Netanyahu: Sephardic Jew on next series of banknotes
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.04.13, 12:04
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31. #18:-)
mark ,   ca   (04.28.13)
Are you jealous??Ok,Ok ... you'll be on one of the notes someday..postmortem.:-))
32. Israeli Hashemites/Alewites ??
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (04.28.13)
In Jordan as well as in Syria minorities rule the country unmistakably... In Syria it is almost over, in Jordan it is on the fence, In Israel the Ashkenazim, being 40% think they are the Hashemites (38%) or Allewites (15%) ... WE DEMAND NOT TO WAIT "NEXT TIME" WE WANT IT NOW !!!!
33. 10
zionist forever   (04.28.13)
I agree It is stupid changing the colour coding all these changes will do is confuse people. There is also not a huge difference in colour between the 100 and 200 and for the elderly I think would be easy to mistake the 100 and the 20 especially for the elderly. There is no logic to the way things have been done, they should have kept the 20,100 and 200 in the same colours as they are now and make the 50 blue. They are confusing because of they have been very few colour changes but they have changed the denominations on each colour. There are no saphardi individuals. The noted look more like theatre posters rather than banknotes with the way they have black and white photographs on coloured backgrounds.
34. Bibi
Mendoza ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (04.28.13)
None of his business to make the choices,doesnt he understand ?
35. #25Israel was founded 4000 years ago
avi ,   nyc   (04.28.13)
at Mount Sinai. It was restored 65 years ago. France wasnt founded by DeGaulle in 44 nor Poland in 1919. they like Israel were restored.
36. 29 S.Judah, If i did understand you ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.28.13)
well,the many Sefardim who study in Ashkenazi yeshivot can call themselves Ashkenazim,since those two groups are named following the rabbis of their choice.
37. Bar Raffaeli on a 300 Shekel bill
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Every man would the bills!
38. 2 & 11 no they aren't interchageble terms!
Just Sayin' ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Sephardic Jews are Jews who went from the Land of Israel to Spain. Mizrachi Jews are Jews who went from the Land of Israel to Arab Lands. FYI Ashkenazi Jews are really just German Jews but it has come to include all Jews who went from the Land of Israel to Eastern Europe including Germany.
39. First Choice should be an apology!
Jew ,   JewLandia (Israel)   (04.28.13)
That's right Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu and his government should apologize for this so called "oversight". I for one have had just about enough of this "uber ashkenazation" of Israel especially given that the vast majority of Jews are either Sephardi or Mizrachi!
40. To # 30 some guy
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (04.28.13)
As a jew with Sephardic ancestors, I strongly agree with you. Spinoza was one of the greatest European philosophers, despite the problems that he had with several european Rabbis. Truly the face of Spinoza deserves appear at some banknote of the State of Israel. Kol Hakavod to you.
41. 37
zionist forever   (04.28.13)
I wonder how Lapid feels about Bar Rafeali The haredi who don't want to serve is because they want to dedicate their lives to Torah study. Rafeali she married a family friend to get out of the army and once she had been given her let out clause she went for a quick divorce and her reasoning was celebrities have other needs.
42. #37
They say 80% of bank notes in the states has traces of cocaine. If what you were to suggest would happen, likely 80% of the bar rafaeli bank notes would have traces of something else... Talk about dirty money...
43. 36 Ora
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.13)
Where one studies or prays does not effect a switch over. That would only happen if one makes a choice to do so.
44. Rambam was Sepharadi AND Mizrahi
Elon   (04.28.13)
He was born in Spain, but he lived in Fostat.
45. #25
There is a difference between the states which exclusively white Protestant for quite a few generations, versus Israel which was not exclusively Ashkenazi. The difference between an English Protestant and a Catholic Italian (for example) are numerous. Between the Jews we are divided by cultures, but in principle (principle), we follow the exact same religion. Certainly far less divergent than say Protestant vs Catholic. Still I agree with you, the issue is pointless. Who cares whose ugly face is on the note, they'd never put someone good looking. The real issue actually is that we've never even had a Mizrahi/Sephardic prime minister or chief is staff. Even a half one would be good. I mean come on Israel, if the USA, the guys who brought us modern slavery put a half black half white (a fact many forget) man in power, we can't do the same? He only has to be half Mizrahi and I promise we can him to eat Gefilte fish. Get with the times Israel. P.S. put a hot chick on the bank note. Enough of these ugly faces. No wonder politics is show biz for ugly people...
