Boy reveals parental abuse via Facebook
Ahiya Raved
Published: 28.04.13, 00:35
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1. Dear S. we are 100% behind you
sagi   (04.28.13)
Young couple, we cannot have children. You seems having the right age for adoption, so we can be a happy family. Don't worry about your body, we'll love you as you are.
2. Kid gets ticked at being punished decides to "show" parents
up by bogus post to police's FB page. Possible. Not all kids have developed a sense of conscience...or thinking ahead to the possible long-term consequences (they wouldn't let me do such-and-such, so I'll teach them a lesson...). Just b/c a kid posts something doesn't make it true. Many parents give their kids a good whap when it's needed, but if a kid literally turns it into a federal case....the potential family damage is phenomenal. I was walking in the park the other day and these kids were throwing huge glass bottles from their mirpeset onto the park walkway -- I found glass suddenly crashing around my legs. I yelled at them and told them they could have gotten somebody in the eyes and they should come down and clean it up. They responded by shrugging and saying, "the park cleaners will pick it up tomorrow". I went out of the park and around to the door of the house to tell the parents. To their credit they made the kids clean it up, but the father shrugged sheepishly, "my father never raised his hand to me, so...". Why does that just figure?
3. I hope social services gets involved. This boy needs help.
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (04.28.13)
4. A conundrum
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.28.13)
From the little evidence in this article, we the readers have no real knowledge of the situation. The only fact that stands out is that the boy needs help - if only to build his self confidence. If the parents are abusing him or not there is no way of *us* knowing, so no way to judge. One hopes that the boy will get the help he needs - whatever it may be.
5. "Boy confesses"? He reveals!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Only the perpetrator of a crime "confesses". The Boy, "S", is the victim! If his allegations are true then his parents are the criminals! Now let's see the Israeli Justice system fail the kid and side with the parents or give them a 5 Shekel fine and all will be well!
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