Another rocket hits south; no injuries
Ilana Curiel
Published: 29.04.13, 08:27
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1. why bother reporting at all?Really?No deaths= non-issue for
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.29.13)
Israelis in the year 2013.
2. Waiting for the very very frightening words from Bibi
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.29.13)
and Benny like: We WILL retaliate, do not test us, Israel WILL not allow blablabla.
3. Gaza terror . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (04.29.13)
Yeah Yeah . . we will defend our citizens,. . . blah blah blah . . .
4. #1 Disagree with you there Tom
Get Real ,   UK   (04.29.13)
Every hostile action should be reported regardless of deaths/injuries/damage. People should be aware of these terror attacks which are mounted to cause such outcomes. And we now await the military response, not just the verbal condemnation.
5. Zero Tolerance for Terror Attacks?
karmel usa   (04.29.13)
It is obvious that Israel has deemed the occasional rocket attack as an acceptable fact of everyday life. It is my folly to think that a zero tolerance policy will ever happen. This is not a new suggestion, but for each attack, rocket or otherwise, Israel should remove a parcel of land from any future Arab state. Comments?
6. The writing on the wall
Tom W ,   USA   (04.29.13)
With the defeatist Livni in the gov.ment the Obama project of gradual dismantling of Israel is moving ahead. As it seems, Obama, a street agitator, "community organizer" single-handedly will finish off Israel: - a feat that nobody could achieve before him. Sure his Court-Jew coterie helped him greatly, still he will be remembered as the second coming of Saladin.
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