46. Zionist forever
Jags ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
With all due respect Try to Think like women. Do you really think is important for the Israeli economy if instead of bethoven image the gov decide to print Mozart? Come on! Don't be shmuck
47. What an infantile debate!
Zvi Ben Mordechai ,   Maaleh Adumim   (04.28.13)
How infantile! The only people keeping this ethnic thing alive are hack politicians ("Ye Tritons of minnows" to cite Shakespeare's "Coriolanus") trying to score some cheap pr points. I see 4 JEWS (period; note the lack of any adjectives) on the new banknotes. Can our MKs talk, or better yet, DO something about something that is actually important?
48. Rambam was Sepharadi AND Mizrahi
Elon   (04.28.13)
He was born in Spain, but he lived in Fostat.
49. Toungue-in-cheek!!
Avouskila ,   South America   (04.28.13)
Not only in the tone of my comment, but, and mostly from the acts and prespectives of the great King in Flesh: PM Binyamin Netanyahu. With all due respect to see him 'struggling' to behave really like a thoughtful democrat, in view of acknowledging the various segments of Israel population: he is failling miserably. His late (zal) father was an expert in the Sephardic history: not in vain that that professor advanced certain unorthodox views about the Jewish History, denying certain events in the Zionist movement. Well, with this illustruous DNA, our experience politician plays second, third even, banana as to the serious slap at the sensitivity of the Sepharado-Mizrahi, that basecally form over half of the country inhabitants (including the Israeli Arabs). How comes that he needs the trigger from anyone to use his political DNA, which when it comes to include some ethnic group, he is far less of a Stateman, but deep down a caracter of a nurban coucilman, provincial....thats what I see in his future.
50. @44 & 48 repeating silliness doesn't make it serious or true
Just Sayin' ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
The RAMBAM was Sephardi he moved around a lot but he was still Sephardi.
51. #44&48 Maimonides mostly studied in Morocco
Avouskila ,   South American   (04.28.13)
After fleeng Cordova in Spain, he arrives at Fez, Morocco, where he met the greates Jewish scholar who thought at the First World Universty the Kairouan, where he basecally learned what Harambam needed to be the Light of the Jewish Intellect 9Unsurpass up to now, though Spinoza, and some others are getting closer to his leverl). He was, true, the Doctor of the Sultan of Egypt in Fostat. Egypt as far as we know is part of AFrica, North Africa+ Sepharad.
52. Maimonides
Elonq   (04.29.13)
He was already a scholar. He studied with his father in Spain. He continued medical and philosophical studies in Morocco, true. In any case the Moroccan community and Cordoban communities were in constant contact at the time.
53. They foget to mention
Aryeh ,   Israel   (04.29.13)
Bernard-Henri Lévy, Jacques Derrida, Hélène Cixous, Richard Attias, Jacob ben Abraham Faitusi, Shemariah Catarivas, Isaac Israeli ben Solomon, David ibn Merwan al-Mukkamas and Ya'qub Bilbul to name a few
54. #2, Rambam was both Sephardic and Mizrachi
Jake   (04.29.13)
He was not from the Ladino speaking background which is commonly associated with the Sephardic heritage today. He spoke and wrote in Judaeo-Arabic, the language widely spoken by Mizrachi Jews at the time. Moreover, he fled from Spain and ultimately ended up in Egypt.
55. Sephardic does not equal Mizrahi
Karen ,   New York   (05.01.13)
Maimonides had already been featured on the Israeli bills. Also, Maimonides is Spanish/Sephardi and not Mizrahi. Same goes for Yehuda Ha Levy. I think that the point with the recent change in the bills is to have Israeli, not just Jewish poets. Unfortunately, even Arieh Deri was unable to name which poet he'd like to put on the bills, he just said "I'm sure it's possible to find a Mizrahi one". That's pathetic. He just tries to stir the pot and cause trouble, where there is none. Many of the poems of the said Ashkenazi poets were turned into songs by Mizrahi musicians. These poets are not controversial at all.
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