any way and definitely don't represent me!
10. Kol hakavod To a brave soldier
Kol hakavod ,   To a brave soldier   (04.28.13)
There is nothing wrong about shouting at true enemies of Israel. I'd should be proud and defend his actions!
11. even the IDF...
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.27.13)
...has Cossacks within its ranks...there are probably similar brutes in all armies
12. IDF Soldier
Gabriel ,   Dallas, TX, USA   (04.27.13)
Good for him, we should be proud of him for saying the truth. All these activists enjoy our liberties and democracy and get into bed with the worse state enemies who would like nothing less then to destroy us and our way of life. He should be decorated not blamed.
13. 100% Correct!!
Eli F. ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.28.13)
These Left-Wing haters of Israel deserve nothing but contempt!! Self-Hating despicable 'Jews', they are using EVERY tactic possible to undermine the Security of the State of Israel and will do EVERYTHING possible to show the I.D.F. in the worse possible light, including staging confrontations, manipulating, editing video and outright lying. These NGO's that are paid by Haters of Israel, should be outlawed and prosecuted!! Kol Hakavod to our brave soldiers!!
Tom ,   Tel Aviv   (04.27.13)
Kol Hakavod to that soldier! He should be promoted! These Lefties are the pits! THEY should be put on trial for TREASON!
15. Kol hakavod! Activists are just pests!
Benji ,   US   (04.27.13)
16. I dont see anything wrong
Ron ,   Long live israel   (04.27.13)
And i dont see any reason why yelling at so called activities should even be a story. In every country in the world they won't get yelled at.... They will be beaten! The soldier is doing his job... We dont see the whole video like always. Maybe they were more than just shepherds and activities. I bet they are there just to piss israeli army so they can get that footage. And i just wish... That people in the world know how biased the media here is!
17. As we do not see what preceded this incident this soldier
Realist ,   The south   (04.27.13)
Should not be judged. Leftist activists - the soldiers are not asking to be thanked for keeping you safe, just to be able to carry out their job!
18. #3
Eugene ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Making soldiers look like brainless thugs unable to control themselves is not helping Israel in any way.
19. Activists
Jules Lawrence ,   Londonn   (04.28.13)
These so called activists are indeed the enemies of Israel and the soldier had every right to shout and order them to leave.
20. To # 1, 2, 3
Stan ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Member of Parliament Helen Suzman and other Jews were "active" in South Africa in trying to bring Equality for All South Africans. It took decades and 25 years of boycott, and in the end Apartheid was abolished. The lesson? Jewish activists are not against their country but against injustice.
21. Is this really news?
Ron ,   Oc US   (04.28.13)
22. So he lost his temper
Cameron ,   USA   (04.28.13)
Big deal. Happens. Rather damn mild moment by ME standards. Take him off duty & send him into town to smooth out for a few days.
23. Harrassment
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (04.28.13)
How much does one have to take before they snap? I'm sure he has to deal with people harassing him on a daily basis while he keeps the peace. So he yelled at someone, so what?
24. GREAT IDF. Thank you. StandUp
USA   (04.28.13)
25. Kol Hakavod!!
Avi ,   NY and Israel   (04.28.13)
We need more like him. Our enemy is even MORE passionate about eviscerating us. Its nice too see this soldiers "fire" which is laden in love for his fellow Jew and the land as well as contempt and hate for our enemies.
26. Bravo!
michael Pielet ,   israel   (04.28.13)
We need more soldiers like this. all leftists to be repatriated to arab countries.
27. Angry soldier
Ralph ,   Australia   (04.28.13)
Why are we surprised that the soldier is angry and shouts? He is entitled to be angry and is reacting normally, it seems to me. Good on him for being a normal person, not some sort of robot. And if this is the worst Israel's enemies can come up with, then it's pretty mild - like all the videos posted on YouTube supposedly showing Israeli soldiers behaving badly. Just take 5 minutes to compare such videos with this coming out of Syria.
28. "Peace Now" must be banned!
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.28.13)
Soldiers should not attack members of minority groups, however this IDF soldier was completely right: the so called "peace activists" are indeed the enemies of Israel. Organizations such as Peace Now, must be banned, as they are paid by Iran similarly to Hamas! The internal enemy are not the peaceful Palestinians, but the terrorists and their Jewish assistants, such as "Peace Now"
29. Heeb, Himey, Kike, Yid, Brew, Four By Two, Scooby Doo, Zhid
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.28.13)
30. Good Jew Graet JOB Thank you IDF
Roberta   (04.28.13)
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